DR. RUDORFER:  Speaker 58, please.

                          Harry Skigis

             MR. SKIGIS:  What can I say that hasn't

   really already been said, but I had a speech

   prepared and decided to revamp it while sitting

   here in the audience.

             I tried to kill myself and luckily didn't

   succeed. I am still on Paxil because I am hooked on

   a nonhabit-forming drug.  I don't know if I will

   live long enough to see how this thing ends up, but

   I am going to try.

             I have always believed that do unto others

   as you would have done to yourself.  Would you

   people put your children on this drug?  Would you

   take it yourselves?  I doubt it.

             Probably not all the statistics in the

   world can't bring back the people that are dead

   because of the irresponsibility of the FDA.  How

   can I put in any faith in a government that still

   somewhat denies that cigarettes are addictive?

             I wonder if you people can sleep at night

   while your decisions are killing innocent people

   every day.  I leave my life in your hands and hope

   that you will apologize to all the people here for

   your decision and ignorance in this matter and how

   it has shattered so many people's lives.

             I really hope you guys can do something

   about this or at least tell us who will help us,

   because a lot of people are dead here today, and

   it's all in your hands.  So good luck.

             DR. RUDORFER:  Thank you.