DR. RUDORFER:  Thank you.

Number 52 please.
                     Allan Routhier

             MR. ROUTHIER:  I am here to request that

   Wellbutrin be recognized as another dangerous drug.

   Information was sent to this committee by some

   researchers and myself as to the reasons for

   inclusion.  There are too many cases of suicide and

   deaths caused by this drug.  It is known to cause

   akathisia, depression, psychosis, serotonin

   syndrome, seizures, hallucinations, and many other

   serious adverse effects.

             One suicide while on Wellbutrin for ADHD

   was 9-year-old Carey Brooks, who had to kneel down

   to hang himself with his shoelace.  There are many

   reasons these drugs are prescribed, and they can

   cause suicide in non-depressed people.

             Do not blame acts of drug-induced

   psychosis on depression especially when this is

   happening to people given these drugs for other

   purposes.  It is not only SSRIs.  SSRI is a

   misnomer.  None of them are selective to serotonin.

   When you affect one neurotransmitter, you affect


             Remeron, Serzone, Effexor are not SSRIs.

   Effexor works on serotonin, norepinephrine, and

   dopamine, as does Wellbutrin.  FDA Med Watch

   reports hundreds of suicides on Wellbutrin. 
   Wellbutrin is structurally similar to amphetamine

   and overstimulates many people.

             Six months ago my wife went to the doctor

   sick and was sent home with Wellbutrin.  After six

   days of serious adverse reactions and insomnia, she

   shot herself.  This was not her. Forty years old,

   beautiful, with two boys, she was a perfect wife

   and mother, married for 18 years, almost 25 years

   working in the Welfare Office.

             She was never depressed.  She was the most

   loving, unselfish person anyone could know.

   Immediately after starting Wellbutrin, she was not

   herself.  This was an act of psychosis.  This has

   been happening for too long.  People are worth more

   than profits.

             How many more have to die before something

   is done?  Don't be fooled by manipulated studies.

   This was whitewashed in 1991, now they are trying

   to do it again. This happens to adults, as well as

   children, prescribed for any reason, not just MDD.

             My wife was murdered.  The FDA is supposed

   to protect us from these pill pushers.

             Thank you.

             DR. RUDORFER:  Thank you.