Paragraph 4 reads: "Estrada, a former electrical assembly worker with a back injury so bad he lived in constant pain, was taking medication for that and for depression."

Suspect reportedly made threats of killing, suicide

By Mark Langlois

Joselito Estrada

DANBURY -- A week before Joselito Estrada was charged with murdering Fe Cruz in her Broad Street home, he was reported to be threatening suicide and murder in Newtown.

"He was going to kill himself with a knife and 'take someone out with him,'"" Newtown police said in their crisis intervention report dated Aug. 16.

Newtown police said Estrada, 51, was making suicidal threats.

Estrada, a former electrical assembly worker with a back injury so bad he lived in constant pain, was taking medication for that and for depression.

Danbury police charged him with murder Thursday after Cruz, a friend, was stabbed to death in her home.

His arraignment scheduled for Friday was postponed until Monday after police brought him to Danbury Hospital for care. He had been throwing up Friday, police said.

Prior to the murder, Newtown police were called to a Castle Hill Road home on Aug. 16, and the investigating officer said they were warned by a Danbury Hospital crisis intervention counselor that Estrada was threatening suicide and making threats to take someone with him. The threat was actually made to a counselor at Catholic Family Services.

When police responded to Castle Hill Road, Estrada explained he was depressed and in pain.

Matty Bautista, owner of the Newtown home, said Friday that Estrada wasn't suicidal at that time."He said he was in so much pain, he felt like dying," Bautista said. "It was a problem of communication."

Calls to Estrada's two brothers who live in Connecticut were not returned Friday.

Bautista may be one of the last people to see Estrada before Cruz was stabbed to death Thursday afternoon.

Bautista let Estrada stay in her and her husband's home for the last six months because he was homeless."We were close to his mom," said Bautista. "When we heard he was living in his car, we had to help."

Bautista had a spare room in the basement where her son used to live, so she gave it to Estrada. He had stopped working because of his bad back.

His back surgery was scheduled for Monday, she said, and he had blood work done Wednesday in anticipation of the surgery.

That surgery will have to be rescheduled.

After he was taken into custody Thursday, Estrada was ordered held on $1 million bail.

Police brought him to Danbury Hospital Friday morning, where he was admitted in stable condition. Danbury police said Estrada is a naturalized American citizen who was born in the Philippines.

Bautista met Estrada through friends in her Mah Jongg club. The club met sometimes at Bautista's house and sometimes at Fe Cruz's house in Danbury, as well as at the houses of other club members.

Cruz was a long-time friend of Bautista's.

Danbury police said Estrada had no run-ins with the police for years.

News-Times online editor Eugene Driscoll contributed to this story.

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