22 DR. PINE: Thank you.
1 The next speaker is Rosemary Dorsett.
2 MS. DORSETT: My name is Rosemary Dorsett
3 and I am here to speak to you about my son Noie
4 Crossco. This is my son. He was 26 years old.
5 This is happier days. This is one of his many
6 hiking trips.
7 (Showing photograph.)
8 MS. DORSETT; On July 15, 2004, my
9 26-year-old son went for a complete physical.
10 During his visit, he mentioned to his doctor that
11 he was going through a tough time. A friend of his
12 had recently passed, and he was experiencing
13 financial difficulties.
14 His general practitioner gave him a
15 prescription for fluoxetine, commonly called
16 "Prozac," a thirty-day supply plus two refills.
17 The doctor's orders were to take the Prozac and
18 allow three weeks before feeling better.
19 Within days of beginning the medication,
20 Noie had problems sleeping, eating, and complained
21 of not feeling right. I became alarmed and
22 suggested he stop taking the pills, but Noie
1 decided to give it a chance and allow for the three
2 weeks.
3 Noie's symptoms continued to worsen and
4 he became withdrawn, nervous, and again complained
5 of not feeling normal. He told me he found it
6 difficult to approach customers at work and had
7 trouble staying still. My son was losing weight
8 rapidly.
9 One morning he told me that the night
10 before he heard someone calling out to him from our
11 living room, yet when he answered no one was there.
12 On Friday morning, August 20, 2004, just
13 four and a half weeks after beginning the Prozac,
14 my son showered, dressed in his favorite Dodger
15 jersey, he kissed his sister, drove over to a
16 friend's garage one block away from home, and he
17 shot himself in the chest.
18 This tragedy has left those of us that
19 knew and loved Noie completely shocked as this
20 senseless act was completely out of character for
21 my son.
22 Noie was a kind, loving, thoughtful,
1 respectable, and peaceful person. He loved his
2 family, his cat, his friends, his motorcycle, and
3 even his job.
4 Noie enjoyed life and looked forward to
5 the future. My son had no prior history of any
6 diagnosed mental illness or disorder, nor did he
7 have a history of violence. I and those who knew
8 Noie have no doubt that this dangerous drug is to
9 blame for his suicide.
10 Thank you.
11 (Applause.)
12 DR. PINE: Thank you.