DR. RUDORFER:  Thank you.

              Speaker 59, please.

                           Pamela Wild

             MS. WILD:  On September 9, 2001, in a

   state of confusion and hopelessness, I put a.38

   Special, Smith & Wesson revolver under my chin and

   pulled the trigger.

             In going through withdrawal from Paxil, I

   lost all ability to cope and reason and without

   realizing it, became suicidal.  I suffered from 

   sleeplessness, night sweats, light and sound

   sensitivity, irritability, and dizziness.

             I was in a constant state of terrible

   anxiety and felt as though the only thing holding

   me together was my skin.  I couldn't understand why

   others weren't seeing things my way, as though I

   was speaking in another language. I was told by my

   therapist that I had drifted into a fantasyland.

            She said it was though my system had been

   poisoned somehow, I was told not to worry, the only

   way to die from this drug was to fill a tub with

   Paxil and water and drown in it.

             The side effects I experienced on Paxil,

   even though I reported them to my doctor, were

   dismissed because no one was warned that Paxil

   could cause what I was experiencing.

             If I, at 41 years old, could not

   articulate what was happening, how do you expect a

   child to?

             There is no real medical explanation for

   my survival.  The front of my face was blown away,

   leaving a hole large enough  to encompass a man's

   fist.  The bullet miraculously only took two-thirds

   of my tongue, most of my mandible and my cheek

   bones.  The maxilla was shattered.

             The orbit of my left eye was broken and

   forced the eyeball out onto what remained of my

   left cheek.  It completely destroyed my hard and

   soft palate along with my nose and sinus cavity.

             I was blessed, though.  I may not able to

   taste or smell, but at least I lived.  I can see,

   talk, and I can hear.  But more surprising than any

   of those, I have brain function.  I truly believe

   my life was spared for a reason. That reason is so

   I can prevent others from experiencing what I


             DR. RUDORFER:  Thank you very much.