DR. RUDORFER:  Thank you.

              Number 35, please.

                           Richard Mack

             MR. MACK:  My name is Richard Mack.  I am

   a retired law enforcement officer and sheriff from


             My expertise in that field was juvenile

   delinquency, school violence, and narcotics


             My first experience with SSRIs was when I
   was a parent of a second grader, my wife and I were

   called into the school, our son had a problem

   staying in his chair.  What was the government

   school's answer?  Drug your son into submission, so

   he will stay in his chair.

             We refused and we thank God now that we

   did.  Our son turned out just fine, played

   basketball, baseball, and excelled at school and


             I was a sheriff of a small community in

   Arizona. We had an abnormal amount of high rate of

   suicide and teen violence.  I am just an

   investigator, I just present the facts.  One thing

   that we could not ignore was the circumstantial

   evidence that the common denominator in all of

   these cases was the victims or perpetrators were on


             In investigating these events, it became

   quite commonplace for all of us to ask the same

   question as we got to the next event of horrified

   and traumatized people and families.  You have

   heard from many of them today.

             Some people don't have the adverse

   reaction to these drugs, some do.  I learned the

   same with LSD when I investigated that as an
   undercover narcotics officer.  I can only say that

   the evidence is mounting over and over as did our


             We cannot, as law enforcement officials,

   ignore such circumstantial evidence.  I doubt very

   seriously if you could either.  I am an advocate

   for state's rights and I do believe that if the FDA

   fails to take action, the state and local

   authorities will have to.

             Thank you.

             DR. RUDORFER:  Thank you.