Paragraph 15 reads: "His mother told police that he suffered from severe depression and was on medication".

Questions surround son of slain parents
21-year-old vanished after couple were found dead in Rylie home
By TANYA EISERER / The Dallas Morning News
James Singleton's family has questions for him, but he's nowhere to be found.
He vanished after his parents, Ralph and Sherida Singleton, were found dead more than a month ago in their Rylie home.
"I've got serious questions about what he does or doesn't know," said Paul Singleton, Ralph Singleton's brother and a Muncie, Ind., police sergeant.
Ralph Singleton
Dallas police have declined to say whether they consider the 21-year-old a suspect in the slayings of Ralph, 55, and Sherida, 53. He lived in his parents' home until he disappeared.
Sherida Singleton
"We just want to find out what happened to him and make sure he's OK," said Sgt. Larry Lewis of the homicide unit.
James Singleton is wanted on a probation-violation warrant on a conviction for burglary of a habitation.
James Singleton
Family members say the couple lived in New Jersey and Chicago before they relocated to Dallas about seven years ago.
Ralph Singleton served in Vietnam as a chief engineer on a "swift boat," a small craft that patrolled coastal waters and made raids into enemy territory.
The couple married in Hawaii in 1970 and later adopted two sons. Mr. Singleton worked in the insurance industry and served as treasurer of the Swift Boat Sailors Association.
Mrs. Singleton was a homemaker who had diabetes and used a wheelchair. She had filled her home with the crafts she created.
"She loved angels, and she was an angel herself," said Melissa Garrett, a friend and neighbor.
But there had been problems in the Singletons' one-story brick home. Both sons had been in trouble and had a lax work ethic, relatives and friends said.
"He wanted them to get out and be more productive," Paul Singleton said of his brother.
James Singleton had a violent streak, family and friends say.
"There was a lot of anger in him," his uncle said. "I never knew what over."
According to a September 1996 police report, James Singleton hit his father and knocked him to the ground over transferring him to another school.
He ran away repeatedly, records show.
In February 1996, he disappeared after being dropped off at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, a report said. His mother told police that he suffered from severe depression and was on medication.
Last year, he received 10 years' probation for burglaries in Balch Springs and Mesquite.
"I think both [his parents] ... were scared of him," said Ms. Garrett, 20.
Maria Quinones, the family's housekeeper for the last five years, said Mrs. Singleton was worried about her safety. She often stayed in a locked bedroom, and the couple locked the room when they left the house to protect their valuables, she said.
Ms. Quinones said the Singletons had given their two sons an ultimatum the week before their deaths.
"She told her sons if they didn't find work in two weeks, they'd have to move out," she said.
On Aug. 18, Eric Singleton, 26, found a gruesome scene when he returned to his parents' home in the 12000 block of Rim Rock Road.
Ms. Garrett said she also went inside but stopped when she saw Ralph Singleton.
"I saw the gore, the hate and the violence," she said.
Mrs. Singleton's body was a few feet from her husband's, police and family members said. Police did not find the weapon, which they describe as a "large cutting instrument."
Mrs. Singleton's car was recovered in Deep Ellum, an area that James Singleton was known to frequent. When he disappeared, James Singleton took most of his clothes, Ms. Garrett said. Some of the clothes were found in the car.
"He's got friends all over the country," Sgt. Lewis said. "He could be ... anywhere."
Eric Singleton, who declined to comment, still lives in the home. He has friends staying with him, including Ms. Garrett.
"You walk through the house and you can feel their presence," she said.
Ms. Quinones said she has trouble sleeping and is visited by the couple in her dreams. She's not eating or sleeping well, and she's scared.
"I feel like they want me to bring justice to them," she said.
Anyone with information about James Singleton's whereabouts is asked to call the homicide unit at 214-670-1633.
Staff writer Robert Tharp contributed to this report.