The first paragraph reads [in part]: "said their son displayed violent tendencies and had been taking anti-depressants since a previous deployment in Kosovo."

Associated Press
MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- The parents of Army Pvt. Jacob Burgoyne, who is charged in the death of a fellow soldier killed shortly after returning from Iraq, said their son displayed violent tendencies and had been taking anti-depressants since a previous deployment in Kosovo.Aubrey "Butch" Healy and Billie Urban said they are convinced Burgoyne suffered trauma from his experiences in Kosovo and Iraq."People don't realize how war affects people," said Healy, Burgoyne's stepfather and a Navy veteran. "You teach somebody how to kill someone else, that's got to affect them mentally."Burgoyne and two other soldiers, Pfc. Mario Navarrete and Pfc. Douglas Woodcoff, are being held at the Muscogee County Jail in Columbus, Ga., charged with concealing the death of 24-year-old Spc. Richard Davis. The fourth suspect, former Pfc. Alberto Martinez, is awaiting extradition from California on murder charges.Police said the group went to a topless bar to celebrate their homecoming from Iraq in mid-July. Davis apparently insulted one of the dancers and got them kicked out of the bar, according to police reports. The soldiers began fighting, and Martinez allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed Davis to death."They had all been drinking and raising hell, and as far as I know Jake didn't do anything to stop it," Healy said. "But he should've known better."The four soldiers then drove to a convenience store and bought lighter fluid, police reports said. They returned to the bloodied corpse, tried to burn it and left it in the woods, where Davis' body was discovered earlier this month.Since returning home from combat duty, Burgoyne wasn't acting like himself -- he smiled less, slept less and seemed anxious and irritated at times, his parents said.Healy said Burgoyne always had been a "happy-go-lucky kind of kid," who joined the military shortly after graduating from Middleburg High in the summer of 1998.After witnessing strife and bloodshed on his first deployment in Kosovo, Burgoyne was never the same, Healy said.A few months before he was ordered to go to Kuwait this year, Burgoyne also received disciplinary action for punching another soldier on base and putting him in a coma for about a month, Healy said.Fort Benning spokesman Rich McDowell said Tuesday he didn't have information about the incident.Urban blamed her son's violent behavior on the battles he fought in the war."If I went through that, I don't think my mind would be right either," she said.