21 DR. PINE: Thank you.
22 The next speaker is Ms. Suzanne Gonzalez.
1 MS. GONZALEZ: Good morning.
I would
2 rather be anywhere than here. There is supposed to
3 be a picture of my husband up there with my son.
4 My husband was 40 years old. We tried
5 for 10 years for another child. This (indicating)
6 is my daughter Elaina. Four pills into Paxil, he
7 woke up, within an hour he shot himself in the
8 head. He did this less than 10 feet from where my
9 son was sleeping.
10 If I would have done our usual routine,
11 this little boy would have found his father facing
12 ours with a bullet wound to his head.
13 You people have known about this for
14 15 years or more. I hold you all responsible for
15 his death, and I always will. I wasn't prepared
16 for this speech. I wasn't prepared for his
17 suicide.
18 I just keep asking myself, or I did in
19 the beginning, what was my husband thinking? I
20 hear these stories of people just taking the pills
21 and going crazy.
22 How crazy did you make him that morning
1 that he would get up, not think, and do this to
2 himself? You have ruined my life, my daughter's
3 life, my son's life. How in the hell do I tell a
4 kid that his father committed suicide?
5 How dare him. The bullet was a .357. It
6 could have ricocheted and done something to this
7 boy. Worst yet, my husband could have killed us.
8 She (pointing) wasn't home. What if she would have
9 come home and found all of us dead?
10 There are so many stories out there. I
11 read about this stuff every damn day and cannot
12 believe that you people sit on this and do
13 nothing.
14 You have made everybody a wreck. These
15 people have to come here before Christmas. They've
16 got kids. They've got families. Ho, ho, ho, to
17 you.
18 (Applause.)
19 MS. GONZALEZ: I don't know. I wake up
20 every morning and I say to myself, "Oh, my God,
21 he's dead. He is fricking dead."
22 Do you wake up and think, "How many
1 people are going to die today because I'm not doing
2 nothing?"
3 You're not doing nothing. I was worried
4 about coming here. Who in the hell are you? Who
5 are the pharmacy people? It may appear like I'm
6 upset and I'm not conducting myself in a proper
7 way. I don't give a damn.
8 I used to be a hell of a nice person. I
9 used to be outgoing, friendly. I took care of my
10 family. And this has to happen to us? This is not
11 fair.
12 DR. PINE: Thank you.
13 MS. GONZALEZ: Yeah. Thank you for
14 nothing.
15 (Applause.)