Murder-Suicide Paxil* 14/04/1997 California +Asian: Father Drowns Two Children: Kills Self: Lawsuit Summary:

Ann Tracy, Ph.D., Executive Director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness, has confirmed that this man was taking Paxil at the time of the murders and worked with the attorney on this case.  Refer to:

People of Asiatic descent have been "hit hard" by adverse reactions to SSRIs. Here is an excerpt from a recent lawsuit on a Filipino murder-suicide: happened several years ago in San Deigo, CA: he killed his two sons and himself: this lawuit claims Filipinos have different metabolizing mechanism for SSRIs.                                          
32.  Reynaldo Lacuzong was a Filipino, a member of the Asian race.
Between 1985 and 1992 when SB was conducting laboratory tests and clinical
trials on Paxil, only limited racial and ethnic groups were included in SB's
experiments.  The vast majority of subjects were caucasians.  A much smaller
segment was black.  These two racial groups were coded and tracked in SB's
data files.  An extremely small third group, about 3% of the total sample,
was coded and tracked in SB's data files as "other" races.  Asian races were
not coded or tracked.  No tracking or coding was done on Hispanics, Indians,
Native Americans, Samoans, Melanesians, aborigines, Incas, or South Pacific
Islanders.  Moreover it is scientifically established that these "other"
races have distinct physiological and bio-chemical traits.  Discriminating
enzymes and metabolism are known to differ as between Asian races and
caucasians.   Race and ethnicity in this regard impact metabolism, affecting
whether an individual is a "slow metabolizer" or "rapid metabolizer."  It is
further known certain foods, particularly acids such as grapefruit or
pineapple, affect this process.   SB's purposeful omission of Asians and
Filipinos from the Paxil studies did not violate laws, regulations, or
standard of care, however this omission led to other violations.

    33.  On or about April 14, 1997 defendant SmithKline Beecham ("SB")
defrauded Reynaldo Lacuzong and his agents by withholding material
information on the drug Paxil from him and his agents.  SB was targeting
California on that date with an aggressive sales campaign directed to all
races on the safety and efficacy of Paxil.  SB knew that California was
populated with a high percentage of Asians.  SB further knew Paxil was not
tested on Asian races, and further knew about the physiological and
bio-chemical uniqueness of Asians as described above.  Reynaldo Lacuzong and
his agents accepted Paxil on that date and later consumed the drug on the
belief it was safely tested on Asians.  Had Reynaldo Lacuzong or his agents
been told accurately by SB that "we cannot guarantee Paxil can be safely
consumed in the Asian population because it has not been so tested," Reynaldo
Lacuzong and his agents would have refused the drug, and thus eliminated one
of the causes of the murders and suicide that followed.
Police Suspect Murder-Suicide In Deaths of Father and 2 Kids

 Thursday, May 1, 1997

The deaths of a San Jose man and his two young children whose bodies were found in a bathtub late Tuesday night were probably a murder-suicide, San Jose police said yesterday.

Computer technician Reynaldo Lacuzong, 35, left a suicide note in his north San Jose home indicating that he had killed his daughter, Rechelle, 9, and his son, Reneil, 5, and then himself, police said. Police were unsure of Lacuzong's motive.

The bodies were found by the children's mother, who called 911 in hysterics shortly before midnight.

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