My son, Justin Cheslek, was a 20-year-sophomore at
   the University of Southern Mississippi when he went
   to the Student Health Clinic complaining of
   insomnia. He was given a thorough examination
   including bloodwork.  Significant in the doctor's
   note at that initial visit is the notation, "No
   suicidal ideation."
              Complaining that the sleep medication he
    was prescribed made him feel sedated and depressed,
    he was put on Paxil for two weeks.  During those
    two weeks, he repeatedly told his doctor he didn't
    like the way the Paxil made him feel, so he was
    switched to Effexor.
              Within 24 hours of the switch to Effexor,
    he had a seizure. Five days later he hung himself
    in his apartment. 
He didn't leave a note.  Beneath
    him was his laptop computer and a glass of Coke.
    It was as if some sudden impulse had made him do
              We grilled his girlfriend about his mood
    and behavior in the months prior to his death.  She
    said his demeanor changed dramatically around her
    birthday, February 22.  Justin started taking Paxil
    February 21.