In paragraph four of this URL, it states that the girl had been on medication for depression and panic attacks.

Teen Accused Of Killing Baby Pleads Not Guilty
17-Year-Old To Be Tried As Adult
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., 1:25 p.m. EDT May 8, 2001 -- A teenager accused of killing her newborn baby pleaded not guilty to murder charges this morning.
A lawyer for 17-year-old Amy Weiss (pictured right) has also filed a motion to dismiss the indictment charging her as an adult.
Prosecutors say that Weiss killed her newborn son by placing him in a bag and throwing him in a Tamarac canal. Police say that Weiss confessed to the crime.
Her lawyer, Ellis Rubin, defends his client by saying that she suffers from depression and panic attacks and has been on medication.
Weiss has been in custody since her arrest on April 7th.
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