Ann Tracy, Ph.D.,Executive Director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness, confirmed that this woman's brother was taking Effexor at the time of the incident.

DR. RUDORFER:  Thank you.

             We are going to move on to Number 23.

                          Pepper Draper

             MS. DRAPER:  Good morning.  My name is

   Pepper Draper.  I am a Director of the

   International Coalition for Drug Awareness.  I have

   absolutely no financial gain.  I do this completely

   100 percent voluntary, and the reason for that is

   because of my own son's problems.

             My child was prescribed Ritalin, which

   became very depressed, and we bought into the whole

   serotonin theory, so we were naturally raising that

   serotonin, which unfortunately started causing him

   to become severely depressed and suicidal.

             Unfortunately or fortunately I should say

   is that we were able to finally understand the
   truth about serotonin, that raising serotonin and

   stopping the metabolism of it has caused suicide

   and aggression, and that is well documented.

             Unfortunately, Dr. Tracy was not able to

   talk about that, but what I want to share with you

   is that there is going to be others here from

   Arizona who are going to share with you how

   wonderful these drugs have been for the State of

   Arizona, but I am here to tell you that I deal with

   these people every day who are tired of their

   mental health workers putting them on another

   medication and another medication and another

   medication, until these children are now being put

   in mental hospitals at an enormous rate.

             They are being given electric shock

   therapy and it is very tragic what I am seeing, and

   I just want to share with you that I know that if

   we will teach them the right ways to take care of

   their bodies and cut out the things that are

   addictive, like these medications are, that we can

   help our youth learn to deal with what is going on

   in their lives, and I just want to share with you

   one last thing.

             I am really saddened that the fact that

   every single parent cannot share what has happened

   to their child because if they could, my mother

   would be here, standing up here, sharing what has

   happened to her adult son.