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WhatDrugDate        WhereAdditional
School ShootingProzac Antidepressant2005-03-24Minnesota**10 Dead: 7 Wounded: Dosage Increased One Week before Rampage
School ShootingZoloft Antidepressant & ADHD Med2011-07-11Alabama**14 Year Old Kills Fellow Middle School Student
School ShootingMed For Depression2009-03-13Germany**16 Dead Including Shooter: Antidepressant Use: Shooter in Treatment For Depression
School Shooting PlotMed For Depression WITHDRAWAL2008-08-28Texas**18 Year Old Plots a Columbine School Attack
School ShootingLuvox/Zoloft Antidepressants1999-04-20Colorado**COLUMBINE: 15 Dead: 24 Wounded
School ShootingProzac Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL1998-05-21Oregon**Four Dead: Twenty Injured
School ShootingAntidepressant2006-09-30Colorado**Man Assaults Girls: Kills One & Self
School Shooting RelatedLuvox1993-07-23Florida**Man Commits Murder During Clinical Trial for Luvox: Same Drug as in COLUMBINE: Never Reported
School ShootingAntidepressants1992-09-20Texas**Man, Angry Over Daughter's Report Card, Shoots 14 Rounds inside Elementary School
School Shooting ThreatMed for Depression*2004-10-19New Jersey**Over-Medicated Teen Brings Loaded Handguns to School
School ShootingAntidepressant?2002-01-17Virginia**Possible SSRI Withdrawal Mania: 3 Dead at Law School
School/AssaultAntidepressant2009-11-04California**School Custodian Assaults Student & Principal: Had Manic Reaction From Depression Med
School Shooting ThreatsCelexa Antidepressant2010-01-25Virginia**Senior in High School Theatens to Kill 4 Classmates: Facebook Involved: Bail Denied
School Knifing/MurderMeds For Depression & ADHD2010-04-28Massachusetts**Sixteen Year Old Kills 15 Year Old in High School Bathroom in Sept. 2009
School ThreatAntidepressants2007-04-23Mississippi**Student Arrested for Making School Threat Over Internet
School ShootingAntidepressant WITHDRAWAL2007-11-07Finland**Student Kills 8: Wounds 10: Kills Self: High School in Finland
School ThreatProzac Antidepressant2008-01-25Washington**Student Takes Loaded Shotgun & 3 Rifles to School Parking Lot: Plans Suicide
School/AssaultZoloft Antidepressant2006-02-15Tennessee**Teen Attacks Teacher at School
School Hostage SituationPaxil & Effexor Antidepressants2001-04-15Washington**Teen Holds Classmates Hostage with a Gun
School Knife AttackMed for Depression2006-12-06Indiana**Teen Knife Attacks Fellow Student
School ShootingCelexa & Effexor Antidepressants2001-04-19California**Teen Shoots at Classmates in School
School ShootingMeds For Depression & ADHD2011-03-18South Carolina**Teen Shoots School Official: Pipe Bombs Found in Backpack
School Stand-OffZoloft Antidepressant1998-04-13Idaho**Teen [14 Years Old] in School Holds Police At Bay: Fires Shots
School ThreatAntidepressants2008-03-20Indiana**Teen [16 Years Old] Brings Gun to School: There Is a Lockdown
School ThreatsProzac Antidepressant1999-10-19Florida**Teen [16 Years Old] Threatens Classmates With Knife & Fake Explosives
School Hostage SituationProzac/ Paxil Antidepressants2001-01-18California**Teen [17 Years Old] Takes Girl Hostage at School: He is Killed by Police
School Shooting PlotAntidepressants2009-09-22England**Two English School Boys Plot to Blow Up High School
School Bomb ThreatMed For Depression2009-06-29Australia**Vexed Father Makes Bomb Threat Against Elementary School
School ViolenceCelexa Antidepressant2002-01-23Florida**Violent 8 Year-Old Boy Arrested At School
School / Child EndangermentAntidepressants2008-02-27Canada**Wacky School Bus Driver Goes Berserk: Also Involved Painkillers
School ThreatWellbutrin Antidepressant2007-04-24Tennessee**Young Boy, 12, Threatens to Shoot Others at School
School Shooting/SuicideCelexa2002-10-07Texas**Young Girl [13 Years Old] Kills Self at School With a Gun
School Murder AttemptMed For Depression1995-03-04California**Young Woman Deliberately Hits 3 Kids with Her Car at Elementary School: Laughed During Attack
Murder AttemptWellbutrin*2006-02-12Washington*82 Year Old Man Found Not Guilty: Med Defense
DUIPaxil2003-02-15Virginia*Defendant Acquitted of DUI Because of Involuntary Intoxication Caused by Paxil
Rampage ShootingLexapro & Two Benzo's2011-09-03North Carolina*Eight Dead in Nursing Home: Jury Spares Death Penalty Due to Medications
Murder-SuicidePaxil* [Seroxat]2001-08-09Wyoming*Jury Finds Paxil Was Cause of Murder-Suicide
Robbery/ArmedPaxil [Seroxat] WITHDRAWAL*2003-08-10England*Man Cleared of Charges by Using Paxil Defense
AssaultProzac*2009-10-24Kansas*Man Found Not Guilty of Assault Using Prozac Defense
MurderZoloft*2001-05-24Australia*Man Found Not Guilty Using Zoloft Defense
MurderMed For Depression2011-08-23England*Man Released From Prison Hospital Because his Murders Were Caused by Psychosis From Depression Med
Murder AttemptZoloft*2002-11-04Arizona*Mother Acquitted of Attempted Child Murder
Murder AttemptProzac2008-05-20Connecticut*Not Guilty Because of Psychosis Brought On by Prozac & Adderall
Embezzlement/Bizarre BehaviorPaxil*2006-11-17Florida*Not Guilty by Reason of Paxil Induced Insanity
MurderProzac*2003-07-11Louisiana*Not Guilty by Reason of Prozac Induced Insanity: Mother Kills Daughter
ViolenceProzac*2000-06-30England*Woman Acquitted in Stabbing Incident
Affair With MinorEffexor*2011-02-05Canada*Woman School Teacher Who Molested 15 Year Old Male Student Found Not Guilty: Effexor Insanity
Violence/HomicidesSSRIs, SNRIs Antidepressants & Chantix2010-12-15Global++ SSRIs & SNRIs, & Chantix, Have Highest Rate of Homicides/Violence of All Medications: PLoS
Mania/Worsening DepressionAntidepressants2010-06-02Global++1 In 3 People Given A/D's May Become Worse: Then Diagnosed With So-Called Bipolar Disorder: Web MD
Worsening Depression & SuicidalitySSRI Antidepressants2010-04-09Global++13.5% on SSRIs Had Worsening Depression & Suicidality:Sharp Drop in Brain Activity Within 48 Hours
Heart AttacksAntidepressants2010-06-14Global++18 Year Olds Diagnosed With Depression & Given A/D's More Likely To Die of Heart Attack at 55
Mental IllnessSSRIs & Other Psychiatric Meds2010-04-14U.S.A.++35 Times as Many Children On Govt. Disability for Mental Illness Since Prozac Was Launched
Self-PrescribingMed For Depression2009-11-08U.S.A.++43% of Psychiatrists Might Prescribe Antidepressant for Themselves:May Be Apropos to Fort Hood
DeathsWellbutrin*2006-08-02Washington DC++468 Deaths Reported to FDA Thru 2003 : Freedom of Information
Not Recommended For YouthSSRIs2008-11-12U.S.A.++74% of Youth Will Not Respond to SSRIs: CNS Response Data
ManiaMed For Depression2009-11-08U.S.A.++860,000 People Suffered Mania From Antidepressants in 2000: Most Not Hospitalized: Book Stats
HomicidesAntidepressants2011-08-02Global++A/D Induced Akathisia-Related Homicides & Genes of the CYP450 Family: Journal
IneffectiveZoloft & All Antidepressants2011-07-18Global++A/D's Ineffective for Depression In Alzheimer's Patients: Meta-Analysis From Australia
Adverse Reactions & Cardiovasular ProblemsMeds For Depression2011-09-12Global++Adding Another A/D to Existing A/D Produces Serious Problems & No Benefit
Alcohol AbuseEffexor2007-05-01Global++Alcohol Abuse & "Feeling Drunk" Listed as Side Effects in PDR
Clinical Trial ManipulationAntidepressants2010-04-02Global++All But 1 of 38 Positive Studies Published But Only 3 of 36 Negative Studies: AJP
Suicide/ImpulsivityAntidepressants2008-07-06Global++Almost One-Third of Suicides are Impulsive: Antidepressants Can Cause Impulsivity
Appear To Look OlderAntidepressants2009-02-04Global++Antidepressant Use Can Make People Look Older Than They Are: Also Causes Face Sagging: ASPS
IneffectivenessAntidepressants2008-02-25Global++Antidepressants Are Ineffective: PLoS Medicine
Mood DestabilizationAntidepressants2008-03-04Global++Antidepressants Cause Rapid Cycling & Mood Destabilization in Bipolar Disorder: Am J Psychiatry
IneffectiveAntidepressants2007-03-29Global++Antidepressants Don't Help Bipolar Patients: New England Journal of Medicine
REM Sleep InhibitionAntidepressants2008-08-01Global++Antidepressants Inhibit REM Sleep: Loss of Dreaming Can Lead to Serious Illness
MisprescribingAntidepressants2009-06-07Global++Antidepressants Not Recommended in Mania but Frequently Prescribed: Research Study
AnxietySSRI & SNRI Antidepressants2010-03-09Global++Anxiety Increased by SSRIs & SNRIs: Could Lead to Suicide: ISR Veterans's Study
DeathEffexor2005-05-28England++Between 1993 & 2002, 118 People in England & Wales Died While on Effexor
Flawed DataMeds For Depression2011-10-26U.S.A.++Black Box Warning for Adolescents & Suicide Showed a Decline in Suicides After 2004
Danger To ChildrenAntidepressants, Antipsychotics & ADHD Meds2010-06-23Denmark++BMC Research: Danish Children At Risk From Psychotropic Medicines
Restless Leg SyndromeSSRIs2011-09-21Global++Both Children & Adults Have Huge Increase in RLS While on SSRIs: Journal Article
IneffectiveCelexa2009-06-01Global++Celexa Has No Effect on Repetitive Behaviors in Autism: Causes Many Adverse Effects
SuicideChantix & Zoloft2008-07-15Global++Chantix & Zoloft Share Similar Mechanism: Lawsuit Over Suicide on Chantix
HypomaniaSSRIs/SNRIs & BuSpar2010-03-20Global++Combination of Antidepressants & BuSpar Can Cause Hypomania in Some Patients
Serotonin SyndromeSSRIs & Dextromethorphan2010-07-10Global++Combing SSRIs with Dextromethorphan Can Cause Serotonin Syndrome: Peoples Pharmacy
SuicidesAntidepressant & Other Psychotropic Drugs2010-11-18Global++Countries that Introduce Mental Health Initiatives For Suicide Prevention Increase Their Suicides
SuicideSSRIs2008-07-17Global++David Healy, M.D. Responds to WSJ Article: Doubling of Suicidal Acts on SSRIs Over Placebo
IneffectiveMeds For Depression2010-12-06Global++Depression With Psychotic Like Symptoms Not Helped by Antidepressants: Journal Article
Mania/Violence/SuicideProzac1990-08-16Global++Dr. Martin Teicher: Between 1.9 to 7.7% of Prozac Users at Risk for Mania, Violence/Suicide
UnethicalLexapro2009-09-02Global++Drug Maker Puts Money Into Doctor's Pockets to Prescribe Lexapro
Drug InteractionProzac, Paxil & Zoloft2009-06-01Global++Evidence Shows Antidepressants Cut Effectiveness of Tamoxifen in Breast Cancer: Medco Health
Worsening of DepressionMed For Depression2010-12-10Global++Failure of GPs to Screen for Bipolar is Deadly: A/D's Make Bipolar Worse: J of Affective Disorders
Serotonin SyndromeAntidepressants2006-08-03Global++FDA Issues Public Health Advisory on Mixing Meds with Antidepressants
Panic Attacks, Hostility, Mania, Etc.SSRIs/Antidepressants2004-03-22Global++FDA Public Health Advisory: Warning About Antidepressants: Also Withdrawal
Heart Attack RiskCelexa Antidepressant2011-08-24Global++FDA Warns of Heart Risks for Those Taking More Than 40 mg a day of Celexa
Neuroleptic Malignant SyndromeSSRIs/SNRIs2009-02-05Global++FDA Warns of Life Threatening Disease: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome With Antidepressants
UnethicalZoloft & Cymbalta2008-09-15U.S.A.++FDA Web Site on Drug Ads Developed by Drug Industry PR Firm
Suicides & HomicidesChantix2007-11-28Global++Fifty-five Suicides Reported in One Week to FDA: Freedom of Information Act
SuicidesCymbalta2009-08-22U.S.A.++Five Patients Committed Suicide During Clinical Trials for Cymbalta: Warning on Side-Effects
Preterm BirthSSRIs2010-01-21Global++Fourteen Percent of Woman Had a Preterm Delivery on SSRIs: Most After First Trimester
SuicideProzac2008-10-14U.S.A.++Govt. Study: 9% More Children On Prozac Alone Were Suicidal Compared to Those on Therapy Alone
Adverse ReactionsProzac2001-04-29Global++Head of World Health Organization Warns of Side Effects
SuicidesAntidepressants2010-07-16Global++High Suicide Rate Among Those With Fibromyalgia Might Be Due to Their Antidepressant Use for Fibro
Serotonin SyndromeSSRIs & SNRIs2008-11-09U.S.A.++In 2004, 103 Deaths Recorded from Serotonin Syndrome & 8,187 People Had Toxic Effects
SuicidesAntidepressants2009-07-30Sweden++In Sweden, 52% of Woman Who Committed Suicide in 2006 Were Taking Antidepressants: APA Letter
BlackoutsAntidepressants & Alcohol2011-10-10U.S.A.++Increased Chance of Blackouts Combining A/D's With Alcohol
Cerebrovascular StrokeAntidepressant2011-05-02Global++Increased Risk of Stroke for Users of Depression Medications: American Psychiatric Assn
BleedingSSRIs2009-06-01Global++Increases Risk of Fatal Bleeding For Those on Low Dose Continuous Aspirin
Depression & Abnormal ThoughtsProzac2008-11-02Global++Lilly Removed Data on Depression & Abnormal Thoughts as Frequent Adverse Reactions:Clinical Trials
Adverse ReactionProzac1999-05-10Global++Little Difference Between the Street Drug Ecstasy & Prozac: Noted Mental Health Journalist
DiabetesSSRIs/Antidepressants2009-04-17Global++Long-Term Use of Moderate to High Daily Doses of SSRIs Doubles the Risk For Diabetes: NIH
Unethical ConductPaxil2010-01-27Global++Manufacturer of Paxil Is Unethical During Clinical Trials for Paxil in Regard to Placebo Washout
Decrease in SuicidesNone2007-10-19Maryland++Maryland Has Seen a Decrease in Youth Suicide Since the Black Box Warning
Worsens DepressionAntidepressants*2009-05-08Global++Mayo Clinic Physician Believes Antidepressants Can Worsen Depression & Also Cause Mania
IneffectiveSSRIs/Antidepressants2010-08-24Global++Medscape: Meta-Analyses Suggest Antidepressants Are Only Marginally Better Than Placebo
InfertilitySSRIs2009-06-12Global++Men on SSRI Antidepressants Have Reduced Fertility
Adverse ReactionsAntidepressants & Polypharmacy2010-09-07Global++Monotherapy Controls More Episodes Than Polypharmacy: Causes Less Cardiovascular Problems
Mania & AnxietyMeds For Depression2011-09-12Global++More Women Taking A/D's: Cause Side Effects Like Mania & Anxiety: Journal Article
Powerful AntidepressantMusic2011-08-08Global++Music Can Help More Than Medication For Depression: Live Science
Increased DepressionSSRIs & All Antidepressants2010-07-22Global++New Scientist: Too Much Serotonin in Some Brain Regions Causes Depression
Turbulent Emotions/Compelling ThoughtsSSRIs2009-02-07Global++One in 20 People Without Depression Had Side Effects Such As Turbulent Emotions & Thoughts: Study
Serotonin ToxicityAntidepressants2008-09-01Australia++One in Twelve Older Men at Risk for Serotonin Toxicity by Drug Combinations
ViolencePaxil2004-11-07Global++One Out of Five Paxil Users Surveyed by MIND Reported Violent Behavior
OverprescribingAntidepressants2008-12-02Australia++Over 4000 Children Under 10 Years of Age,, including 48 Babies, were Prescribed SSRIs Last Year
Adverse ReactionsChantix/Champix2009-02-05Canada++Over 800 Complaints to Health Canada: 520 Involved Psychiatric Problems
Homicidal IdeationEffexor2007-05-01Global++Package Insert Lists Homicidal Ideation as Adverse Reaction
Homicidal ThoughtsZoloft2004-12-19U.S.A.++Patient in Clinical Trials for Zoloft Had Thoughts of Killing Self & Others
Side Effects ReportsMeds For Depression2010-04-20Global++Patients Report 20 Times More Side Effects Than Physicians Report: Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
ManiaProzac2010-05-17Global++Patients Who Feel Better Than Well on Prozac Are Soft Bipolars Who Might Become Manic
Crime Against HumanityPaxil2010-05-21Japan++Paxil Is BeingTested on 7 Year Olds Despite FDA Black Box Warning for Suicidality
False InformationAntidepressant2011-10-24Global++Pharmaceutical Co. Listed Emotional Liability For The Suicide Attempts During Clinical Trials
Extreme Aggression, Hallucinations & Increased AnxietyZoloft2011-01-11Global++Physician Discusses Zoloft Side-Effects
Chronic Treatment Resistant DepressionSSRI & SNRI Antidepressants2011-07-01Global++Possibility SSRIs Cause Chronic Treatment Resistant Depression
Delayed Infant DevelopmentAntidepressants2010-02-22Global++Pregnant Woman On Depression Meds: Developmental Delay in Infants: Pediatric Health: Denmark
Sleep ProblemsSSRIs2009-02-16Global++Prepubescent Children Who Take Antidepressants Are Susceptible to Sleep Problems Thoughout Life:
Behavior DestabilizedProzac2011-03-16Global++Prozac At Higher Doses May Cause Destabilized Behavior: Molecular Brain Journal
Uncontrolled ActionsAntidepressants1995-04-05Global++Psychopharmacologist at McLean: Antidepressants Involving Mania Can Cause Uncontrollable Actions
IneffectivePsychiatric Meds for PTSD2011-05-09Global++PTSD Patients Just As Likely to Commit Suicide While on Meds As With No Treatment At All
ObesityMeds For Depression2011-05-14Global++Research Shows Widespread Use of Antidepressants May Explain Why Obesity Rates Have Climbed
Heat StrokeAntidepressants2010-05-26Global++Risk of Death: Heat Wave: Greater For Those Over 70 On Antidepressants
Serotonin TheorySSRI & SNRI Antidepressants2011-07-22Global++Serotonin Imbalance In Depressed People Does Not Exist: Journal Articles
Increase in Social Security DisabilitySSRIs & All Antidepressants2010-10-07U.S.A.++Six Hundred % Increase in SSD Since SSRIs Introduced: Causes Mania/Psychosis: R.Whitaker's Book
Crime Against HumanityChantix2008-06-17U.S.A.++Soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Recruited to Test Drug the FDA Says Causes Suicide
IneffectiveSSRIs & Atypical Antipsychotic As Add-On2011-08-30Global++Soldiers: 89% of Soldiers with PTSD are Taking SSRIs: Add-On of Atypical A/P Ineffective
Emotional BluntingSSRIs2009-09-01Global++Some People Who Take Prozac Report Their Experience of Emotions is Blunted: BJP
Lactation DifficultiesAntidepressants2010-01-26Global++SSRIs Are Linked to Lactation Delays After Giving Birth: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology
Divorce/Emotional BluntingSSRI Antidepressants2010-09-23Global++SSRIs Can Cause Emotional Blunting & Divorce: Article by Physician
SuicideSSRIs*2006-10-16Global++SSRIs Can Increase the Number of Serotonin Receptors Linked to Suicide
Weight GainSSRIs/Antidepressants2009-02-18Global++SSRIs Cause Weight Lose At the Beginning of Use But Weight Gain After Continuous use
Birth Defects [Heart]SSRIs2009-09-25Global++SSRIs During Early Pregnancy Double to Triple the Risk of Heart Defects Among Babies
IneffectiveSSRIs2009-01-26Global++SSRIs Ineffective For Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder: Meta-analyses
ManiaSt. Johns Wort2009-02-18Global++St. Johns Wort Can Cause Mania In People With So Called Bipolar Disorder
Adverse ReactionsProzac1991-11-05Colorado++State Dept. of Health Reports Prozac Had More Adverse Reactions Reported Than Any Other Drug
Worse Than IneffectiveSSRIs/SNRIs/Antidepressants2010-01-29Global++Studies Suggest Antidepressants May be Worse Than Ineffective: Newsweek Magazine
IneffectiveMed For Depression2010-02-18Canada++Study: Depression Meds Not Very Effective & Raise Cardiovascular Deaths If Taken with Beta-Blocker
Emotional Blunting/Personality ChangesSSRIs2010-02-18Global++Study: SSRIs Cause Emotional Detachment/Personality Change/Reduction in Positive Emotion: BJP
Suicide RateAntidepressants2008-09-06U.S.A.++Suicide Rate Among Teens Declines as Antidepressant Use Among Teens Slows
SuicidesAntidepressants2009-01-12Global++Suicide Risk Higher for First 12 Weeks Following Antidepressant Start: J of Affective Disorders
Treatment-Emergent ManiaAntidepressants2009-02-12Global++TEM Caused by SSRIs Can Lead to Damaging Behaviors, Arrest & Incarceration
Shortening of Life SpanAntidepressants & Antipsychotics2009-10-01Global++Those on Antidepresants & Antipsychotics Have Shorter Life Span: Diabetes & CV: Endocrine Today
Stock Market CrashProzac2003-05-28U.S.A./Global++Trader Becomes Hypomanic on Medication
Stock Market CrashSSRIs2008-03-26U.S.A./Global++Traders on Wall Street Admit to Antidepressant Use
Adverse ReactionsMeds For Depression2009-09-01Global++Twenty-Three % on Depression Meds Say Med Did Not Agree With Them Mentally: Irish Medical Times
Stock Market CrashMed For Depression2009-06-29U.S.A.++U.S.A. Being Medicated with Antidepressants Could Have Contributed to Stock Mark Crash
Suicide RiskAntidepressants2008-09-01Europe++Update From European & Irish Agencies on Suicide Risk in Young Adults
Violent BehaviorProzac1990-05-15Global++Violent Behavior Added to Insert On Prozac Post-Introductory Reports
Side-Effects ListPaxil, Effexor & Imipramine2009-04-09Global++Warning on Side-Effects of Antidepressants: British Medical Journal Publishing
WithdrawalSSRIs/Antidepressants2009-12-03Global++Withdrawal is Sometimes More Severe Than the Original Symptoms or Problem: Peoples Pharmacy
Pre-Term DeliverySSRIs2009-10-06Global++Women Who Take SSRIs During Pregnancy Have Twice the Risk of Pre-Term Delivery: Study
Maladaptive BehaviorsSSRIs2007-07-07Global++Young Mice Given SSRIs Have Maladaptive Behaviors in Adulthood
IneffectiveZoloft2011-09-06Global++Zoloft Not Effective for Mild to Moderate Postpartum Depression: Medscape
Adverse ReactionProzac*1995-12-10Colorado+10 Year Old Boy Becomes Like Someone on Heroin, According to Psychologist
MurderZoloft*2001-11-28South Carolina+12 Year Old Kills His Grandparents
MurderProzac1994-10-23Iowa+14 Year Old Girl Stabs Great Aunt: Given Life in Prison
ViolenceZoloft*2004-09-12Colorado+15 Year Old Girl 'Knife Attacks' Mother
MurderProzac2009-11-19Missouri+15 Year Old Girl Kills 9 Year Old Neighbor to See What It Feels Like to Kill
MurderWellbutrin2000-03-11Massachusetts+16 Year Old Girl Kills her Mother, a Psychiatrist
MurderMed For Depression1994-09-09Kansas+16 Year Old Kills his Mother & Sister: No Illegal Drugs or Alcohol
Suicide AttemptProzac & Zoloft2001-07-01Oregon+17 Year Old Attempts Suicide: Lawsuit Won
SuicideCymbalta Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL2004-02-10Indiana+19 Year Old Healthy, Normal Woman Kills Self During Clinical Trial
Anthrax MurdersCelexa2008-08-08U.S.A.+Anthrax Suspect Took Celexa First: Became Psychotic.: Psychosis is Listed as an Adverse Reaction
MurderAntidepressant2004-07-25England+Britain's Most Wanted Man
Bizarre BehaviorAntidepressants & Alcohol2010-07-26California+Famous Actor Mel Gibson Said To Be Using Antidepressants: Radical Change in Personality
DeathProzac/Sarafem2010-01-21California+Famous Actress Brittany Murphy Was taking Sarafem, Same Drug as Prozac, at Time of Death
ShopliftingZoloft2001-12-15California+Famous Actress, Winona Ryder, Arrested for Shoplifting
SuicideProzac1997-10-15California+Famous Author's Son Commits Suicide
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants2001-08-06Nepal+Famous Crown Prince of Nepal Kills 9 Family Members & Self
Road Rage ManiaProzac*2001-03-29Paris, France+Famous Princess Diana: Dr. Discusses Driver in Car Crash
SuicideZoloft2011-01-27Florida+Famous Wrestler Kills Self: No Other Drugs or Alcohol in His System
MurderPaxil2008-05-25Canada+Father Who Murdered Son Four Years Ago Campaigns Against SSRIs
Nervous BreakdownAntidepressant2003-07-24California+Football Player Misses Superbowl
MurderPaxil2003-07-24New York+Man Shoots NY City Councilman in City Council Chambers
MurderMed For Depression2009-12-28Florida+Man Who Shot 4 Relatives Dead at Thanksgiving is Now America's Most Wanted Man
ManiaProzac2008-10-06Canada+Margaret Trudeau Becomes Manic on Prozac: Is Now Off All Antidepressants
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2010-10-07Ohio+Mother Kills her Two Young Children & Herself
Workplace Violence/Murder-SuicideProzac1989-09-14Kentucky+Nine Dead: 12 Wounded: Standard Gravure Printing Company
MurderEffexor*2006-07-10Texas+Postpartum Depression: Andrea Yates Retried for Murder of Five Children
Workplace Violence/MurderProzac*2000-12-26Massachusetts+Seven dead at Edgewater Technology Computer Company
MurderMed For Depression2009-07-28Iraq/Texas+Soldier Kills 5 at Baghdad Psychiatric Center on May 11th, 2009
DeathPaxil/Seroquel & Benzo2008-06-08U.S.A.+Soldiers [Twelve] Die in Sleep from PTSD Meds As Uncovered by the Father of One of the Soldiers
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2010-07-16Texas+Woman Mayor Kills Daughter & Self
Affair With MinorMed For Depression & ADHD2010-11-13Utah+Woman School Teacher Found Guilty of Affair with Two 15 Year Old Male Students
Affair With MinorMed For Depression2008-07-17Wisconsin+Woman School Teacher Has Affair with 13 Year Old Boy
Affair With MinorAntidepressants2007-12-11New York+Woman School Teacher Has Affair with 15 Year Old Male Student
Affairs With MinorsSSRIs2009-04-18Idaho/Global+Woman School Teacher Has Affair With Male Teen Student: SSRI: More Bipolar: More Women Pedophiles
Affair With MinorAntidepressant Withdrawal2010-03-30New York+Woman School Teacher Molests 14 Year Old Male Student
Affair With Minor/MurderProzac1990-05-19New Hampshire+Woman School Teacher Molests 15 Year Old Student: Has Him Kill Spouse
Affairs with MinorsProzac2006-03-24West Virginia+Woman School Teacher Molests Four Students Under 15
MurderMed For Depression2009-04-15California+Woman School Teacher, Sunday School, Molests & Kills 8 Year Old Neighbor Girl
MurderAntidepressant*2002-09-21Tennessee+Woman Stabs Man Over 100 Times
DeathBipolar Meds2009-06-07Kansas3 Year Old Girl Dies from High Dosages of Bipolar Meds
Behavioral ChangeProzac2006-07-07Connecticut5 year Old Goes from Anxious to Angry
Inappropriate BehaviorsAntidepressants2005-04-13U.S.A.6 Year Old With Selective Mutism Exhibits Bad Behavior in Kindergarten: Is OK When Med Is Stopped
DeathAntidepressant2007-11-28Oregon7 Year Old In Foster Care Dies From Poweful Antidepressant
Behavioral ChangeLuvox, Ritalin, etc.2006-01-29Illinois8 Year Old Becomes Zombie
Suicide Attempt & RagesPaxil2002-03-18Pennsylvania9 Year Old Girl Becomes Worse on Meds
Violent BehaviorProzac WITHDRAWAL2006-06-14England10 Year Old Becomes Violent
SuicideMed for Depression2005-10-24South Africa10 Year Old Boy Hangs Himself
Suicide AttemptAntidepressant2004-10-12Illinois10 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide
DeathEffexor/Psychotropics2001-04-04Colorado10 Year Old Girl Dies During
SuicideProzac & ADHD Med2011-03-31England10 Year Old Hangs Himself: Coroner Questions Use of Prozac & Ritalin
ViolenceProzac2000-02-27Pennsylvania11 Year Old Becomes Violent & Aggressive on Prozac & Ritalin
Violence & Suicide AttemptPaxil1999-01-05Michigan11 Year Old Boy is Violent & Suicidal on Paxil
SuicideLexapro2006-07-26Utah11 Year Old Girl Hangs Self; Family Sues
SuicideProzac1997-09-13Louisiana11 Year Old Hangs Himself
SuicideCelexa & Wellbutrin Antidepressants2011-01-03Texas12 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide
Suicidal BehaviorAntidepressants2007-12-26Arizona12 Year Old Boy Recovers After Doctors Take Him Off Antidepressants
SuicideZoloft2000-01-05Texas12 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Attempt & Self-MutilationProzac1988-01-15Washington DC12 Year Old Girl Given Prozac, and Later Zoloft, Deteriorates
Suicide AttemptMed for Depression2004-08-09Maine12 Year Old Girl Self-Mutilates & Attempts Suicide
SuicideMed For Depression2008-01-15Missouri12 Year Old Kills Self: On Both Antidepressants & ADHD Med
CureExercise Program2008-04-19Australia12 Year Old With Depression & Suicidal Thoughts is Cured with Exercise-Based Therapy Program
Murder AttemptMed For Depression1993-04-16Iowa13 & 14 Year Olds Attempt to Kill Police Officer: 26 Mile Chase
SuicideCelexa2004-04-15Massachusetts13 Year Old Boy Hangs Self: Lawsuit
ViolenceMed for Depression2005-07-12New York13 Year Old Girl Attacks Police: Child is Critically Injured
Suicide Attempt/CuttingProzac2011-08-25England13 Year Old Girl Feels Worse on Prozac: Cuts Herself: Few Days Later Attempts Suicide
MurderAntidepressants*2008-04-18Colorado13 Year Old Killed Mother & Grandmother in 1999: Is Released From Prison: Now Has Adult Sentence
SuicideAntidepressants1998-03-26California13 Year Old Kills Himself
SuicideProzac2000-06-02Utah14 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide
Murder AttemptMed For Depression2011-03-26California14 Year Old Boy Stabs 13 Year Old Girl and Her 18 Month Old Brother: Molests Girl
MurderAntidepressant2005-04-09Virginia14 Year Old Boy Stabs Store Clerk
Suicide AttemptPaxil2001-05-15New Jersey14 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide
Suicide AttemptZoloft2008-09-19Australia14 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide: Possible Lawsuit
Injury to ChildPaxil2003-04-06New Jersey14 Year Old Girl Becomes Suicidal & Violent : Lawsuit
SuicideCelexa/SSRIs2002-06-07U.S.A.14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
SuicideProzac2007-02-06Canada14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
SuicideLexapro2009-04-13New York14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide: Fund for Funeral Expenses Announced
Self-MutilationAntidepressant2007-06-06Illinois14 Year Old Girl Has Increase in Self-Mutilation While On Antidepressant
MurderAntidepressant2010-02-01Canada14 Year Old Girl Kills 3 Year Old Boy
SuicideProzac2005-09-27Canada14 Year Old Girl Kills Self
SuicideMed For Depression2011-04-26Minnesota14 Year Old Girl Kills Self in Suicide Pact: 14 Year Olds Covered By Black Box Warning on Suicide
SuicideMed For Depression2009-07-30Ohio14 Year Old Girl Kills Self: Family Committed to Suicide Prevention Charities
Suicidal BehaviorEffexor2005-08-05Virginia14 Year Old Girl Suffers Adverse Reaction
SuicideZoloft & Paxil1995-04-09New Jersey14 Year Old Kills Himself
MurderPaxil1995-03-11Illinois14 Year Old Kills his Mother
MurderZoloft & ADHD Drug1997-09-02Michigan14 Year Old Kills Woman During Robbery: Life Sentence
Knife AttackMed For Depression2008-08-04Tennessee14 Year Old Stabs his Parents: They Are Hospitalized in Serious Condition
AssaultAntidepressant2007-05-03England15 Year Old Assaults Police: Also Involved Alcohol
Suicide AttemptMed For Depression2007-08-28Pennsylvania15 Year Old Attempts Suicide: Tries to Jump from Bridge
AssaultZoloft, Straterra & Risperdal2005-01-25New York15 Year Old Boy Assaults Neighbor Girl
SuicideAntidepressant2008-07-30North Carolina15 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide
SuicideZoloft2003-12-17Texas15 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide on Zoloft
Homicidal ThoughtsZoloft, Paxil & Effexor2004-02-02Georgia15 Year Old Boy Injured by Meds
MurderMed for Depression1999-08-25Illinois15 Year Old Boy Kills Father: Injures Mother
MurderProzac*2009-01-28England15 Year Old Boy Murders Man: Trial Is In Progress
SuicideAntidepressants1998-10-27North Carolina15 Year Old Commits Suicide
SuicideProzac2011-09-28England15 Year Old Daughter of Well-Known Artist Commits Suicide
DeathAntidepressant2009-04-11Michigan15 Year Old Dies From One Taser Shock
SuicideMed For Depression2007-05-05Colorado15 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
SuicideZoloft2004-10-24Utah15 Year Old Girl Given Zoloft for 'Warts'
SuicideProzac1996-07-12California15 Year Old Girl Jumps Off Cliff with 14 Year Old Girl
SuicideProzac2001-04-15Idaho15 Year Old Girl Kills Self
SuicideCymbalta Antidepressant2010-10-22Ohio15 Year Old Girl Kills Self: Said She Felt Worse on Cymbalta
Self-MutilationProzac, Zoloft & Paxil1997-10-19Massachusetts15 Year Old Girl Self-Mutilates
MurderCymbalta Antidepressant2009-06-01Maryland15 Year Old Girl Solicits her Father's Murder
Suicide AttemptProzac2006-03-26Georgia15 Year Old Girl Tries to Hang Self
SuicideMed For Depression2009-07-06Arizona15 Year Old Hangs Himself
MurderPaxil2000-04-18Tennessee15 Year Old Kills his Father
SuicideAntidepressant2005-06-16Nebraska15 Year Old Kills Self
MurderEffexor2006-06-29Virginia15 Year Old Kills Store Clerk
PsychosisAntidepressant2010-03-18California15 Year Old Misdiagnosed: Given Antidepressant: Becomes Psychotic & Hallucinates
SuicideProzac2010-07-22Massachusetts15 Year Old Phoebe Prince Kills Self: Six Who Bullied Her Were Arrested
SuicideProzac1992-01-11Florida15 Year Old Shoots Self
MurderPaxil2000-03-06California15 Year Old Stabs his Grandmother
Arson & VandalismPaxil2002-04-13Michigan15-year-old Sets Fire & Vandalizes School
Mania & ViolenceAntidepressants2008-09-20Rhode Island16 Year Old Becomes Worse on Antidepressant: Finally Diagnosed as Bipolar As They All Are
Road RageAntidepressant2004-11-09Minnesota16 Year Old Boy Causes $45,000 in Damages
MurderMed For Depression2011-03-14Australia16 Year Old Boy Kills Neighbor & Burns Down his House
SuicideZoloft2004-12-31U.S.A.16 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide AttemptZoloft2009-02-25Iowa16 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide
Suicide AttemptAntidepressant2010-05-28Wisconsin16 Year Old Girl Blind & Unable to Walk After Suicide Attempt While On A/D's
MurderPaxil2005-01-11England16 Year Old Girl Commits Murder: Kills Self in Prison
SuicideAntidepressant2010-09-27Pennsylvania16 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
SuicideAntidepressant2008-07-16California16 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide: RCC Scholarship Set Up
Suicide by CopProzac1996-11-21Washington DC16 Year Old Girl Forces Police to Shoot Her
SuicideZoloft2004-02-21Massachusetts16 Year Old Girl Hangs Herself
MurderProzac2004-05-28Arkansas16 Year Old Girl Kills her Father
SuicideProzac & Desipramine2005-08-12Washington16 Year Old Girl Kills Self
SuicideEffexor2005-04-13Florida16 Year Old Girl Kills Self: Documentary On Meds for Kids
AngerAntidepressant2009-11-30Massachusetts16 Year Old Girl Says Antidepressant Causes her to be Uncontrollably Angry All the Time
SuicideLexapro2008-01-05Washington16 Year Old Girl Shoots Self: Lawsuit
Bizarre BehaviorMed For Depression2007-06-07U.S.A.16 Year Old Girl Writes the Word "Die" on Wall Using Her Blood
SuicideZoloft2004-12-01Kentucky16 Year Old Girl: Permanent Injuries: Lawsuit
SuicideCelexa2004-07-25Florida16 Year Old Hangs Himself
Suicide AttemptZoloft2000-05-31Tennessee16 Year Old In Private Detetion Facility Suffers Permanent Brain Damage in Suicide Attempt
MurderPaxil2005-03-02California16 Year Old Kills his 17 Year Old Brother
MurderAntidepressants2004-09-30Pennsylvania16 Year Old Kills his Mother
MurderMed For Depression2000-06-20Louisiana16 Year Old Kills his Neighbor
SuicidePaxil & Accutane2005-05-16Nebraska16 Year Old Kills Self
SuicideStraterra2008-04-06Massachusetts16 Year Old Kills Self Unexpectedly After Starting Straterra for ADHD
SuicideMed For Depression2011-06-09California16 Year Old Kills Self: Suicide Letter: Rejection Sensitivity Which is Common with A/D's
Murder-SuicideWellbutrin2004-01-31Iowa16 Year Old Kills the Housesitter, His Counselor & Himself
SuicideAntidepressants1997-06-22North Carolina16 Year Old On Antidepressants Kills Self 17 Days After Leaving Hospital
SuicidePaxil WITHDRAWAL*2005-02-01Canada16 Year Old: Paxil Still in Body 2 Months After Discontinuing Drug
ArsonAntidepressant2005-06-29Tennessee17 Year Old Accepts Responsibility for Fire
Murder AttemptMed For Depression & ADHD2011-08-11New Hampshire17 Year Old Attacks Sleeping Neighbors With Baseball Bat
Suicide AttemptProzac2006-06-14New York17 Year Old Attempts Suicide in Clinical Trial
SuicideMed For Depression2010-07-09China17 Year Old College Coed Commits Suicide
SuicideAntidepressant2003-01-31Oregon17 Year Old Commits Suicide
SuicideZoloft & Celexa2003-02-27Kansas17 Year Old Commits Suicide on the Internet
PsychosisAntidepressants2007-05-22U.S.A.17 Year Old Driven Crazy by Psych Meds
SuicideZoloft2003-07-22Pennsylvania17 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
SuicideMed For Depression2011-08-13Michigan17 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide: Black Box Warning for Suicidality on Those 24 & Under
Self-Mutilation & RagePaxil & Zoloft2002-12-15U.S.A.17 Year Old Girl Exhibits Bizzare Behavior on Meds
MurderMed For Depression Withdrawal2009-03-10North Carolina17 Year Old Girl Kills her Mother
SuicideLexapro2004-11-01Wisconsin17 Year Old Girl Kills Self
SuicideAntidepressant2008-03-31Illinois17 Year Old Girl Kills Self After Restarting Antidepressant
Running AwayProzac Withdrawal2008-10-20New Hampshire17 Year Old Girl Runs Away From Home: 2n Time This Happened During a Recent Prozac Withdrawal
SuicideWellbutrin2006-06-14Indiana17 Year Old Goes Crazy and Dies
SuicideLexapro2003-04-16New York17 Year Old Hangs Himself
SuicideAntidepressants2008-09-29Illinois17 Year Old Hangs Himself
Car CrashZoloft2004-02-25New York17 Year Old Has Car Crash: Kills Teammate
SuicidePaxil1999-04-01Utah17 Year Old Jumps From Freeway Bridge
SuicideAntidepressants2005-07-18Wisconsin17 Year Old Kills Himself
MurderCelexa Antidepressant2011-08-08Florida17 Year Old Kills His Parents
SuicideProzac2004-02-26California17 Year Old Kills Self in Youth Facility
SuicideProzac2008-03-30New Zealand17 Year Old Kills Self: Mother Marches For Awareness
SuicideEffexor2000-10-31Arizona17 Year Old Lies In Front Of Train on his 17th Birthday
MurderMed For Depression2001-05-18Florida17 Year Old Murders her Baby
MurderAntidepressant WITHDRAWAL2005-07-02Washington17 Year Old Murders School Tennis Coach
SuicideProzac1997-01-03Montana17 Year Old Shoots Himself
MurderMed for Depression2003-02-03Colorado17 Year Old Stabs 91 Year Old Former Mayor
Suicidal ThoughtsProzac2009-06-14U.S.A.17 Year Old Starts on Prozac: Then Has Suicidal Thoughts: Peoples Pharmacy
Suicide AttemptProzac2006-01-29Illinois17 Year Old Tries to Hang Self
MissingMed For Depression2008-06-04Minnesota17 Year Old's Personality Changed on Med: Massive Search of Mississippi River
SuicideProzac*1994-06-05Washington18 Year Old Asphyxiates Himself
SuicidePaxil2004-11-07England18 Year Old Begins Self-Mutilation on Paxil: Kills Self
SuicideWellbutrin Withdrawal2011-05-08Maine18 Year Old College Freshman Kills Self
MurderProzac2007-09-13Alabama18 Year Old Girl Asks Boyfriend to Kill Another Man
SuicideAntidepressant2008-01-20Scotland18 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide: Internet Partly Blamed
SuicidePaxil2006-03-17England18 Year Old Girl Dies; Mother Campaigns
Murder-SuicideProzac1998-01-06Texas18 Year Old Girl Kills Boyfriend & Self
SuicideLexapro2007-05-08Texas18 Year Old Girl Kills Self: Lawsuit Could Be Decisive
SuicideProzac2000-01-06Hawaii18 Year Old Hangs Himself
SuicideZoloft/Strattera2006-03-17California18 Year Old Hangs Self in Hospital
MurderProzac*2009-03-08Pennsylvania18 Year Old Imprisoned for Murder of Father Has New Evidence Against Prozac
Death-By-CopProzac2001-10-09California18 Year Old Killed by Policeman Forced to Shoot
Murder-SuicideAntidepressant2006-07-18Ohio18 Year Old Kills Girlfriend, Then Self
SuicideAntidepressants2009-11-27England18 Year Old Kills Himself
SuicideWellbutrin [Zyban] WITHDRAWAL*2003-02-24England18 Year Old Kills Himself: Coroner Rules Wellbutrin May Have Been a Factor
Murder-SuicideAntidepressant WITHDRAWAL2006-08-23California18 Year Old Kills Mother & Self
SuicideMed For Depression2010-06-05New York18 Year Old Kills Self in 2004: Parents Part Of Memorial Bike Run
SuicideAntidepressant Withdrawal2010-09-18Pennsylvania18 Year Old Kills Self: Parents Blame Recent Abrupt Withdrawal from Depression Med
MurderEffexor2003-01-07Maryland18 Year Old Murders His Best Friend
MurderWellbutrin1999-08-24West Virginia18 Year Old Murders Woman
RobberyZoloft*2005-01-06California18 Year Old Robs Bank
MurderProzac, Zoloft Adderall & Ritalin2009-07-31Louisiana18 Year Old Shoots Deputy
Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2006-10-23Kansas18 Year Old Student Attempts Suicide on College Campus
Suicide-By-CopAntidepressants2007-11-14New York18 Year Old Triggered "Suicide-By-Cop: Also Involved Antipsychotics: Candlelight Vigil
MurderProzac2000-01-22California19 Year Old a Suspect in Death of Friend's Parents
AssaultMed For Depression2007-10-23Australia19 Year Old Assaults Stranger On Sidewalk
Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2007-12-06Utah19 Year Old Attempts Suicide
Suicide-By-Cop AttemptMed For Depression1998-05-03New York19 Year Old Begs Police to Shoot Him
SuicideAntidepressants2006-07-28England19 Year Old Chess Champion Falls From 8th Floor
Near DeathMed For Depression2009-11-14England19 Year Old Collapses & Almost Dies: Took 4 Antidepressants at Once
SuicideAntidepressants2008-08-15England19 Year Old Commits Suicide
SuicidePaxil2001-11-15England19 Year Old Commits Suicide: Parents on Panorama Show: BBC
Shoot-Out with PoliceMed for Depression2002-11-16Idaho19 Year Old Dies in Chase & Shooting with Police
SuicideMed for Depression2006-08-19Canada19 Year Old Girl Dies from Tylenol Overdose
SuicideProzac1990-08-25California19 Year Old Girl Shoots Self
SuicideAntidepressants2010-03-11England19 Year Old Hangs Herself Less Than a Month After Beginning Med For Depression
SuicideProzac/Wellbutrin & Adderall2009-12-04Massachusetts19 Year Old Honors Student at Harvard Commits Suicide: Lawsuit
MurderPsychiatric Med Withdrawal2006-09-19Washington DC19 Year Old Kills his Psychiatrist
MurderZoloft & Seroquel2006-11-28Oregon19 Year Old Kills Man During Theft
Cyber SuicideLexapro [SSRI Antidepressant]2008-11-25Florida19 Year Old Kills Self in Front Of Webcam: Update on Story
SuicideMed For Depression2009-10-08Ireland19 Year Old Kills Self: Unexpected
SuicideProzac2004-07-16Florida19 Year Old Kills Self: Lawsuit
SuicideProzac2007-05-12California19 Year Old Kills Self: Tests CA Medical License Law
SuicideMed For Depression2011-06-05India19 Year Old Nursing Student Ends Her Life
Vehicular ManslaughterProzac2005-10-22Massachusetts19 Year Old Runs Down Student and Injures Others
MurderProzac2011-04-18Illinois19 Year Old Son Stabs & Beats his Father to Death
Suicide AttemptAntidepressant2010-03-26U.S.A.19 Year Old Tries to Kill Herself on Antidepressant: Her Condition Worsened on Drug for Depression
SuicideMed For Depression2009-02-12Florida19 Year Old Woman Kills Self 6 Years Ago: Mom Sponsers Suicide Prevention Walk
HypomaniaLexapro*2011-03-14Louisanna1st Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Resigns After Developing Hypomania on Lexapro: Bizarre Behavior
Suicide-By-CopMed For Depression Withdrawal & Alcohol2010-08-18California20 Year Old Attacks Police With a Knife
SuicideZoloft2010-10-09Washington20 Year Old Coed Kills Self at University of Washington
SuicideEffexor2001-08-24Mississippi20 Year Old Commits Suicide
DeathEffexor2008-03-17Nebraska20 Year Old Dies: Cause Unknown
ViolenceMed for Depression2006-11-15Colorado20 Year Old in Ax Attack
MurderMed For Depression & ADHD2009-09-22Georgia20 Year Old Kills Friend in 2003: Life Sentence: Attorney Appeals on Medication Basis
SuicideEffexor2010-12-27Canada20 Year Old Kills Self on Effexor: Black Box Warning from FDA on Suicide for Those 24 & Under
ArsonProzac & Chantix2011-02-16Texas20 Year Old Sets 10 Churches on Fire: Receives Life Sentence
SuicideAntidepressant2010-09-11England20 Year Old Stabs Himself in the Heart
SuicideAntidepressant2009-09-09England20 Year Old Student Hangs Self: No History of Mental Problems
SuicideAntidepressants2009-11-27England20 Year Old Woman Commits Suicide
DeathAntidepressant & Alcohol2010-02-10Ohio20 Year Old Woman Dies From a Combo of an Antidepressant & Alcohol
SuicideAntidepressant2008-03-31Alaska20 Year Old Woman Kills Self
AssaultAntidepressant2009-12-24Minnesota21 Year Old Assaults Police Officer: Becomes Violent
SuicideAntidepressants2007-01-14Illinois21 Year Old College Student Commits Suicide
SuicideMed For Depression2011-08-22Michigan21 Year Old Commits Suicide
DeathProzac & Methadone2010-03-13Arkansas21 Year Old Dies From Medication Toxicity: Was on Prozac & Methoadone
MurderMed For Depression2010-02-28England21 Year Old Kills Girlfriend & Daughter
SuicideAntidepressants2008-03-05New Mexico21 Year Old Kills Self in 2007: Her Mother Helps Pass Legislation in NM on 'Prescription Practices'
Suicide-By-CopPaxil2002-04-11Georgia21 Year Old Man Possibly Commits Suicide-By-Cop
SuicideCelexa2005-08-18California21 Year Old Niece of State Senator Kills Self
Murder AttemptMed For Depression2009-01-27New Hampshire21 Year Old Stabs & Injures Clerk in Store
SuicideAntidepressants2009-02-16England21 Year Old Students Kills Self Shortly After Starting a Med For Depression
SuicideAntidepressant2008-08-20England21 Year Old Woman Commits Suicide
Air RageAntidepressants2008-09-17England21 Year Old Woman Has Air Rage: Plane Forced to Land
SuicideProzac1989-03-16Texas21 Year Old Woman Shoots Herself
Suicide AttemptMed for Depression2005-01-04South Dakota22 Year Old Attempts to Drown Self
SuicidePaxil2010-10-06Missouri22 Year Old College Coed Kills Herself
SuicideCelexa2010-08-31Iowa22 Year Old College Student Hangs Himself
SuicideLexapro Withdrawal2004-08-10Oregon22 Year Old Given Med for Back Pain: Kills Self
DeathCelexa2009-07-31India22 Year Old In India Dies During Clinical Trial for Celexa
Vehicular HomicideCelexa2010-04-06Nevada22 Year Old Kills Man During Crash
MurderZoloft1999-09-28Wisconsin22 Year Old Kills University Freshman
Involuntary ManslaughterMed For Depression2000-12-23Canada22 Year Old Man Becomes Agitated on Bus & Grabs Wheel Causing Crash: One Dies & 32 Injured
MurderMed for Depression1991-05-25New York22 Year Old Man Murders His Parents
ArsonMed for Depression2005-05-10Wisconsin22 Year Old Sets Fire to Bldg.
ViolenceZoloft2008-10-24New Jersey22 Year Old Tries to Stab Mother & Kill Self
Suicide AttemptLexapro2006-06-13Arkansas22 Year Old Woman Attempts Suicide
SuicideEffexor2011-05-26England22 Year Old Woman Hangs Herself
SuicidePaxil2003-12-05Rhode Island22 Year Old Woman Kills Self
SuicideAntidepressant2009-10-04Oklahoma22 Year Old Woman Kills Self: Mother Goes on a Campaign to Warn About Suicide
AssaultAntidepressants & Alcohol2010-10-20England23 Year Old Assaults Two Elderly Women: Mixed A/D with Alcohol, a Dangerous Combo
Burglary & AssaultMed For Depression2009-01-30Connecticut23 Year Old Breaks Into Girlfriend's House: Threatens Her With a Knife
SuicideAntidepressants2006-11-06Ohio23 Year Old College Senior Kills Self
SuicideAntidepressants2010-11-17Ireland23 Year Old Commits Suicide: Parents Cite Irish Psychiatric Establishment for Incomptence
MurderAntidepressant2010-06-10India23 Year Old Hires Gangster To Murder his Father
SuicidePaxil2010-02-23Pennsylvania23 Year Old Kills Herself in 2003: Lawsuit Decided Today
MurderZoloft & Prozac2004-07-30California23 Year Old Kills his Grandmother
FeloniesAntidepressants2009-03-04Minnesota23 Year Old Man Charged with 5 Felonies, Terrorist Threats & Kicking a Police Officer
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression1991-04-11New York23 Year Old Man Kills Girlfriend & then Kills Himself
Assault/BurglaryAntidepressants2009-05-21Minnesota23 Year Old Pleads Guilty to Six Crimes
SuicideProzac2010-09-13England23 Year Old University Student Kills Self
SuicideMed For Depression2009-05-06England23 Year Old Woman Commits Suicide
DeathAntidepressant2011-11-10England23 Year Old Woman Dies of Cardio-Respiratory Arrest: High Level of A/D's in Body: No Alcohol or Drug
SuicideProzac2010-07-28England23 Year Old Woman Kills Herself
Murder AttemptAntidepressant Withdrawal2006-01-20Michigan23 Year Old Woman Stabs Boyfriend
SuicideMed For Depression2010-07-27India24 Year Old Catholic Nun Commits Suicide on Convent Grounds
Murder-SuicideCelexa2006-12-05Texas24 Year Old College Student Kills 20 Year Old Woman Friend & Then Kills Himself
SuicideAntidepressant2004-10-20Canada24 Year Old Hangs Himself
Robbery/SuicideMed for Depression2003-09-25Montana24 Year Old Honor's Studen Commits Robbery: Then Suicide
MurderCelexa & Wellbutrin2009-03-20California24 Year Old Kills His Parents
MurderWellbutrin Antidepressant, a Benzo & Alcohol2010-10-27New York24 Year Old Kills Pace College Honors Student
SuicideAntidepressants2002-09-14Kentucky24 Year Old Kills Self
DeathMed For Depression Withdrawal2009-06-03Australia24 Year Old Shot by Police During Confrontation: 2 Day Withdrawal
SuicideProzac1994-10-06Florida24 Year Old University Student Kills Self: Possible Withdrawal
SuicideCymbalta2008-11-18U.S.A.24 Year Old Woman Kills Self: Peoples Pharmacy
ViolenceAntidepressants2008-11-17Wisconsin24 Year Old Woman Mixes Antidepressants with Alcohol: Became Violent
SuicideMed For Depression2009-01-06England25 Year Old Jumps In Front of Train
SuicideMed For Depression2011-03-02Arkansas25 Year Old Kills Himself: Campus Walk For Suicide Awareness
Suicide AttemptZoloft Antidepressant2011-01-12Wyoming25 Year Old Woman Attempts Suicide on Zoloft
DeathAntidepressant2008-02-07Massachusetts25 Year Old Woman Dies of Complications From her Antidepressant
SuicideProzac2011-03-17England25 Year Old Woman Who Won Diamond Award at Age 11 Kills Self
AssaultZoloft Withdrawal2010-03-08Minneseota25 Yer Old Assaults Parents: Also Involved Alcohol
ArsonProzac1998-12-15Pennsylvania26 Year Old Burns Down Church
SuicideProzac2004-07-15U.S.A.26 Year Old Commits Suicide
DeathAntidepressant2010-02-16Texas26 Year Old Dies: Possible Intention Overdose: Toxicology Being Performed
AssaultMed For Depression2009-12-04Scotland26 Year Old Man Assaults 16 Year Old Girl
Murder AttemptMed For Depression1991-11-19North Dakota26 Year Old Man Shoots 13 Year Old Girl
SuicideMed For Depression2008-07-19England26 Year Old Woman Math Teacher Jumps to Her Death
MurderProzac1996-01-18Missouri27 Year Old Charged with Killing his Brother
DeathMed For Depression2008-06-02England27 Year Old Dies Suddenly: Paxil & Alcohol Involved: No Other Drugs
Suicide-By-CopAntidepressant Withdrawal2009-12-04Minnesota27 Year Old in Recent Withdrawal from Med For Depression Attempts Suicide-By-Cop
SuicideMed For Depression2009-05-18Australia27 Year Old Kills Self
SuicideEffexor & Wellbutrin2004-10-04New York27 Year Old Man Overdoses on Meds
Suicide-By-Cop AttemptAntidepressant Withdrawal2010-05-18Hawaii27 Year Old Points Gun at People on Street: Wants Police to Shoot Him
MurderMed For Depression & Abilify2009-03-10Illinois27 Year Old Shoots Pastor During Church Service
Vehicular HomicideAntidepressant2010-10-17Florida27 Year Old Veers Into Bikers: One Dead: Leaves Scene of Accident
SuicideMed For Depression2008-08-30England28 Year Old Sets Himself on Fire
MurderMed for Depression2005-06-07Pennsylvania28 Year Old Stabs Girlfriend
DeathLexapro2004-09-24Nebraska28 Year Old Suicidal Man Killed by Police: 4 Day Lexapro Withdrawal
AssaultMed For Depression & Alcohol2010-08-11England29 Year Old Attacks his 93 Year Old Great-Aunt & His Grandmother
SuicideAntidepressants2010-11-12England29 Year Old Depressed Man Takes his Own Life
DeathMed For Depression2010-05-24England30 Year Old Mother Felt Unwell on Depression Med: Dies at Home
Suicide-By-Cop AttemptAntidepressants2007-04-14California31 Year Old Man Attempts Suicide By Cop
SuicideMed For Depression2010-11-09England32 Year Old Father of One Child Kills Himself
SuicideAntidepressants2011-03-21England32 Year Old Woman Commits Suicide
SuicideCelexa & Effexor2004-06-14Washington33 Year Old Kills Self: Left an Eleven Page Suicide Note
DeathAntidepressants & Alcohol2010-05-09England33 Year Old Man Dies From Respiratory Depression: Mixed Alcohol with Depression Med
DeathMed For Depression2008-07-18England34 Year Old Woman Dies After Mixing Nytol, an antihistamine, with Depression Med
SuicideProzac2011-01-22Canada35 Year Old Man Hangs Himself
DeathAntidepressant2009-09-16Tennessee35 Year Old Man Pulled From River: Probable Suicide
SuicideAntidepressants2009-07-08England36 Year Old Woman Kills Herself
DeathMed For Depression2009-10-01England37 Year Old Found Hanging by Rope in his Bedroom: Probable Suicide: Possibly Accidental
Stand-Off With PoliceMed for Depression2006-02-07Pennsylvania38 Year Old Man Barricades Self in House
Sudden Adult Death SyndromeAntidepressants2010-06-08England39 Year Old Woman Collapses & Dies
Murder-Suicide AttemptMed For Depression2009-02-26Michigan40 Year Old Attempts to Kill Girlfriend: Kills Himself
SuicidePaxil2006-12-13U.S.A.40 Year Old Husband & Father Kills Self
MurderAntidepressants & Alcohol2010-04-28Virginia40 Year Old Murders Girlfriend: Trys to Kill Himself
MurderMed For Depression2009-08-07Michigan41 Year Old Kills his Mother & his 3 Year Old Daughter
SuicideMed For Depression2009-02-18India42 Year Old Woman Plunges From Top of Office Building
SuicideMed For Depression2011-09-24Washington43 Year Old Man Drowns Himself
Stand-Off With PolicePristiq Antidepressant2010-01-26Florida45 Year Old Shot to Death During 3 Hour Stand-Off With Police
InjuriesPaxil Withdrawal2008-01-31Scotland500 People in Lawsuit Over Paxil Withdrawal
SuicideAntidepressants2009-03-31England55 Year Old Man Kills Self
MurderMed For Depression2009-09-25Tennessee59 Year Old Brother Kills his Sister and Her Boyfriend
Assault/RapeMed For Depression & Alcohol2011-07-29Australia62 Year Old Man Attacks 85 Year Old Woman In Public Restroom
Road Rage MurderPaxil2004-11-24Oklahoma64 Year Old Man Kills One in Road Rage Incident
Murder-SuicideProzac1999-05-18Ohio65 Year Old Man Kills Wife & Self
Arson/Murder ThreatsMed For Depression2009-10-09Texas67 Year Old Man Burns Down Store: Threatens to Kill Owner: Burglarizes a House
AssaultPaxil2008-02-21England69 Year Old Man Assaults his Physician
Shooting - RampageAntidepressants?2011-04-12Netherlands7 Dead: 17 Wounded in Shooting at a Dutch Mall
MurderAntidepressants1995-08-11Ohio70 Year Old Man Kills his Best Friend
BatteryMed For Depression2006-05-06Indiana70 Year Old Shoots at Policeman
Robbery/Then SuicideMed For Depression2010-02-03South Carolina71 Year Old Man in Silver Jaguar Robs Bank: Then Commits Suicide in Car
SuicideMed For Depression2009-12-23England73 Year Old Man Jumps from Building
Murder-Suicide AttemptMed For Depression2009-04-17South Carolina73 Year Old Man Kills Wife & Dog: Attempts to Kill Self
Hit & RunZoloft Antidepressant & Ativan2011-05-13Pennsylvania74 Year Old Woman Kills 25 Year Old Pedestrian
Murder AttemptAntidepressants2009-01-13England76 Year Old Man Attempts to Kill Wife With a Hammer
SuicideAntidepressants2009-08-21England77 Year Old Man Hangs Himself
Murder-Suicide AttemptMed For Depression2010-11-28Spain79 Year Old Kills Wife: Attempts to Kill Self: Judgment Believed to Be Affected By the Med
SuicideAntidepressants2005-06-13England80 Year Old Man Sets Himself on Fire
SuicideProzac2007-05-28U.S.A.81 Year Old Man Given Prozac for Chest Pains Commits Suicide
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants2009-08-12England81 Year Old Man Kills Wife and Himself
Murder AttemptProzac2001-01-14Massachusetts81 Year Old Man Stabs Wife
AssaultMed For Depression2007-05-16Indiana83 Year Old Attacks his Wife with a Pipe
MurderPaxil2008-10-30Arkansas85 Year Old Man Kills Wife: No History of Violence & He Got Along with Wife: Act Called Bizarre
Suicide At Elementary SchoolMeds For Mood Swings & ADHD2010-02-19Texas9 Year Old Hangs Himself in School Restroom
Suicide AttemptProzac1990-02-14U.S.A.A Prozac Survivor Testifies to FDA
Bipolar DisorderAntidepressants2011-06-15GlobalA/D's Lead to Mania Which Leads to Diagnosis of Bipolar: Former Editor of New England J of Medicine
AssaultProzac2005-07-14EnglandAct 'Totally Out of Character' for Perpetrator
FeloniesEffexor Withdrawal2009-04-08CanadaAfter an Abrupt Withdrawal From Effexor, Man Plans to Have Affairs with Minors
Personality Drained Away/Huge Weight GainMed For Depression2011-11-10EnglandAfter Many Years on A/D's, Man Felt Like His Personaity Was Drained Away & He Became Obese
Bomb ThreatsAntidepressants2007-07-28IdahoAir Force Base Mechanic Threatens to Blow up the Base
MurderEffexor2005-12-12AustraliaAmbulance Officer Stabs Two After Personality Change
Road RageMed For Depression2009-10-01AustraliaAngry Driver Smashes the Window of Another Driver: Causes Much Damage
Attachment HinderedAntidepressants2008-07-16GlobalAnthropologist Writes About Attachment & Antidepressant Use
Hypomania & Worsening DepressionAntidepressants2011-10-09GlobalAntidepressants Can Cause Worsening Depression & Hypomania: Psychologist's Report
Murder AttemptMed For Depression2009-10-23EnglandArchitect Tries to Smother his Wife
ViolenceMed For Depression2011-02-25KansasArmed Man Shot & Injured by Police
Bizarre BehaviorProzac1995-05-14Washington DCArmy Captain Found Guilty of Conduct Unbecoming an Officer
ArsonAntidepressants2006-12-14FloridaArsonist Sets 3 Churches on Fire
ViolenceMed For Depression2007-05-03EnglandArtist Attacks his Mother: Jailed For Two Years
HallucinationsAntidepressants2009-01-06ConnecticutArtist Has Worsening Hallucinations While On Antidepressants
AssaultEffexor & Wellbutrin2009-12-19PennsylvaniaAssistant District Attorney Assaults Police Officer
Murder-SuicideWellbutrin2007-02-01MichiganAssistant Principal Murders Two: Kills Self
Bizarre BehaviorMed For Depression Withdrawal2009-07-25TennesseeAttorney Bizarrely Fakes his Own Death: Sentenced to 5 Years Probation
Bizarre BehaviorAntidepressants2007-03-29TennesseeAttorney Faces Charges
Adverse ReactionMed for Depression2006-12-01GeorgiaAttorney Found Lying in Parking Lot: Mystery Remains
FraudAntidepressant2006-02-01NebraskaAttorney Steals Thousands
FraudProzac2001-08-02New JerseyAttorney's License Suspended for One Year
StealingCymbalta2009-01-16New HampshireAudit Reveals Clerk's Misdeeds
Adverse Side EffectsEffexor Withdrawal2007-05-06New YorkAuthor Endures Agonizing Withdrawal
Emotional Numbness & Bizarre BehaviorProzac2002-09-11New YorkAuthor of Prozac Nation Said Twin Towers Collapse was Beautiful & Elegant
SuicideAntidepressants2006-01-29IllinoisAuthor's Son Dies on Antidepressants
Murder-Attempt/SuicideCelexa*2011-04-13FloridaAutopsy of School Board Shooter Released: Celexa Found: Shooter Killed Himself
Robbery & ViolenceMed for Depression2005-03-03CanadaAxe-Wielding Bandit Also Smashes 5 Cars
DeathPaxil2009-01-27MichiganBaby Dies From Heart Defect Believed To Be Caused by Mother Taking Paxil During Pregnancy: Lawsuit
SuicideMed For Depression2011-05-11EnglandBank Manager Commits Suicide
RobberyAntidepressants1999-04-09UtahBank Robbery Suspect Killed by Police
SuicideProzac2010-09-20EnglandBarrister Kills Self After 5 Hour Siege With Police
ArsonProzac2007-04-26EnglandBefore Starting Fire, Man Takes 32 Prozac Tablets
AssaultAntidepressant2007-12-19CanadaBiker Spy Assaults Police
Criminal Acts/SuicideAntidepressants2008-11-18NevadaBizarre Crime Spree Ends in Suicide: Also Involved Alcohol
DeathMed For Depression2008-04-29ConnecticutBody of College Student Found in Nearby Woods
Bomb Plot/SuicideAntidepressants2009-01-02ColoradoBomb Plot in Aspen: Sheriff Blames Antidepressants
MurderAntidepressant2005-01-04PennsylvaniaBoy Forced to Shoot Man to Protect Father
Suicide AttemptProzac2009-07-16New YorkBoy Who Attempted Suicide Was Among the First Test Cases for Pozac: Now a Musician
AssaultMed For Depression & ADHD2011-08-31EnglandBoyfriend Assaults his Pregnant Girlfriend
KidnappingMed For Depression2011-07-18MassachusettsBoyfriend Attempts to Kidnap his Girlfriend: Also Felt Suicidal
Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2007-04-23EnglandBritish TV Celebrity Attempts Suicide
Bizarre BehaviorAntidepressants2007-03-08CaliforniaBrother of Famous Movie Star Involved in Domestic Dispute
SuicideAntidepressant2011-03-05EnglandBuilder Takes His Own Life
SuicideAntidepressants2011-08-16EnglandBus Driver Hangs Himself
Bus CrashMed For Depression2010-07-29EnglandBus Driver Who Had Taken No Alcohol That Day Crashes His Bus
SuicideMed For Depression2011-03-10CaliforniaBusiness Man Kills Self: Was Testifying in Trial
SuicideAntidepressants2008-01-24EnglandBusinessman Commits Suicide
SuicideAntidepressants2008-08-07EnglandBusinessman Decapitates Himself
Suicide/BizarreZoloft2009-08-07ColoradoBusinessman Slits his Own Throat While Driving Down the Highway
Cab CrashMed for Depression2011-03-01CaliforniaCab Driver Runs into Dozens of People: One Seriously Injured
SeizuresWellbutrin & Effexor2007-03-03CaliforniaCalifornia Poison Control System Reports High Incidents of Seizures for Wellbutrin & Effexor
Suicide-By-Airplane PilotsTreated For Depression2009-04-07MissouriCanadian Flies Stolen Cessna Over U.S.: Wanted to Be Shot
ManiaAntidepressants2009-03-02CanadaCanadian Musician, Author & Activist Becomes More Manic on Depression Med
ViolenceMed For Depression2010-09-19Washington DCCapitol Police Shoot Man Who Drew Gun On Them: Man Was on Depression Medication
SuicideMed For Depression Withdrawal2008-12-12EnglandCarpenter Imagines his Health & Financial Problems Are Worse Than They Are: Kills Self
Murder-SuicideAntidepressant2002-06-11MissouriCatholic Monastery: Stranger Kills Two Monks: Injures Two: Kills Self
Suicidal ThoughtsProzac2007-08-02TexasCEO Becomes Worse on Prozac: Excerpt from his Diary
AssaultAntidepressant2010-04-22IrelandChain Saw Attack by Man Against Youth in his Neighborhood: Alcohol Also Involved
Child EndangermentAntidepressants & Alcohol2010-06-03ConnecticutChaperone Harrases Young Girls on Trip
SuicideZoloft2004-03-26KansasChef Commits Suicide: Widow Meets Additional Zoloft Survivors
SuicideAntidepressant2002-12-17EnglandChief Executive Commits Suicide
Infant AbuseAntidepressants2009-12-03WisconsinChild Care Director On Trial: Innocent Until Proven Guilty: On Meds At Time: Trial Continues
Bizarre BehaviorPaxil2007-10-07CaliforniaChild With Asperger's Syndrome Becomes Unmanageable on Paxil
PsychosisPaxil2010-04-29U.S.A.Child with Depression Given Paxil: Becomes Bipolar: Then Schizoaffective & Finally Schizophrenic
Manic ReactionsAntidepressants2010-02-03GlobalChildren Being Labeled Bipolar After Manic Reaction to Antidepressants: New Report: Generation RX
Anxiety/LethargyProzac1994-06-11Washington DCCity Comptroller Suffers from Extreme Anxiety & Lethargy While on Prozac
SuicideAntidepressants2009-08-18EnglandCivil Employee Commits Suicide
DeathCelexa2009-08-12EnglandCivil Servant Dies From Overdose of Celexa: Possible Suicide
StatsticsMed For Depression2011-09-09AustraliaClaim that 1 In 5 Members of Parliament are On Depression Meds
Speeding in Car/AmnesiaMed For Depression2010-02-26EnglandClergyman Has No Memory of Speeding in Car: Will be Given a New Trial
SuicideMed For Depression2008-10-03PennsylvaniaClinical Social Worker Commits Suicide
Emotional NumbingMed For Depression2010-08-18New JerseyCo-Ed Disontinues A/D Med Because It Makes Her Numb
Suicide AttemptAntidepressant2011-04-09WisconsinCo-Ed Tries to Kill Herself: Her Age is Covered by FDA Black Box Warning For Suicidality
HostilityZoloft2004-02-10TexasCoach Blames Shouting Match on 'Zoloft Malfunction'
ManiaMed For Depression2010-01-14U.S.A.Coed Becomes Manic on Her Antidepressant
SuicideAntidepressants2008-10-14EnglandCoed Hangs Herself
Self-MutilationPaxil2006-11-14MississippiCoed Self Mutilates on Paxil and Has To Be Hospitalized
SuicideAntidepressant2009-02-28EnglandCollege President Commits Suicide
Murder-SuicideLexapro & Benzo's2011-08-26IdahoCollege Professor Murders Co-Ed and Himself
Suicide AttemptZoloft2006-11-02AlaskaCollege Student Attempts Suicide on Zoloft
ManiaMed For Depression2010-07-02KentuckyCollege Student Becomes Manic on A/D: Diagnosed as Bipolar: Overcomes Obstacles
Worsening ConditionZoloft2011-10-07FloridaCollege Student Becomes Worse on Zoloft: Forced to Quit University
Murder AttemptPaxil2007-01-23New YorkCollege Student Faces Up to 4 Years in Prison
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants1996-08-17New JerseyCollege Student Kills Girlfriends & Self
Suicide Attempt/Subway/CyanideMed For Depression2010-04-30New YorkCollege Student Thought to be a Terrorist When He Attempts Suicide in Subway With Cyanide
Snorting PaxilPaxil2000-03-21New YorkCollege Students Snort Paxil
ViolenceMed For Depression2010-09-21EnglandCombination of Depression Med & Alcohol Made Man Violent: Received 4 Years in Prison
SuicideAntidepressants2007-06-28EnglandComedian Kills Self
DeathZoloft1999-12-16ConnecticutConfusion Caused by Zoloft Results in Death of Local Hero
SuicideCelexa*2008-10-16EnglandCoroner Blames Celexa For Man's Suicide
SuicideAntidepressant2010-05-03AustraliaCoroner Recommends Training for GP's After Suicide of Man in Treatment
SuicideProzac2008-05-25New ZealandCoroner Reiterates Warnings on SSRIs: Another Suicide
Liver FailureCymbalta2009-10-01MassachusettsCoroner Rules Cymbalta Caused Liver Failure in Man's Death
SuicideWellbutrin2011-07-29MaineCoroner Rules that Cmplications From Wellbutrin Were the Cause of Man's Suicide
SuicidesEffexor2010-03-15CanadaCoroner Says Effexor Linked to Two Suicides: Possible Third Suicide
SuicidesSSRIs2007-02-13New ZealandCoroner to Investigate SSRI Suicides: Also 20 Year Old Kills Self on Prozac & Paxil
SuicideSSRI2007-07-07AustraliaCoroner's Continued Investigation into SSRI Suicides
SuicidesMed For Depression2010-02-06ArkansasCoroner's Report:: Two Brothers on Depression Med Kill Selves One Week Apart
ThreatsMed For Depression2011-03-09CanadaCorrectional Officer Charged With Making Threats
Unusual BehaviorMed For Depression2009-06-23EnglandCouncil MD Shows Unusual Behavior: Still Wins Lawsuit with Council
Driving ErraticallyAntidepressants2010-01-26EnglandCouncillor, a Woman, Drives Erratically: Also Involved Alcohol: Mixture Has Warning
Murder-SuicideWellbutrin Antidepressant Withdrawal2011-01-28NevadaCouncilwoman Kills Husband & Self: Two Week Withdrawal
Suicide AttemptAntidepressant2005-09-27TennesseeCountry Singer Overdoses on Med
SuicideMed for Depression2006-05-12EnglandCounty Official Takes Poison
Confusion/Possible RobberyAntidepressants2011-01-21EnglandCouple Finds Burglar in Their Bed
Crime SpreeAntidepressant2010-03-26AlaskaCouple Went on Crime Spree After Consuming Full Bottle of Antidepressants: Woman Has No Memory of It
Suicide Attempt: Permanent InjuriesPaxil2009-08-07WisconsinCourt Denies Glaxco Preemption in Paxil Suicide Attempt
Adverse ReactionsAntidepressants2006-08-20CanadaCourt Victory for Embattled Depression-Fighting Supplement
Severe WithdrawalAntidepressants2009-01-31EnglandCricket Play Has to Be Hospitalized During Withdrawal From Antidepressants
RageAntidepressants & Alcohol2011-03-01AustraliaDangerous Combo of Antidepressants & Alcohol Makes Man Go Into Rage Against Policeman
Murder AttemptAntidepressants2009-06-02EnglandDaughter Attempts to Smother her Mother: Was Sleepwalking: Acquitted
MurderProzac2005-07-03TexasDaughter Murders her Father
Murder-SuicideAntidepressant Withdrawal1997-02-19UtahDaughter Shoots Mother & Self
SuicideAntidepressants2009-04-29AustraliaDaughter's Suicide: Mother Writes Book: Soon to Be Released
Child AbuseProzac1998-05-09ColoradoDay Care Worker Holds 9 Month Old Baby Under Water
SuicideAntidepressants2006-04-20EnglandDean of Prestigious School Steps in Front of Train
Vehicular HomicideAntidepressant2006-09-30LouisianaDeath of Teen: Driver Given 7 Years in Prison
Serotonin SyndromeSSRIs2007-02-27U.S.A.Deaths [211] Reported to Poison Control Centers in USA For 2002 & 2005
AssaultMed For Depression & Alcohol2010-10-15EnglandDecorator Assaults Client
MurderPaxil2011-03-04IllinoisDefendant Plans to Plea Involuntary Intoxication by Paxil
ArsonAntidepressant2010-06-18MissouriDefense Claims Antidepressant Sent School Administrator Into Mania
Bizarre BehaviorAntidepressants2010-11-26EnglandDental Nurse Has Affair With Boss: Gives Interview About It to Newspaper
MurderMed For Depression1994-08-24FloridaDepartment of Health Employee Kills his Wife
Self-MutilationAntidepressant Withdrawal2011-04-15New ZealandDepressed Man Cuts Off His Own Finger, Cooks It & Eats it
Arson/Suicide AttemptMed For Depression2010-05-24EnglandDepressed Man Sets Fire to His Room: Attempts Suicide
FelonyMed for Depression2008-06-12EnglandDepressed Man Waved Knife At Shoppers [& Other Criminal Acts]
AssaultMed For Depression2008-03-14EnglandDepression Let to "Nasty Assault": Also Involved Alcohol
Worsening ConditionMed For Depression2010-10-06U.S.A.Depression Med Worsens the Course for a Woman With Bipolar Disorder: Common Occurrence: CNN Health
Suicide-By-CopMed For Depression2009-09-25CaliforniaDeputies Forced to Shoot Man
Suicide By CopProzac1997-01-07WashingtonDeputy Forced To Shoot Man Pointing Rifle at Him
Murder-SuicideProzac1992-06-15CaliforniaDeputy Sheriff Kills Wife & Self
FelonyZoloft Withdrawal2006-08-04IndianaDeputy Waves Firearm at Loved Ones
SuicideAntidepressants2011-06-17EnglandDetention Officer Hangs Himself
SuicideAntidepressants2008-10-26CaliforniaDirector John Huston's Daughter-In-Law Commits Suicide
SuicideCelexa & Wellbutrin2004-02-19North CarolinaDirector of Non-Profit Agency Commits Suicide
SuicideAntidepressant2007-04-25EnglandDischarged RAF Woman Commits Suicide
Car CrashAntidepressant2008-08-01TennesseeDistrict Attorney Cited for DUI: No Alcohol Involved but High Level of Prescribed Antidepressant
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants2009-07-18CaliforniaDoctor Changes Man's Depression Med; He Kills His Wife & Then Himself
MurderCelexa2004-11-20FloridaDoctor Murders Wife
FelonyLexapro2009-05-16New YorkDoctor Under the Influence of Lexapro Begins Illegally Selling Controlled Substances Online
IneffectivenessSSRIs2007-10-22JapanDocumentary Says Antidepressants Are Ineffective in Japan
SuicideAntidepressant2005-05-16CaliforniaDose Increased Shortly Before Suicide
Warning on Side-EffectsZoloft2009-12-08GlobalDr. Gott Warns of Adverse Reactions from Zoloft
DUIMed For Depression2007-09-13EnglandDriver Escapes After Flipping His Car on Its Roof: Also Involved Alcohol
Road Rage CrashAntidepressants2006-10-04EnglandDriver Goes Over 90 MPH: Three Dead: Sentence: 8 Years in Prison
Vehicular HomicideAntidepressants2010-03-30CanadaDriver of School Bus: 9 Year Old School Student Dies
Road RageAntidepressants2008-12-17EnglandDriver Threatens Two People in Another Car
Stand-Off With PoliceAntidepressants2007-09-09PennsylvaniaDrug Cocktail Believed to Have Caused State Trooper's Stand-Off
DeathMed For Depression2008-08-29MinnesotaDrummer for the Band Named Replacements Dies From Overdose
Vehicular HomicideAntidepressant2011-04-13New JerseyDuring Suicidal Bid in Car, Man Kills Another Motorist: Given 18 Years in Prison
AssaultAntidepressant2009-04-23EnglandEar of Friend is Bitten Off by Man On Med For Depression
Shooting RampageDesyrel Antidepressant & Mood Stabilizer2011-10-16CaliforniaEight People Dead in Shooting Massacre at a Beauty Parlor
SuicidesCymbalta2008-09-13GlobalEighteen Suicides & 41 Deaths: Freedom of Information on Cymbalta
RageMed For Depression2009-10-01EnglandElderly Man Beats & Bites his Doctor: Takes Three Men to Hold Him Down
MurderProzac1992-09-10UtahElderly Man Kills Wife & Daughter
Murder-SuicideMed for Depression2000-11-14UtahElderly Man Kills Wife & Self
AssaultAntidepressants2010-04-16EnglandEmployed Man Attacks Woman on Sidewalk in Front of her 3 Children: Alcohol Also Involved
Workplace ViolenceMed For Depression Withdrawal2010-12-21IndianaEmployee Shoots Through Door of Office Manager: Police Say He Was trying to Kill Manager
TheftProzac*1995-03-04Washington DCEngineer With U.S. Bureau of Engraving Steals $l.6 Million Dollars
SuicideMed For Depression2010-12-09EnglandEngineer, 47 Years Old, Hangs Himself
MurderAntidepressants2009-05-31South AfricaEnglishwoman Kills her Two Daughters
SuicideProzac1993-02-26New YorkEntrepeneur Commits Suicide: Lawsuit
SuicideAntidepressants2007-06-29RussiaEurope's 5 Time Cycling Champ Kills Herself
ViolenceMed For Depression Withdrawal2010-07-29AustraliaEx-Boxer Attacks Man on Ferry: Four Day Withdrawal
Minimize Side-EffectsProzac [& Zyprexa]2008-03-13U.S.A.Ex-Drug Rep Tells All
ArsonAntidepressants2006-10-11AustraliaEx-Firefighter Starts Fires While on Antidepressants
ExtortionAntidepressant Withdrawal2006-01-11MassachusettsEx-Mayor Charged with Extortion
Suicidal & ViolentCelexa*2009-04-29New YorkEx-Nets Star Jayson Williams Has Reaction to Combo of Celexa & Lithium
SuicideAntidepressants2009-06-19EnglandEx-Teacher Leaps From Building
SuicideSSRIs*2007-07-01EnglandExpert Testifies To Suicidal Thoughts & Aggression on SSRIs
DeathWellbutrin & Celexa Antidepressants2010-11-12EnglandFamily Awarded 500 Thousand Pounds in Death of 29 Year Old Father Due to Wrong Combo of Meds
Murder-SuicideAntidepressant2009-08-11IllinoisFamily of Victim Outraged Over Memorial of Man Who Committed a Murder-Suicide in 2004
Bizarre Behavior/BurglaryZoloft2010-04-08TexasFamily Says Man Had Bad Reaction to Zoloft: Violently Burglarized Neighbor's House
Death From PneumoniaProzac & 8 Other Drugs2010-05-05CaliforniaFamous Actor Corey Haim Dies From Pneumonia
DeathAntidepressants2009-01-08CaliforniaFamous Actor Patrick Swayze's Sister Died From Overdose of Antidepressants: 1994
Nervous BreakdownMed For Depression2011-02-16CaliforniaFamous Actress Carrie Fisher Has Breakdown Caused by Depression Med
Emotional NumbnessAntidepressants2010-06-02CaliforniaFamous Actress Didn't Have Any Feelings While on Antidepressants
HospitalizationEffexor & Other Antidepressants2008-02-06CaliforniaFamous Actress Who Promoted Effexor Is in the Hospital: Meds Not Working
IneffectiveAntidepressants2010-05-05EnglandFamous Artist Said Doctors Finally Realized Antidepressants Didn't Work for Him
Bad ExperienceProzac2009-05-21New YorkFamous Author Christopher Potter Has Bad Experience on Prozac
Adverse ReactionProzac1997-10-07ColoradoFamous Author Says Prozac Put Him "Out Of Business"
SuicideMed For Depression2010-04-19EnglandFamous British Judo Star Tipped For Olymics Kills Self
Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2007-08-29CaliforniaFamous Comedian/Actor Attempts Suicide
Assault & DWILexapro2003-11-27ArizonaFamous Country Singer, Glenn Campbell, Arrested
SuicideAntidepressants2010-08-19EnglandFamous Dress Designer Kills Himself
SuicideAntidepressant2011-09-07PhillippinesFamous Fashion Designer's Daughter Kills Self: Said Med Made Her Feel Weird
Loss of CreativityAntidepressants2010-01-14CaliforniaFamous Folk Singer/Songwriter Lost Her Inspiration on Antidepressants
SuicideSSRIs2009-11-10GermanyFamous German Football Goalkeeper Commits Suicide: Age 32
SuicideMed For Depression2011-09-02CanadaFamous Hockey Player Commits Suicide
SuicideAntidepressants2011-02-12MexicoFamous Jazz Musician Dies From Overdose of Antidepressants: Likely Suicide
SuicideAntidepressant1997-01-17IllinoisFamous Mystery Writer Kills Self in Bizarre Manner
Adverse ReactionsLexapro, Zoloft & Methadone2006-09-27BahamasFamous Personality Anna Nicole Smith's son dead: On Both Lexapro & Zoloft
Worsening Mental ConditionAntidepressants2011-04-04EnglandFamous Pop Star Adam Ant Says Antidepressants Left Him In Purgatory: Wants to Abolish Them
SuicideWellbutrin Antidepressant2011-08-11WashingtonFamous Romance Writer's Son Commits Suicide
Self-HarmZoloft2007-10-06New YorkFamous Singer Ozzy Osbourne's Wife Self-Harms on Zoloft
SuicideMed for Depression2003-10-23CaliforniaFamous Singer Stabs Himself
SuicideAntidepressant2010-10-24EnglandFamous Singer's Sister Commits Suicide
SuicideMed For Depression2011-09-26CaliforniaFamous Singer, Vesta Williams, Commits Suicide
Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2009-01-08CaliforniaFamous Sitcom Star Willie Aames Attempts Suicide
SuicideMed For Depression2010-04-23Columbia, SAFamous Supermodel & Television Host Kills Herself
Worsening DepressionAntidepressants2011-08-25EnglandFamous Television Presenter Advised Not to Take Antidepressants Again For Her Depression
SuicideEffexor & Lexapro2010-03-09AustraliaFamous Woman News Broadcaster Jumps from Cliff: In Process of Switching Meds
RobberyAntidepressant2011-04-28CaliforniaFamous Woman, Paris Hilton, Has Her House Robbed: Robber Was in Several Days Withdrawal
DeathAntidepressants2010-04-03New YorkFamous World Wrestler Dead: Likely Suicide
SuicideMed For Depression2009-12-12EnglandFarmer Commits Suicide
SuicidePaxil2007-07-30MichiganFarmer in Ill Health Shoots Self
Hit & RunAntidepressant2007-07-06FloridaFatal Hit & Run: No Alcohol or Illegal Drugs Involved
Child AbuseZoloft2003-06-20OhioFather Abuses Infant Son
SuicideAntidepressants2005-02-13EnglandFather Alarmed at Son's Behavior on Antidepressants
Murder AttemptMed For Depression2010-11-24CanadaFather Attempts to Run Over his Daughter's Friends with His Car: Called an Honor KIlling
Child EndangermentMed For Depression2010-10-01CaliforniaFather Beats Wife & Child: Court of Appeals
MurderCymbalta2005-08-04KentuckyFather Charged with Murder After Baby Dies of Heatstroke in Car
MurderMed For Depression2011-04-29MinnesotaFather Drowns his 7 Month Old Son
MurderAntidepressant2007-10-05AustraliaFather Found Guilty of Murdering his Three Sons
Hostage TakingMed For Depression Withdrawal2010-09-17EnglandFather Holds His Two Children Hostage: Police End Siege
KidnappingAntidepressant2004-12-05MissouriFather Kidnaps Two Children
Murder-SuicideProzac1994-05-28CaliforniaFather Kills 3 Children & Wife
Murder-SuicideProzac2004-09-08MinnesotaFather Kills 7 Year Old Daughter & Self
MurderProzac*1998-06-25FloridaFather Kills 9 Year Old Daughter: Psychiatrist Testifies About Med
MurderMed for Depression2004-10-03CaliforniaFather Kills his 17 Year Old Son
MurderAntidepressants2002-01-15IowaFather Kills his 3 Year Old Son
MurderMed For Depression1994-07-01New JerseyFather Kills his Two Children
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants2009-12-05OhioFather Kills his Two Children & Himself
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2010-04-04North CarolinaFather Kills his Two Children, his Wife & Himself: On Depression Med for 16 Days
MurderMed For Depression2007-11-15North CarolinaFather Kills his Two Children: Burns House: Several Day Withdrawal
MurderProzac1995-08-28CaliforniaFather Kills his Two Sons
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2010-06-22New MexicoFather Kills his Two Sons & Self: Recently Started New Depression Med
Murder-SuicideChantix Anti-Smoking Med2011-04-06EnglandFather Kills his Two Young Children, his Wife & Himself
Murder-SuicideMeds For Depression2009-05-07IllinoisFather Kills his Two Young Sons & Himself
MurderZoloft2001-07-31FloridaFather Kills Infant Daughter
Murder-Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2005-02-25IllinoisFather Kills Son: Attempts Suicide
Murder/Serotonin SyndromeSSRI2008-05-24WisconsinFather Kills Twin Babies While in a Confused State From Serotonin Syndrome
MurderProzac1992-09-09UtahFather Kills Wife & Daughter with Hatchet
Murder-SuicidePossible Antidepressant Use2002-11-11North CarolinaFather Kills Wife, Two Children & Self
MurderAntidepressant2002-12-13IsraelFather Murders 2 Year Old Daughter
Murder-SuicideProzac2002-04-14IllinoisFather Murders Children & Himself
MurderMed For Depression2011-10-27Washington DCFather Murders his 17 Year Old Daughter: One Day Withdrawal
MurderMed For Depression2010-10-23EnglandFather Murders his Six Weeks Old Daughter
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants2008-10-04EnglandFather Murders his Two Year Old Son & Himself
MurderAntidepressants2003-05-15IrelandFather Murders Young Son
SuicideAntidepressant2010-06-18EnglandFather of Four Kills Self After Notifying Police Through E-Mail
SuicideMed For Depression2009-01-29EnglandFather Of Three Children Kills Self
SuicideZoloft2010-07-21EnglandFather of Two Kills Self
SuicidePaxil2010-07-25MississippiFather Says his Son Became Worse on Paxil: Son Kills Self
Arson [Pyromania]Med For Depression2009-09-21FloridaFather Sets his Apartment Building on Fire
MurderZoloft2000-02-20MissouriFather Shoots at his Six Children: Kills Four Children & his Wife
MurderProzac2000-03-01IllinoisFather Shoots his 7 Year Old Son
ViolenceMed For Depression2011-07-08PennsylvaniaFather Shoots to Death 17 Year Old Depressed Son Who Attacked Him With Knife: Ruled Self-Defense
MurderAntidepressants2006-10-27EnglandFather Suffocates Young Daughter in Bizarre Death
Arson & MurderMed For Depression2007-11-16IrelandFather Thought to Have Started Fire: Killed 7 People
Child EndangermentMed For Depression2010-01-23TennesseeFather With Two Children in Car Drives Erratically: Hits Two Cars: Swerves on Road
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants2001-08-26OklahomaFather/Husband Kills his Two Children, Wife & Himself
AssaultCelexa Withdrawal2008-03-13Washington DCFBI Agent [19 Year Veteran} Tortures Girlfriend: Also Involved a Benzodiazepine & Alcohol
Adverse ReactionsProzac2007-01-25U.S.A.FDA Has Received Most Adverse Reaction Reports to Prozac of Any Medication Ever Marketed
Check FraudProzac2003-05-24KentuckyFederal Drug Agent Flees State Amid Check Fraud Conviction
Abuse CrimesMed For Depression2009-02-24TexasFederal Judge Pleads Guilty to Offenses: Will Be Sentenced
Murder Attempt/Killed By PoliceProzac1995-11-05TexasFellow Police Officers Forced To Kill One Of Their Own
SuicideCelexa, A Benzo & Pain Pills2010-01-11CaliforniaFinancier Kills Himself
ViolenceAntidepressant2010-04-01FloridaFired Employee Reacted to Depression Med: Became Violent with Wife
ViolenceCymbalta Antidepressant & Alcohol2010-10-28IndianaFirefighter Becomes Violent: Mixed Cymbalta With Alcohol, a Dangerous Combo
ViolenceAntidepressant2009-07-17OhioFirefighter Kills his Two Dogs: Possible Withdrawal Case
AssaultAntidepressant2011-09-09MississippiFirefighter Sentenced for Assault on Wife
FelonyLexapro2009-11-03WisconsinFirefighter Taints his Wife's Tea With Lexapro: Charged With Felony
AssaultLexapro2009-07-09MississippiFireman Attacks his Wife
MurderAntidepressants2000-10-11WashingtonFireman Kills Girlfriend
SuicideAntidepressant2011-08-16PennsylvaniaFireman, 32 Year Old, Commits Suicide
SuicideAntidepressant2003-12-03New YorkFirst Person to Die Violently at the United Nations
ArsonProzac Withdrawal2007-04-17IllinoisFive Children Die In House Fire Deliberately Set
Murder-SuicideProzac2009-05-26NetherlandsFive Dead: Man Knifes to Death his Girlfriend, Ex-Wife, his Two Children & Himself
SuicideMed For Depression2006-08-16EnglandFlamboyant TV Personality Commits Suicide
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants2010-04-22OregonFomer Girlfriend Shot by Man Who Then Shoots Himself
Inappropriate BehaviorAntidepressants2008-10-14EnglandFootball Player Banned From Games For 3 Years
SuicideAntidepressants2006-04-26EnglandForensic Lecturer Hangs Self After Break-up
IneffectiveProzac2007-05-13IndianaFormer CEO of Lilly Admits Prozac was Ineffective for Wife Who Committed Suicide
FelonyProzac1999-08-04WashingtonFormer College Basketball Player Sends Email Threat
Poor JudgementMed For Depression Withdrawal2009-09-30EnglandFormer Councillor Became Confused During Withdrawal & Spent City's Money on Christmas Lights
SuicideCelexa2010-05-13FloridaFormer Fire Chief Commits Suicide After 3 Weeks on Celexa
Kidnapping/Intent to HarmMed For Depression2009-07-22WyomingFormer Highway Patrol Trooper Kidnaps Man & Plans to Kill Him But Changes His Mind
StealingAntidepressant2009-09-16LouisianaFormer Judge Found Guilty of Using Public Funds
AssaultAntidepressants2009-11-25EnglandFormer Loyalist Paramilitary Jailed Over Knife Attack
SuicideMed For Depression2009-07-01CanadaFormer Member of Saskatchewan Parliment Kills Himself
AssaultAntidepressants2008-08-12EnglandFormer Police Officer Attacks his Ex
DeathCelexa2009-05-19CaliforniaFormer Porn Star Marilyn Chambers Dies of Heart Diesease at Age 56
Shoplifting /KleptomaniaMed For Depression2010-03-13ConnecticutFormer School Principal Shoplifts from Store
Stand-Off With PoliceMed For Depression2011-09-08ColoradoFormer UNC Student Sentenced to Prison For Standoff With Police
An Injury/ A DeathPaxil & Wellbutrin2008-08-17TexasFoster Child Dies: Sister Injured: Antipsychotics & ADHD Meds: Their Docs Had Drug Firm Ties
Murder AttemptAntidepressant Withdrawal2006-03-17New MexicoFoster Mother Tries to Drown Toddler
Burglary/DeathPaxil Withdrawal*2009-03-23PennsylvaniaFour Day Withdrawal: Man in Jail for Burglary Dies: Paxil Withdrawal Suspected
Shooting RampageWellbutrin Antidepressant2011-06-23New YorkFour Dead in Pharmacy Shooting
MurderZoloft2011-10-22OregonFour Dead: Man Kills his Father, Step-Mother & Two Others: Possible Withdrawal
Murder & ArsonMed for Depression2000-03-20TennesseeFour Dead: Two Firemen: a Sheriff & the Perpetrator's Wife
ViolenceProzac1989-04-15U.S.A.Four People Become Violent on Prozac: Freedom of Information Act
Deaths [Five]Prozac1990-05-05PennsylvaniaFour Suicides & One Violence Resulting in Death
LSD FlashbacksSSRIs2000-10-24New YorkFour Teenagers Have LSD-Like Flashbacks on SSRIs
Hostile BehaviorProzac2006-10-16EnglandFriendship Ends Over Hostility Caused by Prozac
SuicideAntidepressants2007-02-09SpainFuture Queen's Sister Commits Suicide
AssaultAntidepressants & Ambien2007-03-28AustraliaGentle & Calm Man Knife-Attacks a Friend
Robbery/Car CrashMed For Depression2011-06-11EnglandGetaway Driver of Robbery Hits Man With his Car
Adverse ReactionEffexor2007-03-30West VirginiaGirl Given Wrong Medication at Pharmacy
HostilityAntidepressant Withdrawal2010-08-22New YorkGirlfriend Impulsively Goes Off A/D & Her Boyfriend Says Trouble Quickly Followed
Birth DefectsPaxil2009-10-13PennsylvaniaGlaxo Must Pay 2.5 Million: Birth Defects: First of 600+ cases
AssaultAntidepressant2009-01-07EnglandGood Samaritan is Attacked By Man He Tries to Help
Murder AttemptMed For Depression2010-02-08IndiaGrad Student Stabs Former Haryana Director General of Police
Inappropriate ContactProzac*2010-07-09WisconsinGrandfather Has Inappropriate Contact with Step-Granddaughter: 20 Year Sentence: Court of Appeals
SuicideAntidepressants2008-01-24EnglandGrandmother Commits Suicide
Child EndangermentAntidepressant2011-02-22IndianaGrandmother Deliberately Injures 6 Month Old Granddaughter: Attempts Suicide
DeathPaxil2009-07-01MinnesotaGrandmother Falls Asleep on Top of Infant Grandson, Smothering Him: Alcohol Also Involved
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2010-09-25WashingtonGrandmother Kills 3 Family Members & Self: Also Possibly on an Antipsychotic
MurderMed For Depression2011-09-16CanadaGrandmother Kills her 2 Grandchildren: Had Just Started a New Med
Stealing/KleptomaniaMed For Depression2010-05-04EnglandGrandmother Steals from V.A. Charity While on Depression Med
Murder AttemptZoloft*2004-04-24OhioGreat Grandfather Shoots Baby's Mother
SuicideProzac2011-11-02EnglandGroomsman Hangs Himself the Day of Sister's Wedding
MurderMed for Depression2005-12-13NebraskaGulf War Veteran Stabs Man
ViolenceSSRIs2007-12-16U.S.A.Hannity's America: You Tube: SSRIs & Violence With Douglas Kennedy Narrating
MurderAntidepressants2006-02-22New YorkHeadmistress Murders Doctor
SuicidesMeds For Depression2010-09-10New ZealandHigh Rate of Suicide in County: People Asking if High Rate of A/D Use Could Be The Cause
IneffectiveAntidepressants2010-11-10CanadaHigh School Girl Tries 4 Different A/D's: Ineffective: She Begins Cutting Herself
SuicideMed For Depression2010-05-06New JerseyHigh School Student Kills Self: Parents Sponsoring Fundraiser for Suicide
SuicideProzac1992-03-28FloridaHigh School Teacher Kills Self
Bizarre Behavior & StalkingMed For Depression2008-03-11U.S.A.Highly Respected Jurist Stalks a Woman
Hit and Run FatalityAntidepressant Withdrawal2006-10-19CanadaHit and Run Suspect Has No Memory of Incident
Suicide AttemptAntidepressant2009-03-25North DakotaHobey Baker Award Finalist Attempts Suicide: Quits Med & Learns to Cope Through Self-Expression
Murder Attempt/AssaultMed For Depression1993-03-13MassachusettsHospital Patient Tries to Kill an Administrator
SuicideAntidepressants2008-10-22EnglandHuman Resource Director For Children's Society Kills Self
Murder AttemptAntidepressants2009-06-19EnglandHusband Attempts to Kill Wife: Described as Brutal Attack
SuicideMed For Depression2010-12-19TexasHusband Commits Suicide: Wife Writes About It In Her Christmas Card
Stand-Off With PoliceLexapro Antidepressant2010-07-23Washington DCHusband Has 6 Hour Stand-Off With Police After Argument With Wife
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2009-07-24TexasHusband in Texas Kills Wife & Then Himself: Married 29 Years
MurderLexapro2008-10-12TennesseeHusband Kills 18 Year Old Friend of Wife
MurderAntidepressant2009-08-12CaliforniaHusband Kills his Wife: Has No Memory Of the Murder: Trial in Progress
Murder-SuicideCelexa Antidepressant & a Benzo2011-10-13New HampshireHusband Kills Wife & Himself
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2009-06-14EnglandHusband Kills Wife & Self
MurderPaxil2008-01-08UtahHusband Kills Wife At Mormon Church Parking Lot
MurderAntidepressants2010-06-17EnglandHusband Kills Wife: His Condition Worsened on Depression Meds: Visited GP 90 Times
MurderPaxil & Effexor1998-06-16AustraliaHusband Murders His Wife
Murder-SuicideAntidepressant Withdrawal2006-12-19FloridaHusband Murders his Wife: Kills Self
DeathProzac1992-10-15IllinoisHusband on Prozac Becomes Violent: Wife Kills in Self-Defense
ViolenceAntidepressant2010-03-18IrelandHusband Stabs & Wounds Wife
Murder AttemptPaxil* [Seroxat]2004-07-29OhioHusband Stabs Wife
Murder AttemptProzac2000-06-22CaliforniaHusband Stabs Wife: Had Never Been Violent Before Starting Prozac
ViolencePaxil2003-12-15OhioHusband Threatens Wife with Knife
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants2010-04-29EnglandHusband, Aged 68, Murders Wife and Self
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants1999-08-27CanadaImmigrant Murders 3 Year Old Son & Self
ViolenceMed For Depression2008-01-14TexasIn-Patient in Mental Health Facility Breaks Windows
SuicideMed for Depression2006-02-02New YorkIndonesian Kills Self; Bizarre, Out of Character, Violent Death
SuicideLexapro Withdrawal2011-05-04NevadaInmate Kills Self: Family Wants Answers
Adverse ReactionEffexor & Nortriptyline2006-12-29EnglandInmate on Misdemeanor Charges Dies from Cardiac Arrhytmia
Weapon PossessionMed For Depression2008-05-20EnglandInteraction Between Med For Depression & Alcohol: Man Given Community Service
MurderLexapro2010-01-28LouisianaInvoluntary Intoxication is the Defense at Trial: No Alcohol Involved
Personality Change/SuicideMed For Depression2010-02-06IraqIraq Council Member Who Fought Al Qa'eda Kills Self: Personality Changed on Depression Med
FelonyAntidepressant2007-05-01Iraq/OregonIraq Veteran Arrested on Felony Possesion of Explosives
Road Rage/ShootingMed For PTSD2008-10-07Iraq/WashingtonIraq War Veteran Shoots at Passing Motorist While in a Rage
SuicidesAntidepressants2008-02-24IrelandIreland Warns of Suicide On All Antidepressant Labels For All Ages
SuicideAntidepressants2011-09-22EnglandIT Engineer Kills Himself
DeathWellbutrin, Valium & Vicodin2009-09-02New YorkJournalist Dies From Overdose of Three Medications: Ruled Accidental
Suicide AttemptProzac2002-08-18West VirginiaJournalist Makes a Suicide Attempt
Suicide AttemptLexapro2008-06-15New MexicoJudge in Lawsuit Said Relative Attempted Suicide on Lexapro
SuicideCelexa2009-06-22OhioJudge Kills Himself
Suicide AttemptProzac2008-10-09New MexicoJudge Removes Self in Lawsuit Against Prozac Because his Own Son Attempted Suicide on the Drug
SuicideCelexa2010-12-03WisconsinJudge to Mediate Widow's Lawsuit Against Doctor Over Husband's Suicide
Adverse ReactionAntidepressants2007-06-08WashingtonKids Mixing Antidepressants with Alcohol to Get "High"
MurderProzac Withdrawal1997-06-27FloridaKiller's Sentence Changed to Life: Mental Condition Led to Reduction
Stand-Off With PoliceAntidepressants1996-10-11TennesseeKnife Wielding Man Is Shot & Killed After Threatening Police Officer
EmbezzlementPaxil2006-01-15MichiganLarge Doses Impairs Judgment
Birth DefectPaxil2006-07-28TexasLawsuit Filed on Behalf of Child Born with Heart Defects
DeathMed For Depression1995-10-12FloridaLawsuit Over Young Father Who Died in Hospital While Being Treated For Depression
SuicidePaxil2011-10-07New MexicoLawsuit Won: $3.2 Million: Woman's Behavior is Bizarre After Taking Paxil: Kills Self
FraudMed For Depression*2010-08-17North CarolinaLawyer Commits Fraud: A/D Med Caused a Loss of Judgement That Led To His Misconduct
SuicideEffexor2011-11-11EnglandLawyer Impulsively Jumps In Front of Train: Effexor, like All A/D's, Can Cause Impulsivness
Murder-SuicideMeds For Depression & Anxiety2011-10-27New YorkLawyer Kills his Wife, Two Children & Himself
SuicideProzac1999-06-19EnglandLeader of British "Loony Party" Commits Suicide
Workplace Violence/MurderMed For Depression2010-10-12TexasLibrarian Shoots Fellow Librarian Inside Library
Murder-SuicideEffexor2003-07-03WisconsinLieutenant of Detectives Kills Wife & Self
Worsening ConditionZoloft & Adderall2009-10-09CaliforniaLindsay Lohan's Family Plans To Do an Intervention: Her Life is Out of Control
MurderMed For Depression2011-10-23NebraskaLive-In Boyfriend Kills his Girlfriend
SuicideAntidepressants2009-09-24EnglandLorry Driver Takes his Own Life
DeathAntidepressants2009-08-14EnglandLoving Father of Two Found Drowned in Lake: Probable Suicide
SuicidePaxil2010-04-27KansasLoving Husband and Father Commits Suicide in 2003: Lawsuit
DeathAntidepressant?2005-01-03CaliforniaMachete-Wielding Man Killed by Police
SuicideProzac Withdrawal2010-10-03Colorado/KentuckyMajor General's Son in ROTC Kills Self After Recent Prozac Withdrawal Syndrome in June, 2003
SuicideMed For Depression2011-09-25NebraskaMale Nurse Kills Himself
Murder-SuicideAntidepressant2007-07-29AustraliaMan & Woman Set their House on Fire & Kill Selves
Computer HackerMed For Depression2010-11-23EnglandMan Accesses Highly Personal Data From Computer Sensitive Files
Tasered By PoliceMed For Depression2008-09-20IrelandMan Accused of Assault & Threatening Ex-Wife & Children: Police Use Controversial Taser Gun
SuicideProzac1998-04-07GeorgiaMan Accused of Scalping Tickets for Tournament Kills Self
SomnambulismMed For Depression2008-05-09AustraliaMan Acquited in Somnambulist Case
Vehicular HomicideAntidepressant/ Probably Cymbalta2011-04-12UtahMan Acting Bizarrely Backs Over Victim With His Car
Bizarre BehaviorWellbutrin2005-11-19New JerseyMan Acting Strangely Shot by Police
AssaultMed for Depression2000-07-13New YorkMan Admits to Church Attack on Priest
ConspiracyEffexor2007-11-01PennsylvaniaMan Aided "The Fort Dix Five": Federal Charges
Standoff-With-PoliceAntidepressant Withdrawal2008-11-09WashingtonMan Arrested After Brief Standoff with Police
Air RageZoloft2001-06-04AlaskaMan Arrested for Air Rage: Says Combo of Zoloft & Alcohol Made him 'Snap'
Erratic DrivingMed For Depression2008-11-21EnglandMan Arrested for Erratic Driving: His Antidepressants Made him Feel Weird & Strange
Sexual AssaultZoloft1999-04-14IllinoisMan Arrested for Fondling
Threat to AirportMed For Depression2008-04-03Iraq/FloridaMan Arrested in Airport for Bomb Making Materials in Luggage: Acted Strangely
Suicidal UrgesAntidepressants2008-09-25WisconsinMan Asked Police To Shoot Him
AssaultMed For Depression2010-03-09New ZealandMan Assaults 62 Year Old Woman: Weapon Used Was his Car
AssaultMed For Depression2009-06-19AustraliaMan Assaults Another Man & Threatens to Run Over him With his Car
AssaultAntidepressant2009-10-18AustraliaMan Assaults Another Man: Knocks his Teeth Out
Murder Attempt/Assault With Deadly WeaponAntidepressants2011-02-25CaliforniaMan Assaults Deputies: Wielding Machete
ViolencePaxil2000-02-29MassachusettsMan Assaults Family with Handgun & Knife
AssaultMed For Depression2009-08-28EnglandMan Assaults his Mother: Given 26 Weeks in Prison
AssaultMed For Depression2011-05-11IrelandMan Assaults Judge in Court: Throws Heavy Chair at Him: Three Day Withdrawal
AssaultProzac1997-03-07OhioMan Assaults Nurse: Also Involved Alcohol
Air RageProzac1996-10-06North CarolinaMan Assaults Passengers & Pulls a Knife on Airplane
AssaultMed For Depression2010-09-17EnglandMan Assaults Police Officers
AssaultMed For Depression2010-08-09AustraliaMan Assaults Three Police Officers
AssaultAntidepressants2007-02-14MassachusettsMan Assaults Two Police Officers
ViolenceMed For Depression2009-04-28EnglandMan Assaults Wife and Theatens to Fire Bomb their House
AssaultAntidepressant2008-05-16EnglandMan Assaults Woman At Train Station
AssaultAntidepressants2011-07-21ScotlandMan Assaults Woman When Voices Tell Him to Kill Her
Assault & BatteryAntidepressants2005-11-29WisconsinMan Attacks 96 Year Old Woman
ViolenceAntidepressant2009-08-11EnglandMan Attacks a Stranger on the Street
AssaultMed for Depression2005-11-30CanadaMan Attacks Bus Driver
ViolenceMed For Depression & Alcohol2011-10-01EnglandMan Attacks Friend: Combo of A/D & Alcohol: Most Dangerous Combination
Knife AttackMed For Depression2011-04-25EnglandMan Attacks Girlfriend & Then Slits Own Throat: Both Survive: Had Changed his A/D that Day
AssaultMed For Depression2010-08-10EnglandMan Attacks his Girlfriend's Sister
AssaultAntidepressants2008-01-24EnglandMan Attacks his Wife & her Father
ViolenceAntidepressant Withdrawal2011-11-03New YorkMan Attacks Mail Carrier: Beats Him Violently For No Reason
ViolenceMed For Depression2009-06-18EnglandMan Attacks Neighbor's House: Causes Extensive Damage
ViolenceMed For Depression2010-07-16CanadaMan Attacks Police Officers
AssaultAntidepressants2008-09-19IrelandMan Attacks Police with a Slash-Hook
Suicide-By-CopMed For Depression1994-01-30CaliforniaMan Attacks Police: Is killed by Them
ViolenceMed For Depression Withdrawal1997-08-27WashingtonMan Attacks Police: Is Shot & Injured By Them
AssaultAntidepressants2009-01-12EnglandMan Attacks Policeman: Out of Character Behavior
AssaultAntidepressants2004-05-05IndianaMan Attacks Student on Campus
Suicide-By-CopMed For Depression1994-07-28ColoradoMan Attacks Two Police Officers Who Responded to Report of Suicide Attempt
Stand Off With PoliceProzac2007-04-02CaliforniaMan Attacks Woman: Fends Off Police
Murder-Suicide AttemptPaxil2001-06-20TexasMan Attempts Murder & Kills Self
Murder AttemptPaxil2001-08-21IllinoisMan Attempts Murder While on Paxil: Takes Case to Appeals Court
Robbery AttemptProzac1993-03-18IndianaMan Attempts Robbery of Convenience Store
Suicide-By-Cop AttemptAntidepressant1990-05-25IllinoisMan Attempts Suicide By Cop: Is Seriously Wounded: Alcohol Also Involved
Suicide AttemptsProzac2000-09-28U.S.A.Man Attempts Suicide Six Times: Peoples Pharmacy
Suicide-By-CopZoloft & Remeron Antidepressants2011-05-11CaliforniaMan Attempts Suicide: Police Try To Help: Man Lunges at Police With a Knife: Shot Dead by Police
Suicide AttemptProzac2011-06-15PennsylvaniaMan Attempts Suicide: Said Prozac Scrambled his Brain
Murder AttemptMed For Depression2008-07-18EnglandMan Attempts to Kill Another Man
Murder AttemptAntidepressants2008-12-20EnglandMan Attempts to Kill His Mother: Also Thought About Killing Colleagues
Murder-Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2005-05-10IndianaMan Attempts to Kill his Two Kids & Self; No Memory of Incident
Murder AttemptZoloft*2004-01-25PennsylvaniaMan Attempts to Kill Two People
Murder-Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2007-04-18EnglandMan Attempts to Kill Wife: She Survives: He Kills Self
Murder-Suicide AttemptMed For Depression2010-07-15New YorkMan Attempts to Kills Two People: Then Kills Himself
Murder AttemptProzac1997-01-15IdahoMan Attempts to Murder His Girlfriend & Her Aunt
Murder AttemptProzac1998-03-04EnglandMan Attempts to Murder Wife & Granddaughter
MurderProzac2005-12-06New JerseyMan Bashes 2 Year Old Son with Brick
AssaultMed For Depression2011-04-14EnglandMan Beats 63 Year Old Who Is Now On Life Support
MurderZoloft2008-04-30New YorkMan Beats Fiancee to Death With Baseball Bat: Then Is Suicidal
AssaultMed For Depression1994-05-06FloridaMan Beats His 77 Year Old Mother
Child AbuseAntidepressants2008-01-10UtahMan Beats Two Year Old Girl: His Behavior Had Become Erratic on Meds
ViolenceMed For Depression2008-07-02EnglandMan Becomes a Jekyll & Hyde When Combining Depression Med With Alcohol
AggressionAntidepressants2009-01-21OhioMan Becomes Aggressive After Taking Too Many Antidepressants: Police Report
AngerMed For Depression2011-04-29U.S.A.Man Becomes Angry & Loses his Conscience: Compares it to David Carmichael's Case
SuicideAntidepressants2010-10-22EnglandMan Becomes Delusional on A/D Med: Believes He Has Cancer: Kills Self
ViolenceAntidepressant2008-11-20South CarolinaMan Becomes Extremely Violent & Has Bizarre Behavior: Wife Forced to Kill Him
Hypomania & ConfusionMed For Depression2011-10-17U.S.A.Man Becomes Hypomanic & Confused After Taking Depression Med For a Stroke
Mania & DeathAntidepressants2005-05-10WashingtonMan Becomes Manic on Med: Is Killed by Police
Adverse ReactionWellbutrin2000-05-07U.S.A.Man Becomes Mentally & Physically Sick From Wellbutrin
ParanoiaAntidepressants2008-01-05North CarolinaMan Becomes Paranoid on Antidepressants
Stand-Off With PoliceAntidepressants2009-08-02New JerseyMan Becomes Suicidal: Has Stand-Off With Police
Air RagePaxil2001-08-16FloridaMan Becomes Violent at Airport
Violent BehaviorAntidepressant2005-10-31EnglandMan Becomes Violent with Police
ViolenceZoloft2011-05-12CaliforniaMan Becomes Violent: Police Forced to Shoot Him: He is Killed
ViolenceAntidepressant2009-11-20OregonMan Becomes Violent: Police Called: Man Wants Them to Shoot HIm
Alcohol CravingLexapro2008-05-17PennsylvaniaMan Becomes Withdrawn & Increases Alcohol Use on Lexapro
Panic AttackMed For Depression2011-04-08U.S.A.Man Being Informally Interviewed by Police Has Panic Attack: Questioned About Computer Porno
MurderMed For Depression2001-08-04MaineMan Bludgeons Elderly Person
Breaking & EnteringAntidepressant2002-12-03EnglandMan Breaks In to Furniture Store
ViolenceMed For Depression2009-01-16EnglandMan Breaks Wife's Arm
AssaultAntidepresants2007-12-03EnglandMan Brutalizes Taxi Driver: Also Involved Alcohol
Arson & Aberrant BehaviorAntidepressant2005-06-29CaliforniaMan Burns Down House: Smashes Vehicles
Self-MutilationMed For Depression2007-06-28EnglandMan Burns his Hair: Changes to Different Med
Withdrawal ProblemsZoloft2011-03-20GlobalMan Cannot Withdraw From Zoloft: Peoples Pharmacy
Murder AttemptAntidepressant2008-06-25ConnecticutMan Changes Antidepressant Med: Slashes Wife's Throat
Bizarre Behavior/Self-MutilationAntidepressant2010-04-27CanadaMan Changes From One Antidepressant to Another: Goes Berserk
MurderZoloft*2002-05-02New YorkMan Charged in Shooting Death
Stand-Off with PoliceAntidepressant2003-09-17MichiganMan Charged with 4 Felonies in this Incident
ViolenceMed For Depression2009-05-22VermontMan Charged With Assault: Had Never Been Violent Before Starting On Med For Depression
Bomb HoaxesProzac2005-12-07AustraliaMan Charged with Bomb Hoaxes
ViolenceProzac Withdrawal2010-02-23New HampshireMan Charged With Domestic Violence: Recent Withdrawal from Prozac
Bomb MakingAntidepressant2009-08-06AustraliaMan Charged with Making Explosive Substances
Air RageMed for Depression2002-11-07AlaskaMan Charged: Interference With a Flight Crew
MurderAntidepressant2003-05-28TexasMan Chokes Young Mother
Emotional NumbnessProzac2009-08-17New JerseyMan Claims Prozac Robbed Him of the Ability to Feel Emotions
Driving ViolationsAntidepressant2008-12-09MassachusettsMan Combines Antidepressant With Alcohol: This Dangerous Combo Causes Him to Crash Into 4 Cars
Suicide by CopAntidepressants2003-09-17WashingtonMan Commits 'Suicide by Cop'
Assault/RobberyMed For Depression2011-02-04EnglandMan Commits Assault & Robbery During Change in his Depression Meds
Road Rage MurderMed For Depression2008-06-19AustraliaMan Commits Road Rage Murder: 4 Day Withdrawal From Med for Depression
SuicideEffexor2009-10-16New YorkMan Commits Suicide 8 Days After Starting Effexor
Robbery/SuicideAntidepressants2008-09-06IllinoisMan Commits Suicide After Holding 12 People Hostage at Bank
SuicideProzac1996-06-24MassachusettsMan Commits Suicide After Stand-Off With Police
SuicideMed For Depression1996-08-10MissouriMan Commits Suicide By Standing In Front of Train
Stand-Off-With Police/SuicideMed For Depression1997-08-31WashingtonMan Commits Suicide During Stand-Off with Police
SuicideLuvox2000-01-12ArizonaMan Commits Suicide on Luvox: Withdrawing from Paxil
SuicideProzac2008-09-09U.S.A.Man Commits Suicide on Prozac: Lawsuit
SuicideMed For Depression2010-10-30EnglandMan Commits Suicide: Became Worse on Med: Totally Out of Character
SuicideAntidepressant2010-11-26TexasMan Commits Suicide: Brother Writes About His Death
SuicideEffexor & Lexapro2002-12-15OklahomaMan Commits Suicide: Lawsuit
SuicideAntidepressant2010-11-15IowaMan Commits Suicide: Wife Writes to Newspaper to Give a Warning
SuicideZoloft2003-01-30New JerseyMan Commits Suicide: Lawsuit
SuicideProzac2003-05-16TennesseeMan Commits Suicide: Physician Believes it was Prozac Induced
ViolenceMed For Depression Withdrawal2010-06-11AustraliaMan Commits Violence Against Elderly Person: 4 Day Withdrawal
Concealing Live Pipe BombsMed for Depression2003-06-03CaliforniaMan Conceals Live Bombs from Federal Investigators
Road Rage/Assault and MurderProzac2006-03-29EnglandMan Crashes Car and Stabs Three Men
Erratic DrivingAntidepressant & Alcohol2010-10-02AustraliaMan Crashes into Day Care Center Building: Mixed Alcohol With A/D: Dangerous Combo
Injury To ChildCymbalta2008-02-14New YorkMan Critcally Injures Toddler
Murder-SuicideProzac1991-01-15CaliforniaMan Cuts Off his Own Arm: Kills Girlfriend: Commits Suicide
SuicideMed For Depression2009-02-25EnglandMan Decapitates Himself
Road Rage/Murder AttemptAntidepressants2004-09-30IllinoisMan Deliberately Crashes into Police Car
Anger/AggressionMed For Depression2011-07-30EnglandMan Deliberately Damages Friend's Computer
Road Rage SuicideProzac2006-10-11EnglandMan Deliberately Drives Car into SubStation
SuicideMed For Depression2007-10-04CanadaMan Deliberately Drives Into Path of Truck
SuicideAntidepressants1996-12-01TexasMan Deliberately Jumps in Front of Car
MurderMed For Depression2003-03-14WisconsinMan Deliberately Rams his Car into Police Car: Kills Two Policeman: Two Day Withdrawal
Road RageAntidepressants2006-12-03North DakotaMan Deliberately Rams Police Car
SuicideMed For Depression2010-04-21EnglandMan Deliberately Steps in Front of Car
AssaultMed For Depression1994-03-24OhioMan Destroys his House & Rams Police Car Injuring a Police Officer
Suicide by CopMed for Depression2004-11-11MichiganMan Detonates Bomb: Is Killed by Police
ManiaMed For Depression2011-07-31MinnesotaMan Develops Full Blown Mania on A/D: Believes God Is Talking to Him
ArsonProzac2010-10-05IllinoisMan Develops Pyromania After Taking Prozac: Also Consumes Alcohol
Stand-Off-With PoliceMed For Depression2011-07-28CanadaMan Dies After 8 Hour Stand-Off With Police: one Day Withdrawal
DeathProzac2008-03-18AlaskaMan Dies from Combo of Prozac & Alcohol
DeathRemeron Antidepressant2009-09-03EnglandMan Dies from Overdose of Remeron: Also Involved Alcohol
Serotonin SyndromeSSRIs2007-10-10North CarolinaMan Dies from Serotonin Syndrome: Four Medical Experts Agree
DeathAntidepressants2008-07-15PennsylvaniaMan Dies in Personal Care Home: Also Involved Alcohol: Owner of Home on Trial
DeathMed For Depression2008-07-12EnglandMan Dies, Possibly From Heat Stroke, While on Med For Depression
SuicideAntidepressants2006-09-26EnglandMan Discharged from Hospital Kills Self
Dangerous DrivingMed For Depression2008-06-30AustraliaMan Drives Dangerously in Front of Police Station: Also Involved Alcohol: 4 Day Withdrawal
Bizarre Behavior & Suicide AttemptProzac2005-01-25EnglandMan Drives Freeway at 120 Miles per Hour, Etc.
AssaultAntidepressants1994-04-13FloridaMan Drives his Car Through Former Wife's House
Murder & Road RageAntidepressants2007-11-24EnglandMan Drives Into Doors of Bank: Days Later Kills Woman: The Murder Also Involved Alcohol
Road RageMed for Depression2003-03-10ScotlandMan Drives Van Through Police Headquarters
ManslaughterProzac & Wellbutrin2009-02-20OklahomaMan Driving Over 80 MPH Hits Another Car: Woman Killed
SuicideAntidepressants2009-06-30EnglandMan Drowns Himself in River
SuicideMed For Depression2008-12-10EnglandMan Drowns Self: Toxicology Showed Antidepressants in His Body
Death ThreatAntidepressant Withdrawal2004-11-24CanadaMan E-Mails Death Threat to Celebrity
ViolenceMed For Depression Withdrawal & Alcohol2011-10-23EnglandMan Engages in Frenzied Attacks Two Nights in a Row
Road RagePaxil2000-06-24NevadaMan Engages in Road Rage & Bizarre Behavior on Paxil
Abnormal BehaviorMed For Depression2010-09-20New YorkMan Exhibits Abnormal Behavior: Then Disappears: Family Blames Medication
Bizarre BehaviorMed For Depression2008-05-06EnglandMan Exhibits Bizarre & Dangerous Behavior on Med For Depression
ViolenceAntidepressant2005-07-31West VirginiaMan Faces Federal Charges: 'Weapons of War'
DeathAntidepressant2008-12-12EnglandMan Falls From Car Park: Possible Suicide
DeathAntidepressants2006-12-06WashingtonMan Falls to Death from 9th Floor Hotel Window
SuicideRemeron2004-06-07KentuckyMan Feels 'Weird' on Antidepressant
Stand-Off with PoliceMed for Depression2004-09-03IndianaMan Feuds with Neighbors: Police Cautious
Murder AttemptsProzac1994-09-08New HampshireMan Fired Five Shots Into Crowd
Violent BehaviorProzac2007-06-08OregonMan Fires Gun from Speeding Car
Hit & RunMed for Depression2006-09-22EnglandMan Flees Scene of Accident: Other Driver Injured
Road RageMed For Depression1997-05-15ArizonaMan Forces Cars Off Interstate, Rams Patrol Car & Crashes into Gate of Air Force Base
Suicide-By-CopProzac1999-09-12FloridaMan Forces Police to Shoot Him
Suicide-By-CopMed For Depression2009-02-05FloridaMan Forces Police to Shoot Him: Dies As a Result
DeathAntidepressants2008-09-15EnglandMan Found Dead from Three Different Antidepressants & Alcohol
Murder AttemptMed For Depression2010-01-21OhioMan Found Gulty of Stabbing Wife: Not Sentenced Yet: Could Get 31 Years in Prison
DeathMed For Depression2010-01-09MontanaMan Freezes to Death: May Have Become Confused
Murder AttemptMed For Depression1992-06-19CaliforniaMan Gets 13 Years in Prison for Knife Attack
ShootingProzac & Alcohol2011-01-27South CarolinaMan Gets 7 Years for Shooting at Police
MurderPaxil*2009-07-27ArizonaMan Given 11 Years for Killing Brother in 2008
Assault & BatteryCelexa2002-05-08ArizonaMan Given 15 Years In Prison
Murder AttemptMed For Depression2009-08-27IllinoisMan Given 6 Years in Prison for Attempting to Harm Wife
Suicide SuspectedProzac2011-10-21CaliforniaMan Given Double-Dose of Prozac One Week Before He Disappears: Suicide Suspected
Machete AttackAntidepressant2008-09-11VirginiaMan Given Life Sentence for Attack: Also Tried to Kill Self
ViolenceAntidepressant Withdrawal2004-08-24PennsylvaniaMan Given Prison Sentence for Domestic Violence
SuicideProzac2004-05-24EnglandMan Given Prozac for Insomnia: Not for Depression
SuicideProzac Withdrawal2003-11-04MichiganMan Given Prozac for Mild Depression: Kills Himself
Suicidal UrgesZoloft2003-12-29U.S.A.Man Given Zoloft for Stress Developed Urge to Kill Himself: Peoples Pharmacy
Stand-Off With PoliceAntidepressant2008-05-22IllinoisMan Goes Berserk on Antidepressant: Says He Felt Weird on Them
Violence/DeathMed For Depression2011-03-27OhioMan Goes Berserk: Threatens Police: Is Shot Dead by Policeman
Bizarre BehaviorProzac Withdrawal2008-06-17AlaskaMan Goes off "The Deep End"
Crime SpreeCelexa Withdrawal2009-02-18CanadaMan Goes on Bizarre Crime Spree: Tells Police to Shoot Him
MurderMed For Depression2007-09-11OregonMan Goes on Shooting Rampage: Recent Withdrawal
Shooting Spree/Attempted MurderMed For Depression2010-07-27FloridaMan Goes on Shooting Spree on Highway 92
Dangerous DrivingMed For Depression2008-06-19EnglandMan Goes to Trial for Dangerous Driving
MurderAntidepressants2008-07-14AustraliaMan Guns Down Rival For Woman's Affection
Murder AttemptAntidepressants2007-06-22New ZealandMan Had Doubled Dose of Antidepressants Before Stabbing Friend
SuicideAntidepressants2004-10-29EnglandMan Hang Himself
SuicideAntidepressants2010-08-06EnglandMan Hangs Himself
SuicideMed For Depression2011-03-02EnglandMan Hangs Himself
SuicideAntidepressants2011-02-15EnglandMan Hangs Himself While on Depresion Medication
SuicideAntidepressants2010-05-13EnglandMan Hangs Himself: No One Can Believe It
SuicidePaxil/Wellbutrin2006-02-13CaliforniaMan Hangs Self 3 Days After Paxil
SuicideMed For Depression2011-03-10EnglandMan Hangs Self After Sleepless Night: The PDR Lists Sleep Disorders As a Frequent Side-Effect of A/D
SuicideAntidepressants2007-11-05PennsylvaniaMan Hangs Self Inside Mental Hospital
SuicideMed For Depression2008-04-02WalesMan Hangs Self: Also Began Drinking on the Antidepressant
Stand-Off With PoliceMed For Depression Withdrawal2011-09-14West VirginiaMan Has 3 Hour Stand-Off With Police: Threatens Suicide & Harm to Others
Suicide AttemptMed For Depression2010-10-05New YorkMan Has 90 Minute Stand-Off With Police Over Suicidal Action
Brain ZapsEffexor/SSRI Withdrawal2009-09-05U.S.A.Man Has Brain Zaps While Withdrawing from Effexor: Peoples Pharmacy
Vehicular ManslaughterLexapro2010-01-21IdahoMan Has Four Car Crashes In One Day: No Alcohol Involved
Adverse ReactionPaxil2003-06-15U.S.A.Man Has Heart Problems From Paxil: Requires Pacemaker
Manic ReactionProzac2009-05-05CaliforniaMan Has Manic Reaction to Prozac: Loses Career & Becomes Homeless: Newsweek Magazine
Bizarre BehaviorEffexor Withdrawal2007-03-28CanadaMan Has Meltdown After Withdrawal from Effexor & Adding Elavil
SeizuresZoloft2007-10-16New YorkMan Has Seizure-Like Condition While on Zoloft
Violence & Suicidal ThoughtsPaxil2004-02-01MarylandMan Has Severe Reaction to Paxil
Stand-Off-With PoliceMed For Depression1999-09-28IndianaMan Has Stand Off After He Had Threatened Suicide
Suicide By Cop AttemptAntidepressants2006-10-16MassachusettsMan has Stand-Off With Police: Wants Cops to Kill Him
SuicideMed For Depression2008-08-02EnglandMan Hijacks Taxi at Knifepoint: Drives Off Cliff
Road RageProzac2007-08-11OregonMan Hits 3 People: Also Involved Ambien & Demerol
Vehicular Manslaughter/Hit & RunLexapro2010-02-24CaliforniaMan Hits Photographer With Car: Flees and is in Another Accident
Hostage SituationProzac1997-01-01IllinoisMan Holds Girlfriend As Hostage
Hostage SituationMed for Depression2006-10-13PennsylvaniaMan Holds Three Hostages: Surrenders to Police
RobberyAntidepressants2008-02-14CanadaMan in "Out of Character Behavior" Robs Store
Vehicular HomicideMed For Depression & Alcohol2011-07-05South DakotaMan in Car Hits & Kills Bicyclist
SuicideCelexa2002-02-25KentuckyMan in Jail Commits Suicide While on Celexa
RobberyAntidepressant2009-09-09FloridaMan in Wheelchair Robs Bank and Threathens to Blow it Up
SuicideProzac2010-02-19WashingtonMan Intentionally Overdoses on Prozac: Ruled a Suicide: Possible Lawsuit
Driving Under the Influence of Prescription DrugsLexapro Antidepressant & Depakote2009-12-24GeorgiaMan Involved in Car Wreck Injures Child: No alcohol Involved
Reckless DrivingAntidepressant2008-12-22EnglandMan is Banned From Driving
Stand-Off With PoliceAntidepressants1999-09-09LouisianaMan Is Killed in 12 Hour Stand-Off with Police
AbuseMed For Depression2007-12-21EnglandMan Jailed for "Racial" Abuse: Also Involved Alcohol
AssaultAntidepressants2009-01-12EnglandMan Jailed For a Year for Attacking Two Joggers
SuicideAntidepressant2009-04-08New JerseyMan Jumps From 8th Floor of Parking Garage: Also Involved Alcohol
SuicideAntidepressants2007-01-28EnglandMan Jumps From Bridge
Murder-Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2006-08-16EnglandMan Jumps from Hotel Balcony Holding Children
SuicideAntidepressant2009-01-30EnglandMan Jumps From Window of Hospital
SuicideProzac1991-08-14New YorkMan Jumps Off Bridge
SuicideMed For Depression2010-11-11PhilippinesMan Jumps to his Death
SuicideProzac1991-06-15IllinoisMan Jumps to His Death From Office Tower: Lawsuit: Secrecy Agreement
ViolenceMed For Depression & Alcohol2010-06-09EnglandMan Kicks His Way Into Estranged Partner's House
Kidnapping/RobberyAntidepressants2009-01-26MassachusettsMan Kidnaps 17 Year Old Boy
KidnappingMed for Depression2006-09-27PennsylvaniaMan Kidnaps Daughter: Threatens to Kill Her
Kidnapping/AssaultPaxil2004-09-30OhioMan Kidnaps Wife: Sprays Acid in her Face
Kidnapping & Stand-OffAntidepressants2005-06-09CaliforniaMan Kidnaps Woman: Has Stand-off with Police
Suicide-By-CopZoloft Withdrawal2007-07-06CaliforniaMan Killed by Police
Hostage SituationAntidepressants2007-04-23OregonMan Killed By Police Who Held Baby Hostage
MurderProzac1998-01-19CanadaMan Kills 17 Year Old Boy
MurderProzac1999-11-16New JerseyMan Kills 2 People: Death Penalty Hearing
MurderAntidepressant2000-02-12GeorgiaMan Kills 3 Social Workers Days after Discontinuing Antidepressant
MurderAntidepressants2005-02-05North CarolinaMan Kills 4 Family Members
Murder-SuicideProzac1992-11-10CaliforniaMan Kills 6 People, Including Himself
MurderLexapro & Two Benzo's2011-07-13North CarolinaMan Kills 8 People in Nursing Home in 2009: Trial Begins Using Prescription Drug Defense
MurderPaxil Withdrawal2002-11-16OhioMan Kills A Person While in Paxil Withdrawal
MurderMed For Depression Withdrawal2011-02-03CaliforniaMan Kills an Acquaintance: One Week Withdrawal
Road Rage MurderAntidepressant2005-01-14OklahomaMan Kills Another Driver After Road Rage Incident
MurderMed For Depression1998-10-23New HampshireMan Kills Another Man & Wounds Girlfriend
MurderZoloft Withdrawal2009-01-02MissouriMan Kills Brother-In-Law During 10 Day Withdrawal From Zoloft
MurderProzac2005-12-10IllinoisMan Kills Convenience Store Clerk & Wounds Clerk's Father
Murder-SuicideProzac2006-03-21New YorkMan Kills Cop, Grandmother, Dog and Self
MurderWellbutrin & Abilify2009-09-19FloridaMan Kills Elderly Couple in Parking Lot of Target
MurderZoloft2007-05-19MassachusettsMan Kills Ex-Girlfriend
MurderMed For Depression & Alcohol2011-10-28ScotlandMan Kills Ex-Partner In Front of Their Children
MurderProzac1999-07-23VirginiaMan Kills Ex-Wife
MurderZoloft & Klonipin2010-05-26MississippiMan Kills Father in 2006: Appeals Court: May 2010
MurderPaxil2001-04-11KentuckyMan Kills Four: Wife, her Two Children & Mother
MurderMed For Depression Withdrawal2010-07-31VirginiaMan Kills Friend at Bus Stop: Several Weeks Withdrawal
MurderMed For Depression2008-05-11WashingtonMan Kills Friend: Also Involved Alcohol
MurderCymbalta & Desyrel2009-10-31MassachusettsMan Kills Gas Station Attendant
MurderProzac2000-01-28New JerseyMan Kills Girlfriend
MurderProzac1991-10-17CaliforniaMan Kills Girlfriend
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2009-03-12EnglandMan Kills Girlfriend & Himself
Murder-SuicideAntidepressant2000-07-16FloridaMan Kills Girlfriend & Self
MurderProzac*2005-09-27CaliforniaMan Kills Girlfriend & their Unborn Child
MurderLexapro Withdrawal2007-02-19VirginiaMan Kills Girlfriend During Two Week Withdrawal from Lexapro
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2011-05-24PennsylvaniaMan Kills Girlfriend, her Two Young Children & Himself: 4 Dead
MurderProzac2008-12-05New JerseyMan Kills Girlfriend: Stabbed Her 30 Times
MurderAntidepressant Withdrawal*2001-08-19IndianaMan Kills Girlfriend: Had Profound Personality Change
MurderAntidepressants2009-06-29EnglandMan Kills Girlfriend: Soon After her Death, He Attempts Suicide
SuicideAntidepressants2008-09-19EnglandMan Kills Himself Falsely Believing He Had Asbesots Poisioning & Had Passed it To His Family
Murder-SuicideProzac2001-04-05TexasMan Kills his 3 Children & Himself
MurderAntidepressants1997-04-25FloridaMan Kills his Boss and An Attorney in Office Building
MurderMed For Depression2008-11-14GeorgiaMan Kills his Girlfriend with 3 Foot Sword
MurderMed For Depression1996-08-23FloridaMan Kills his Mother
MurderCelexa2002-10-19OklahomaMan Kills his Mother & Stepfather
MurderProzac2001-05-23New HampshireMan Kills his Parents
MurderMed For Depression1991-09-07CaliforniaMan Kills his Roommate: Plans to Use Med Defense
Workplace Violence/MurderZoloft1997-08-05MassachusettsMan Kills his Two Business Partners
MurderAntidepressant Withdrawal2009-10-01TexasMan Kills his Wife: Cannot Believe he Did This
MurderZoloft2011-03-03TennesseeMan Kills his Wife: One Week Withdrawal From Zoloft
MurderEffexor* +Two Antidepressants2009-04-30South AfricaMan Kills One & Injures Two in Deadly Shooting Spree
MurderZoloft2008-09-24TennesseeMan Kills One Deputy: Injures Another: May Be in Withdrawal from Zoloft
MurderAntidepressants2009-07-30ColoradoMan Kills One Police Officer & Injures Two Officers: Is Killed by Police
Workplace ViolenceMed For Depression2007-04-11MichiganMan Kills One: Injures Two: Depression & Bipolar Meds
MurderPaxil2005-10-18CaliforniaMan Kills Police Officer
Murder-SuicideProzac1999-10-06MissouriMan Kills Police Sergeant & Then Commits Suicide
SuicideLexapro2007-08-14IrelandMan Kills Self After 8 Days on Lexapro
SuicideAntidepressants2009-01-02EnglandMan Kills Self After Claiming Antidepressants Turned Him Into a Cabbage
SuicideProzac2011-07-27IowaMan Kills Self on Prozac: Had Been Taking It for One Week
SuicideAntidepressants & Anti-Anxiety Meds2011-08-19EnglandMan Kills Self With Broken Bottle: No Alcohol Involved
SuicideProzac*2009-06-05EnglandMan Kills Self: His Psychiatrist Says Prozac Was Probably Responsible
SuicideCelexa2008-05-03WisconsinMan Kills Self: Also Involved the Antidepressant Doxepin
SuicideProzac1991-10-06VirginiaMan Kills Self: Widow Writes to Newspaper
MurderMed For Depression2011-06-06TexasMan Kills Sheriff's Deputy
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants1997-07-10South CarolinaMan Kills Sister-In-law: Wounds Brother: Tries to Kill Police: Suicide-By-Cop
MurderAntidepressants2004-01-14SwedenMan Kills Sweden's Foreign Minister
Murder-SuicideAntidepressant Withdrawal1996-05-03FloridaMan Kills Three People & Self: 4 Week Withdrawal
MurderProzac2005-11-15WashingtonMan Kills Truck Driver During Robbery
MurderProzac2004-01-23MichiganMan Kills Two & Injures Three
MurderAntidepressant2000-04-11MinnesotaMan Kills Two People
MurderEffexor & Prozac2004-10-01Rhode IslandMan Kills Two People
MurderMed for Depression2004-01-04AlabamaMan Kills Two Police Officers
MurderAntidepressants2007-12-05IllinoisMan Kills Two While Under the Influence of Antidepressants
MurderMed For Depression2007-10-10South CarolinaMan Kills Two: Had No Criminal Record: "Several Days" Withdrawal
Murder & ArsonMed for Depression2004-03-14EnglandMan Kills Two: Sets Fire to the House
MurderProzac1997-07-31MinnesotaMan Kills Wife
MurderZoloft2007-05-03AustraliaMan Kills Wife
MurderMed For Depression1996-08-15OhioMan Kills Wife & Brother-In-Law
MurderPaxil2005-04-26New YorkMan Kills Wife & Daughter: Attempts to Kill Another Daughter
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants2004-06-18TexasMan Kills Wife & Himself
Murder-SuicidePaxil1999-11-07VirginiaMan Kills Wife & Himself: Lawsuit
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants2004-11-12OklahomaMan Kills Wife & Self
Murder-SuicideProzac*1996-03-18EnglandMan Kills Wife & Self
Murder-SuicideAntidepressant2005-04-27New JerseyMan Kills Wife & Self
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants2007-09-16New YorkMan Kills Wife & Self in Front of 6 Year Old Daughter
Murder-SuicideProzac*2003-09-25New MexicoMan Kills Wife & Self: Also Kills the Family Dog
MurderProzac Withdrawal2007-03-23MassachusettsMan Kills Wife & Young Daughter
MurderMed For Depression2008-07-12OhioMan Kills Wife After Changing his Depression Med
MurderAntidepressants1997-09-28PennsylvaniaMan Kills Wife and Burns Her Body
MurderAntidepressant2004-06-03EnglandMan Kills Wife During Antidepressant-Induced Psychosis & Rage
MurderMed For Depression1994-12-20MassachusettsMan Kills Wife of Eleven Years: 4 Day Withdrawal
MurderAntidepressants & Alcohol2011-07-11PennsylvaniaMan Kills Wife's Online Love Interest: Cold Turkey Withdrawal from Meds
Murder-SuicideProzac1998-09-12OhioMan Kills Wife, Daughter & Self
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants2003-11-25EnglandMan Kills Wife, Son & Self
Murder-SuicideProzac1996-11-08IowaMan Kills Wife, Two Children & Self
Murder-Suicide AttemptPaxil Withdrawal2007-08-30CaliforniaMan Kills Wife: Attempts to Kill Self
MurderProzac1995-01-10MarylandMan Kills Wife: Flees With Young Sons
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2002-11-14WashingtonMan Kills Wife: Known as a "Gentle & Generous Couple"
MurderMed For Depression2009-10-23New HampshireMan Kills Wife: Possible Withdrawal Case
MurderPaxil2008-01-20EnglandMan Kills Wife: Sues Pharmaceutical Company from Prison
Murder-Suicide AttemptMed for Depression2004-10-16CanadaMan Kills Wife: Attempts Suicide
MurderAntidepressants1997-05-29VirginiaMan Kills Wife: Deputy Prevented Injury to the Perpetrator
Murder-SuicideMed for Depression2005-10-08ColoradoMan Kills Wife: Son Tries to Cope: Blames Med
MurderAntidepressant Withdrawal*2003-07-03GeorgiaMan Kills Woman & Toddler
MurderMed For Depression2011-03-31AustraliaMan Kills Woman in Stoney Creek
Murder AttemptAntidepressants2007-08-19EnglandMan Knifes 14 Year Old Boy
SuicideAntidepressant2003-09-09North CarolinaMan Leaps from Hatteras Lighthouse
SuicidePaxil2010-08-05WalesMan Leaps Onto Track at Burry Port Railway Station: Verdict of Suicide
SuicideAntidepressants2007-03-31TennesseeMan Lies On Train Tracks
Emotional BluntingWellbutrin & SSRIs2000-05-07Washington DCMan Loses All Emotions on SSRIs
Memory LossProzac & Two Other Antidepressants2010-03-12CanadaMan Loses Memory on Antidepressants: Possibly Permanent: Writes a Book
Bomb ThreatsAntidepressant2007-07-27UtahMan Makes Bomb Threats Against Hill Air Force Base
Suicide AttemptsPaxil2006-01-30TennesseeMan Makes Five Suicide Attempts on Paxil: Lawsuit
Homicidal ThreatsAntidepressants2008-09-18AustraliaMan Makes Murderous Threats During One Day Withdrawal: Also Involved Alcohol
Stand-Off with PoliceZoloft Withdrawal*2006-10-11MichiganMan Makes Threats in Stand-Off with Police
Violent ThreatsMed For Depression2009-06-18EnglandMan Makes Threats to Homebuilder: Was on Wrong Medication
DeathAntidepressants2009-02-01CanadaMan Mixes Alcohol with Antidepressants: Death Soon Follows
Sex AbuseMed For Depression2001-08-02OklahomaMan Molests 5 Year Old Girl
MurderMed for Depression2003-05-14TennesseeMan Murders 25 Year Old Woman
MurderMed For Depression1993-07-24GeorgiaMan Murders a Husband & Wife from Virginia
MurderProzac1996-07-23ColoradoMan Murders Daughter: Attacked Father Earlier
MurderPaxil2004-09-29North CarolinaMan Murders Estranged Wife
MurderAntidepressants1996-05-30WashingtonMan Murders Ex-Wife's Boyfriend
MurderMed for Depression2006-08-26ConnecticutMan Murders Friend
MurderAntidepressants1997-03-11VirginiaMan Murders Girlfriend
MurderWellbutrin2000-06-20CaliforniaMan Murders Girlfriend's Husband
MurderProzac1990-11-02South DakotaMan Murders his Ex-Wife
MurderMed For Depression1996-10-09New HampshireMan Murders his Father
MurderMed for Depression2004-01-16IllinoisMan Murders his Mother
MurderZoloft2001-05-01TexasMan Murders His Parents; Also Involved Sleeping Pills & Benzo's
MurderProzac1998-01-29MichiganMan Murders his Teen-Age Daughter's Boyfriend
MurderMed for Depression2005-06-07EnglandMan Murders his Wife
MurderProzac1994-07-03CaliforniaMan Murders his Wife
MurderAntidepressant Withdrawal1992-07-15VirginiaMan Murders his Wife
MurderProzac2011-01-26New YorkMan Murders his Wife
MurderProzac1995-01-14TennesseeMan Murders his Wife: Convicted of 2nd Degree Murder
MurderEffexor Withdrawal2006-10-13EnglandMan Murders Homelss Person
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants1992-08-18MassachusettsMan Murders Mother & Self
Murder AttemptProzac1991-12-15CaliforniaMan Murders Stranger
MurderAntidepressant2005-05-10TexasMan Murders Three People
MurderProzac2000-06-29MissouriMan Murders Wife
MurderAntidepressants2002-12-01ArizonaMan Murders Wife
MurderPaxil* [Seroxat]2006-07-13CaliforniaMan Murders Wife & Has No Memory of It
Murder & ArsonMed for Depression2002-12-13TexasMan Murders Wife & Son: Attempts Suicide
MurderMed For Depression2010-11-01GeorgiaMan Murders Wife: Appeals Court
MurderMed For Depression Withdrawal2009-01-08EnglandMan Murders Wife: Stabs her 86 Times
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants2003-03-10FloridaMan Murders Wife: Kills Self
MurderProzac1992-08-22CaliforniaMan Murders Woman
Neurological DamageMed For Depression2010-01-29ConnecticutMan Nearly Dies from Adverse Reaction: May Have Some Neurological Damage
KleptomaniaMed For Depression2010-07-27EnglandMan of Good Character Steals From Employer: Can't Remember Incident
SuicideCelexa Antidepressant2010-07-29EnglandMan of Strong Character Hangs Himself
MurderAntidepressants2000-08-24AlabamaMan on Antidepressants Attacks Neighbor: Is Killed by Neighbor
SuicideAntidepressant2008-06-25EnglandMan On Antidepressants Hangs Self
SuicideAntidepressant2010-09-21EnglandMan On Depression Med Hangs Self
SuicideMed For Depression2002-02-20South CarolinaMan On Med For Depression Kills Self
ViolenceMed For Depression2009-07-25ArizonaMan On Med For Depression Threatens Another Man: Is Shot to Death
ViolenceProzac2008-11-26MichiganMan on Prozac Becomes Violent: Killed By Police: Police Exonerated
Vehicular HomicideZoloft & Drug Cocktail2007-10-02TexasMan On Zoloft & Psychiatric Drugs Kills Cyclist
Suicide AttemptProzac2005-11-18UtahMan Overdoses on Impulse
Bomb PlantsMed for Depression1999-01-07IowaMan Places Bombs Around City: Says They were Suicide Attempts
Bomb ThreatMed For Depression2007-10-30EnglandMan Plants Bomb in Girlfirend's House: Also Involved Alcohol
Murder-For-HireProzac1991-06-01TennesseeMan Plots to Kill Business Associate
Murder AttemptMed for Depression2006-06-15CanadaMan Poisons Wife
Suicide by CopAntidepressant2005-08-04MontanaMan Possibly Wanted Police to Kill Him
Bizarre BehaviorAntidepressant2006-09-25EnglandMan Pretends to be King Kong, Talks to Car
ViolencePaxil2004-09-20MissouriMan Pulls Gun on 3 People
AssaultAntidepressant Withdrawal2006-08-14IdahoMan Pulls Knife on Roommates
FelonyAntidepressant2011-07-27AustraliaMan Purchases Bomb Making Materials on eBay: Taking an A/D
ViolenceAntidepressants2006-08-31EnglandMan Receives One Year in Prison for Waving Airgun at Teen-Ager's Head
MurderAntidepressant2009-12-09WashingtonMan Recently Prescribed Med For Depression Murders his Wife
Violence ThreatenedAntidepressants2004-09-29WashingtonMan Reported to Police for Making Threats
RobberyProzac*2008-04-22HawaiiMan Robs 8 Banks: Wears Outlandish Costumes & Uses Pen for Gun
RobberyMed for Depression2005-07-18TexasMan Robs Bank
RobberyMed For Depression2009-02-18South DakotaMan Robs Bank: Had Trouble Affording his Antidepressant Med
RobberyPaxil2003-08-01CanadaMan Robs Congregation Waving Sword
Roberry/Attempted KidnappingProzac & Pain Pill2010-10-12CaliforniaMan Robs K-Mart: Attempts to Abduct Clerk
RobberyMed For Depression2007-10-31EnglandMan Robs Two Other Men & Pulls Knife: Also Involved Alcohol: No Memory of This Crime
Vehicular HomicideAntidepressants2007-03-28PennsylvaniaMan Runs Over Penn State University Professor
Air RageAntidepressant & Alcohol2010-10-01New ZealandMan Said to Have Had Reaction to Alcohol Mixed with A/D Med: Violent on Airplane
SuicideAntidepressants2010-02-28New YorkMan Says Goodby on Facebook Before Taking a Fatal Dose of Depression Meds
Bizarre BehaviorProzac Withdrawal1995-05-27Washington DCMan Scales White House Fence: 3 Week "Discontinuation Syndrome"
SuicideAntidepressants2009-10-04NevadaMan Seeks Help for Depression: Is Given Antidepressants: Kills Self
Self-MutilationProzac2010-04-21IllinoisMan Self-Mutilates on Prozac: Lawsuit in Progress
Violence ThreatMed For Depression2007-05-01ArizonaMan Sends Threat to Newspaper about a "Cinco de Mayo" Festival
Murder ThreatProzac1994-10-16EnglandMan Sent to Prison for Threatening to Shoot Girlfriend & her Young Son
Cruelty To AnimalsMed For Depression Withdrawal2007-11-17CanadaMan Sentenced to 90 Days In Jail For Killing Puppy: Totally "Out of Character" Act
Road Rage AssaultEffexor*2009-03-13AustraliaMan Seriously Assaults Former Wallaby Great Norman Hughes, 79
ArsonProzac1997-02-21VirginiaMan Set Fire to Abortion Clinic
Murder AttemptPaxil1999-08-17South CarolinaMan Set Girlfriend on Fire
ArsonProzac1994-02-11New HampshireMan Sets 7 Fires
ArsonMed for Depression2004-09-14PennsylvaniaMan Sets Fire to 3 Businesses
ArsonMed For Depression2008-08-04EnglandMan Sets Fire to His House While He is Inside
ArsonMed For Depression2008-06-11CanadaMan Sets Fire to his Parents House: 4 OPP Officers Injured: Perpetrator Dies
ArsonMeds For Depression2011-03-08CaliforniaMan Sets Fires in Mall: Now Being Treated For Depression Without Medications
SuicideMed For Depression2010-01-22EnglandMan Sets Himself on Fire: Dies from Burns
Arson/Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2010-02-05EnglandMan Sets his Apartment on Fire
Child AbuseAntidepressants2007-07-06PennsylvaniaMan Severely Abuses his Newborn Baby: Given 30 Years in Prison
MurderMed for Depression2001-10-11KansasMan Shoot Neighbor Woman
Workplace ViolenceProzac2002-09-27FloridaMan Shoots & Injures Two: Kills Self
MurderAntidepressants & Anti-Anxiety Meds2011-07-16MissouriMan Shoots & Kills His Ex-Wife
MurderZoloft &Tricyclic Antidepressant, 2 Benzo's & Painkiller2010-06-30New JerseyMan Shoots & Kills Pharmacist
Murder AttemptProzac1994-06-10New JerseyMan Shoots & Wounds 4 People at Poolside Hotel
Workplace Violence/MurdersMed for Depression2000-01-14FloridaMan Shoots 2 Co-Workers
Murder-SuicideAntidepressant1999-10-12CaliforniaMan Shoots 3 Neighbors & Then Kills Self
Workplace ViolenceProzac & Wellbutrin2007-01-11IndianaMan Shoots 4 Co-Workers
MurderAntidepressants2009-07-08IowaMan Shoots Another Man: Was Taking Two Different Antidepressants
Murder AttemptAntidepressant Withdrawal2011-04-11CanadaMan Shoots At Canadian Royal Police Mountie
Murder AttemptMed For Depression1991-03-31PennsylvaniaMan Shoots at Five People, Wounding Them All
Murder AttemptAntidepressant Withdrawal2003-03-31AlabamaMan Shoots at Police & Deputies Responding to Home Fire
Murder-Suicide AttemptAntidepressant Withdrawal2006-04-21UtahMan Shoots at Police, Kills Self in Jail
Murder AttemptAntidepressant & Alcohol2010-08-31VermontMan Shoots at Policeman
ShootingMed For Depression2011-02-16GermanyMan Shoots at Two Italians in Fight Over World Cup
MurderEffexor2005-12-20North CarolinaMan Shoots Co-Worker Girlfriend
MurderProzac2003-02-13North CarolinaMan Shoots Daughter & Her Two Friends
MurderProzac2000-04-15South CarolinaMan Shoots Ex-Wife
ShootingAntidepressant Withdrawal2008-11-01PennsylvaniaMan Shoots Father in Legs: Became Filled with Rage During Withdrawal: 5 Year Sentence to Prison
MurderWellbutrin2000-03-15TennesseeMan Shoots Fisherman for No Apparent Reason
MurderProzac1994-11-26MaineMan Shoots Florist
Murder-SuicideMed for Depression2004-05-04New YorkMan Shoots Girlfriend & Self
MurderAntidepressants2003-05-19PennsylvaniaMan Shoots His Wife & Her Brother
MurderProzac1999-06-09TennesseeMan Shoots Neighbor for No Apparent Reason
ShootingMed For Depression1996-10-15OhioMan Shoots Out of his Window With a 12-Gauage Shotgun
Murder-SuicideMed for Depression Withdrawal2002-04-26TexasMan Shoots Police Office & Kills Self
SuicideZoloft2005-08-25NebraskaMan Shoots Self: Lawsuit
MurderAntidepressants2004-01-03OregonMan Shoots Stranger at Horse Farm
Murder AttemptAntidepressant2006-12-29IdahoMan Shoots Trooper: Has No Criminal Record
MurderMed for Depression2004-04-27PennsylvaniaMan Shoots Trucker on Interstate
MurderPaxil2002-03-28ArizonaMan Shoots Two Diners at a Denny's Restaurant
MurderMed For Depression2007-10-01TexasMan Shoots Two Relatives: He Had Been a Loving, Caring Person
MurderAntidepressant2002-11-20IllinoisMan Shoots Two: Uses Antidepressant Defense
MurderMeds for Depression2002-10-21CaliforniaMan Shoots Wife & Grandson
Murder-SuicideAntidepressant2007-10-05UtahMan Shoots Wife & Self
MurderPaxil2007-12-05North CarolinaMan Shoots Wife & Then Neighbor in Middle of Night
Murder-Suicide AttemptMed for Depression2005-03-10OklahomaMan Shoots Wife: Kills Self
MurderAntidepressant2007-10-01TexasMan Shoots Wife: Neighbor Blames the Med
MurderZoloft2005-02-12MaineMan Shoots Woman
Murder-Suicide AttemptMed For Depression2011-07-01EnglandMan Shoots Woman in Head: She is in Serious Condition: Then Kills Self
MurderProzac1990-09-07UtahMan Shoots Young Woman
Suicide-By-CopAntidepressants2009-08-17EnglandMan Shot Dead by Police Outside a Cathedral Wanted To Be Killed
Suicide-By-CopAntidepressant2011-09-27AustraliaMan Shot to Death by Police While Trying to Commit Suicide
SuicideAntidepressants2010-03-25EnglandMan Showed No Suicidal Symptoms but Hanged Self Shortly After Starting Depression Med
Road RageMed For Depression2010-05-20AustraliaMan Singes Police Officers Eyebrows During Road Rage Rampage
MurderMed For Depression1999-12-15OhioMan Slays Businessman
Loss Of ControlMed For Depression2009-01-17EnglandMan Smashes His Apartment With a Hammer
ViolenceMed For Depression2008-02-07IrelandMan Smashes the Windows in Police Station: Uses Hatchet
Arson, Kidnapping, Sexual AssaultProzac Withdrawal2005-12-28New YorkMan Snaps After Abruptly Stopping Prozac
MurderAntidepressant2008-10-02PennsylvaniaMan Stabs 19 Year Old Over 100 Times: May Use Involuntary Intoxication Defense
Bizarre BehaviorMed For Depression2010-11-24EnglandMan Stabs a For Sale Sign: Felt As Though He Was Having a Breakdown
AssaultAntidepressants2009-11-24EnglandMan Stabs Best Friend With Knife
MurderCelexa2005-10-22MassachusettsMan Stabs Closest Friends After Hearing Voices
Kidnapping/StabbingLexapro2004-03-30ColoradoMan Stabs Ex-Wife: Kidnaps Children
Murder AttemptMed For Depression Withdrawal2009-12-14EnglandMan Stabs Friend 30 Times
MurderZoloft1999-12-18VirginiaMan Stabs Friend: One Day Withdrawal Case
MurderAntidepressant & Sleeping Pills2011-02-23PennsylvaniaMan Stabs Girlfriend 20 Times
Murder AttemptCelexa2007-06-08ColoradoMan Stabs Girlfriend: Doesn't Know Why
MurderCelexa2008-03-28OregonMan Stabs his Aunt
MurderMed for Depression2004-04-27IllinoisMan Stabs his Mother
MurderMed For Depression2009-10-21EnglandMan Stabs his Wife to Death
Murder AttemptMed For Depression +Alcohol2011-06-16EnglandMan Stabs Neighbor Who Was a Good Friend
Murder AttemptAntidepressant2004-11-17CaliforniaMan Stabs Parents & Sister
MurderAntidepressant2010-09-15JapanMan Stabs Store Owner: Antidepressant Side-Effects Cited
MurderMed For Depression2008-06-11MassachusettsMan Stabs Teacher: Has Recently Started Taking Med for Depression & Bipolar Disorder
ViolenceMed For Depression2011-10-14CanadaMan Stabs to Death his Beloved Dog and his Two Cats
MurderProzac2002-12-05New YorkMan Stabs Wife
MurderProzac2005-02-17CaliforniaMan Stabs Wife
Murder-Suicide AttemptProzac1994-05-03MassachusettsMan Stabs Wife & Sets Self on Fire: Both Survive
MurderMed For Depression2011-04-09CanadaMan Stabs Wife 126 Times: Felt Worse For the Two Months He Was On the Medication
MurderMed For Depression2009-10-31EnglandMan Stabs Wife Over 50 Times: Possible Withdrawal Case
Murder-Suicide AttemptAntidepressants1994-05-24North CarolinaMan Stabs Wife to Death & Then Attempts to Kill Self
MurderProzac2000-07-28MassachusettsMan Stabs Wife: Med Exacerbates his Paranoia
MurderAntidepressants2007-10-17EnglandMan Stalks & Murders Woman
DivorceAntidepressant2010-04-29GlobalMan Starts Depression Med: Wants Divorce: This is a Problem of Epidemic Proportions with SSRIs
DeathMed For Depression2009-04-28VirginiaMan Starts New Med For Depression: Becomes Violent: Is Killed by Police
TheftAntidepressant2006-06-07AustraliaMan Steals $680K in Luxury Items
StealingMed For Depression2009-04-30EnglandMan Steals from Friend & Threatens Assault
Bizarre & Dangerous BehaviorMed for Depression2003-10-16IndianaMan Steals Golf Cart: Shoots up Golf Course at Midnight: Shoots Himself in Leg
SuicideAntidepressants2009-07-07EnglandMan Steps in Front of Train: Coroner Rules Suicide
MurderAntidepressants2006-02-09ConnecticutMan Strangles Fiance with Dog Leash
Murder-SuicidePaxil & Remeron1999-03-09TexasMan Strangles Wife: Shoots Self
ViolenceAntidepressants2004-09-22AustraliaMan Straps 5 Knives to his Body & Enters Bldg: Makes Death Threats
Personal InjuryPaxil2008-01-30EnglandMan Sues Drug Company for Injuries While on Paxil: Joins Hundreds in Lawsuit
Tremors/ParkinsonismZoloft2011-04-06GlobalMan Suffers From Tremors & Parkinsonism: Zoloft Said to Be the Cause
MurderMed for Depression2002-10-29New YorkMan Suffocates His Mother
SuicideAntidepressants2008-05-22EnglandMan Swallows Over 200 Tablets
DeathMeds For Depression2011-03-03EnglandMan Takes 18 Times the Recommended Dose of A/D: Probable Suicide
SuicideAntidepressant2010-09-10EnglandMan Takes His Life: Body Not Found for 2 Weeks
Hostage Situation & AssaultProzac2000-06-10New YorkMan Takes Woman Hostage and Assaults Her
Vehicular HomicideAntidepressants2010-09-02South DakotaMan Taking Multiple Antidepressants Kills Pedestrian
Violation of Name Suppression LawsMed For Depression2010-08-25New ZealandMan Tells Reporters He Sometimes Does Random Things Because He Is On Depression Med
ViolenceProzac1989-06-14KentuckyMan Testifies at Inquest that He Became Violent on Prozac
ViolenceMed for Depression2005-01-28FloridaMan Threatens Deputy: Man Injured by Deputy
Threats of ViolenceMed For Depression2009-01-09PennsylvaniaMan Threatens His Family: Police Called
Hostage SituationMed For Depression1993-12-07TexasMan Threatens Life of Supervisor at Work & Holds Her Hostage
ViolenceAntidepressant2007-05-14MontanaMan Threatens Neighborhood
Threats of ViolenceMed For Depression2009-06-02EnglandMan Threatens Police
ViolenceMed For Depression1996-08-13IllinoisMan Threatens Police With a Claw Hammer
Bomb ThreatsAntidepressants2003-06-18WashingtonMan Threatens to Blow Up Grand Coulee Dam
Suicide AttemptAntidepressant Withdrawal2006-04-19EnglandMan Threatens to Jump in Front of Train
Death Threats/Weapons ChargeMed for Depression1999-09-10MichiganMan Threatens to Kill All Doctors in Hospital in Michigan
Threatening BehaviorAntidepressants2007-09-13EnglandMan Threatens to Kill Neighbors: Smashed Their Windows, etc: Alcohol Also Involved
Unlawful Posession of Gun/Suicide AttemptAntidepressant2009-10-01MissouriMan Threatens to Kill Self or Have Police Kill Him: No Alcohol Involved: Charged with Intoxication
Threatens ObamaDepression Treatment2009-02-24NebraskaMan Threatens to Shoot Obama: Tells his Counselor: Counselor Reports to Police
Stand-Off With PoliceAntidepressants1994-07-03WashingtonMan Threatens To Shoot: Arrested Peacefully
ViolenceAntidepressant2003-02-28TexasMan Threatens Wife & Police Officer
Stand-Off with PoliceAntidepressant2004-08-18CaliforniaMan Threathens Family & Attempts Suicide
ViolenceAntidepressant2005-07-14OhioMan Throws Acid in Wife's Face
SuicideMed For Depression2011-08-10EnglandMan Throws Himself Under Train
DeathMed For Depression2010-11-04EnglandMan Ties Rope Around his Neck: Dies: Ruled a Misadventure
Murder Attempt/KidnappingMed For Depression2010-04-16CanadaMan Took Six Times His Prescribed Dose of Depression Med
Cruelty to AnimalsAntidepressant Withdrawal2008-09-04EnglandMan Tortures his Dog to Death
Murder AttemptMed For Depression2010-03-24AustraliaMan Tries Suicide-By-Cop: Injures Police Officer
Robbery/DeathAntidepressants2010-02-05ArkansasMan Tries to Rob Bank: Killed by Police
Road RageAntidepressant Withdrawal2005-12-17TexasMan Tries to Run Down Group of Kids
ViolencePaxil*2008-01-24EnglandMan Tries to Set 4 Policemen on Fire: Also Involved Alcohol
Violent BehaviorAntidepressant Withdrawal2006-06-21FloridaMan Turns Violent During Stay in Jail w/o Drugs
SuicideMed for Depression2004-01-20OhioMan Uses Bomb to Kill Himself
RobberyAntidepressant2005-04-12IllinoisMan Uses Fake Bomb to Rob Bank
Violence ThreatsMed For Depression2009-03-27EnglandMan Uses Knife to Threaten Violence Against Girlfriend: Reported by Taxi Driver
Suicide By Cop AttemptProzac1998-01-02FloridaMan Wanted Police to Shoot Him
Suicide by CopAntidepressants2006-06-10FloridaMan Waving Sword Killed by Police
TheftAntidepressants2006-08-19CanadaMan Who is 'Pillar of Community' Commits Theft
IneffectiveMed For Depression2011-10-03MichiganMan Who Killed 7 People Said Medicine Didn't Help: Possible Withdrawal?
Aggression & HallucinationsCymbalta2007-06-07North DakotaMan Who Killed Girlfriend Experienced Aggression & Hallucinations on Cymbalta
SuicideMed For Depression2009-01-27CaliforniaMan Who Recently & Abruptly Discontinued His Med For Depression Kills Himself
Anxiety IncreasedCelexa, Zoloft & Effexor2010-02-02U.S.A.Man Who Tried 3 Different SSRIs & SNRI Had Unbearable Anxiety After Starting Each Med
Road Rage/ViolenceMed For Depression2011-02-17EnglandMan Who Was Said to Be Affected By His Depression Med Beats Woman Walking Children to School
Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2001-06-27WashingtonMan Wins $5.5M: Seriously Injured in Suicide Attempt
Stockpiling WeaponsZoloft2008-02-20MassachusettsMan with "Home Arsenal" Held Without Bail
PsychosisAntidepressants2010-09-24CanadaMan With Good Employment Record Ends Up Homeless After Psychotic Episode He Links to Use of A/D's
Murder AttemptAntidepressant2002-07-23IndianaMan With Gun Heads To Stockbroker's Office
Bank RobberyMed For Depression2011-05-24Costa RicaMan With Impeccable Record Robs Bank With Toy Gun: Goes Free
ViolenceAntidepressant2009-12-24EnglandMan With Knife Attacks 82 Year Old Neighbor
DeathAntidepressant2010-04-17GeorgiaMan With Knife Lunges At Police Officer: Shot Dead
ViolenceMed For Depression2010-01-27EnglandMan With Knife Threatens Police: Had Recent Change in Med For Depression
Violent ThreatsProzac2007-12-19FloridaMan With Loaded Shotgun Makes Threats in Hotel Lobby
ViolenceZoloft2008-06-13TexasMan with No Criminal Record Becomes Violent on Zoloft: Fatally Shot by Police
Shoplifting [Kleptomania]Med For Depression2009-10-26EnglandMan With No Criminal Record Shoplifts: Can't Account for Why He Did It
SuicideAntidepressant2011-06-06ColoradoMan With Untreated Bipolar Disorder Was Given an Antidepressant at Low Cost Clinic
ShootingProzac1995-05-28GeorgiaMan Wounds State Trooper: Also Involves Alcohol
ViolenceAntidepressants2007-04-13EnglandMan Wrecks his Neighbor's Car & Property
ViolenceAntidepressants2008-06-15EnglandMan's Alcohol Use Clashed with Antidepressants, Causing "A Psychotic Reaction"
SuicideZoloft2011-05-06IrelandMan's Behavior Changes After Taking Zoloft: Said A/D Was Driving Him Mad & Giving Him Nightmares
SuicideAntidepressant2009-12-03EnglandMan's Death Forces Change in Police Policy
RobberyMed For Depression2010-01-21AustraliaMan's Depression Med Was Changed to Another Depression Med: He Commits a Robbery
SuicideZoloft2007-05-18MissouriMan's Family Believes Zoloft Caused his Suicide
Vehicular ManslaughterEffexor2002-09-25ArizonaMan's Friend Killed In Car Crash
SuicideAntidepressant2008-06-04EnglandMan's Personality Changed on Medication Before He Committed Suicide
SuicideAntidepressant2007-06-12CaliforniaMan's Statement at Activists Summit of Consumers Union
SuicideAntidepressants2009-05-20MontanaMan's Suicide While in Police Custody Remains a Mystery
MurderMed For Depression2010-04-10South CarolinaMan's Wife Puts Depression Med in his Food: He Hallucinates: Hospitalized: Then Shoots Mother-In-Law
SuicideZoloft2004-03-24TexasMan, a Devout Catholic, Tears Rosary Apart & Kills Self: Lawsuit
Fatal Car CrashPaxil & Wellbutrin2002-12-20NebraskaMan, During Suicide Attempt, Slams Into Car, Killing Young Woman
SuicideMed For Depression2007-10-28WisconsinMan, Missing For Several Days, Found to Have Shot Himself
ManiaMeds For Depression2011-04-01GlobalMania Can Be Triggered in Children by Depression Meds
MurderMed for PTSD2008-03-28TexasMarine Kills Girlfriend: SSRIs Most Often Prescribed for PTSD
Nightmares/ChildrenAntidepressants2009-01-08GlobalMayo Clinic Lists Antidepressants as a Drug That Can Cause Nightmares in Children
SuicideMed For Depression2009-02-23EnglandMechanic, 37 Year Old, Kills Self While on Med For Depression
Prison SentenceAntidepressant2005-05-25OklahomaMed Led to Prison Sentence
SuicideZoloft1998-07-15FloridaMedical Examiner Questions Results of Sheriff's Lab
MurderZoloft2004-11-18North DakotaMedication Defense in Capital Murder Trial
ViolenceSSRIs, SNRIs & Chantix2011-07-21GlobalMeds That Can Cause Violence: Peoples Pharmacy
Bizarre BehaviorProzac2009-09-19EnglandMember of Parliament Ousted for Behavior: Writes Book
IneffectiveAntidepressants2009-03-01EnglandMember of the Royal Air Force Says Antidepressants Were Ineffective for his Combat Problems
Increase In Mental IllnessSSRIs2009-12-13U.S.A.Mental Illness Increased by 150,000 a Year Since the Intro Of Prozac Which Causes Mania/Psychosis
Loss Of ConsciousnessAntidepressant2011-01-11OklahomaMiddle School Student Loses Consciousness After Taking Antidepressant
Violent BehaviorProzac2006-03-19ScotlandMild Mannered Man Threatens Girlfriend with Gun
Threat to HealthWellbutrin Antidepressants & Other Psychotropic Drugs2011-01-18GlobalMilitary's Drug Policy Threatens Toops' Health, Doctors Say
SuicideAntidepressant2009-02-25EnglandMillionaire Banker Hangs Himself
Condition DeterioratedMed For Depression2009-02-17EnglandMillionaire Philanthropist Missing: Is Found in a Deteriorated State After Change of Depression Med
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants1994-12-22Washington DCMinister Kills Wife & Self
Murder AttemptZoloft2003-07-21MichiganMinister Stabs Wife, Neighbor & Dog
Stand-Off With PoliceMed for Depression2003-07-16North CarolinaMinister's Son has Stand-Off with Police
SuicideMed For Depression2008-09-18PennsylvaniaMissing Man Found After 3 Days: Died of Self-Inflicted Cuts to the Neck
SuicideRemeron Antidepressant2007-11-16TexasMissing Man Found in Car: Had Killed Himself
SuicideCelexa2002-01-30MassachusettsMIT Student Burns Herself to Death
HostilityLexapro/Wellbutrin2006-11-30U.S.A.Mixing Drugs & Alcohol Can Cause Hostility, Seizures & Serotonin Syndrome
Suicide AttemptZoloft2006-02-24New YorkMobster Attempts Overdose
RobberyCelexa & Lexapro*2009-03-16PennsylvaniaMom Robs Store: She Had Switched SSRIs the Day Before: Reason Given For Robbery
MissingMed For Depression2011-06-13OhioMother & 4 Year Old Son Go Missing: Mother Lied About Where She was Going: Out of Character
DeathZoloft1994-03-10ColoradoMother & Daughter Die:Both Used Zoloft: Either Suicide or Confusion During Bad Weather
Child EndangermentMed For Depression2010-09-30IndianaMother Abandons her 3 Year Old Daughter in Grocery Store Parking Lot at Night
Child EndangermentProzac2010-09-24IsraelMother Abuses Her Own Son
Child EndangermentMed For Depression2009-05-18TennesseeMother Allows Child to Wander: Her Med Made Her Sleepy & Unaware
Violence/FelonyMed For Depression2011-08-31CaliforniaMother Attacks Her Son's School Principal: Was Having Problems with Her Med
AssaultMed For Depression & Alcohol2011-07-20EnglandMother Attacks Teacher at Her Child's School
Murder AttemptMed For Depression2007-04-10CaliforniaMother Attempts To Drown her 2 Children: One Day Withdrawal
Murder AttemptAntidepressant2006-12-29WashingtonMother Attempts to Kill 10 Year Old Daughter & Self
Murder-Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2000-12-07FloridaMother Attempts to Kill 2 Children & Self
Murder-Suicide AttemptLexapro2006-02-24PennsylvaniaMother Attempts to Kill Children and Self
Murder AttemptAntidepressants*2004-01-23OhioMother Attempts to Kill her Two Children
Murder-Suicide AttemptMed For Depression1992-12-31ConnecticutMother Attempts to Kill her Two Little Girls: Attempts Suicide
Murder-Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2005-06-06New YorkMother Attempts to Kill Two Kids & Self
BatteryMed For Depression2007-04-07IllinoisMother Attempts to Overmedicate Son
Murder ThreatMed For Depression2007-09-04AustraliaMother Attempts to Throw 5 Year Old Daughter from Bridge
Murder AttemptAntidepressants2010-10-28EnglandMother Beats her 7 Month Old: Permanent Brain Damage & Blindness
DeathEffexor2009-04-03UtahMother Blames Effexor For Baby's Death: Mother Took Effexor During Pregnancy
Child AbuseAntidepressants2010-05-07VirginiaMother Burns Child on Hot Stove: Believed to Be Deliberate
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression1995-11-08WisconsinMother Burns to Death her Two Children & Herself
DeathAntidepressants & Alcohol2010-05-08EnglandMother Caring for Injured Daughter Dies After Combining Antidepressants with Wine
SuicideMed for Depression2006-05-14MinnesotaMother Commits Suicide After Hallucinating
DeathAntidepressant Withdrawal2007-09-23EnglandMother Dies of Neurological Disorder Probably Caused by Having Antidepressant Stopped
Murder-SuicideAntidepressants2000-03-18IllinoisMother Drives her Two Children & Self into Lake
MurderMed for Depression2002-04-13OhioMother Drowns Her 3 Year Old Twins
MurderPaxil2007-12-28CaliforniaMother Drowns her 7 Month Old Daughter
Child EndangermentPaxil2006-09-14OhioMother Drugs her Children
Road Rage/Child Endangerment/AssaultCymbalta Antidepressant2010-06-05IowaMother Given Cymbalta For Fibromyalgia Becomes Manic & Dangerous
ArsonProzac, Paxil & Zoloft Antidepressants2011-06-17New JerseyMother Has Habit of Setting Fires & Attempting Suicide
FelonyAntidepressants2009-07-21CanadaMother Illegally Sells Oxycodone in Front of Teenaged Son: No Previous Criminal Record
MurderLexapro & Remeron Antidepressants2010-05-20South CarolinaMother Investigated in 17 Year Old Daughter's Death: Mother Then Dies of Heart Failure
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2010-11-23FloridaMother Kills 11 Year Old Daughter & Self: Bodies Found by Husband/Father
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2010-07-23MichiganMother Kills 13 Year Old Handicapped Daughter and Herself
MurderProzac Withdrawal2000-02-03TexasMother Kills 15 Year Old Daughter: Wounds Son 13
Murder-SuicideMed for Depression2005-03-24PennsylvaniaMother Kills 2 of her Children: Commits Suicide: Recent Withdrawal
MurderAntidepressant Withdrawal2006-04-22MichiganMother Kills 23 Year Old Daughter
MurderMed For Depression2009-02-07ConnecticutMother Kills 3 Month Old Daughter: Possible Withdrawal Case
MurderMed for Depression1992-10-30CaliforniaMother Kills 4 Year Old Daughter: Also Involved Alcohol
MurderAntidepressant2005-04-14MichiganMother Kills 4 Year Old Son
Murder-Suicide AttemptAntidepressant [Elavil]}2006-03-03IllinoisMother Kills 6 Year Old
Murder-Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2005-03-04OklahomaMother Kills 6 Year Old Son: Attempts Suicide
MurderBipolar Meds2007-02-08NevadaMother Kills 7 Year Old Daughter: Injures 8 Year Old Son
Murder-Suicide AttemptEffexor2005-12-14OregonMother Kills Baby Daughter; Stabs Self
MurderProzac Withdrawal2009-07-21MarylandMother Kills Child: Went Off Prozac 6 Weeks Earlier Because Prozac Was Making Her Suicidal
Murder-Suicide AttemptMed for Depression2005-02-08New JerseyMother Kills Daughter: Then Attempts Suicide
Murder-Suicide/ArsonMed For Depression2011-02-28NebraskaMother Kills her 12 Year Old Daughter, Her Husband & Self: Sets House on Fire
MurderAntidepressants2009-07-22EnglandMother Kills her 2 Year Old: Denies Charge: Trial in Progress
Murder-SuicideProzac Withdrawal1991-11-17UtahMother Kills her 3 Children & Herself in Two-Week Withdrawal
MurderAntidepressant2010-04-10IllinoisMother Kills her 3 Year Old Daughter
MurderAntidepressant2004-10-30CaliforniaMother Kills her 4 Year Old Daughter
MurderAntidepressants2009-03-03BelgiumMother Kills Her 5 Children: Recent Withdrawal: Happened Jan 2nd, 2007
MurderMed For Depression2007-11-06AustraliaMother Kills her 6 Month Old Baby
MurderAntidepressant2011-09-16Rhode IslandMother Kills Her 8 Year Old Daughter: Trial in Progress
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression Withdrawal2010-08-10MarylandMother Kills Her Autistic Son & Herself: Recent Withdrawal Of About 3 Weeks
Murder-SuicideCelexa2008-12-19EnglandMother Kills Her Disabled Son & Herself
Murder-Suicide AttemptMed For Depression2011-11-03New JerseyMother Kills her Six Year Old Son: Attempts Suicide
MurderProzac2010-08-10EnglandMother Kills Her Three Year Old Daughter
MurderAntidepressants2005-07-20IndianaMother Kills her Two Children
MurderZoloft2008-05-22AustraliaMother Kills Her Two Children
MurderMed For Depression & Bipolar Disorder2011-09-02KentuckyMother Kills her Two Children & Then Holds Her Therapist Hostage
Murder-Suicide AttemptMed For Depression2007-08-01MassachusettsMother Kills her Two Children: Attempts Suicide
MurderProzac2003-01-05MassachusettsMother Kills her Two Children: Attempts Suicide: Also Involved 2nd Antidepressant, Desyrel
Murder-SuicideProzac1995-10-21IndianaMother Kills her Two Sons & Self
Murder-SuicideLexapro2007-01-23ArizonaMother Kills her Two Year Old & Herself
MurderEffexor2004-02-27PennsylvaniaMother Kills her Two Young Children
MurderMed For Depression2009-04-07EnglandMother Kills her Two Young Children
MurderMed For Depression2011-09-01IllinoisMother Kills Her Two Young Children: Flees: Hits 3 Pedestrians
Murder-Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2011-03-02MichiganMother Kills Herself: Attempts to Kills Her Four Children
MurderAntidepressant2001-09-03FloridaMother Kills One Son: Injures Two Other Sons
MurderZoloft2005-04-19North CarolinaMother Kills Son: Attempts to Kill Daughter
DeathMed For Depression2007-05-30BelgiumMother Leaves Baby in Hot Car
Murder AttemptProzac2007-12-10IndianaMother Misdiagnosed with Depression Tries to Kill Infant
MurderZoloft2006-05-25IllinoisMother Murders 34 Year Old Daughter
MurderAntidepressants1993-04-07IllinoisMother Murders 4 Year Old Daughter
MurderAntidepressants2008-04-01EnglandMother Murders 5 Year Old Son: Attempts to Kill Herself
Murder-SuicideMed for Depression2006-04-17EnglandMother Murders Autistic Son
MurderAntidepressant2009-10-02EnglandMother Murders her 11 Year Old Son: Attempts to Kill Herself
MurderAntidepressant2009-09-08EnglandMother Murders her 20 Month Old Child
MurderZoloft2000-06-29CaliforniaMother Murders Her 4 Daughters
MurderMed for Depression2003-02-14WashingtonMother Murders Her 5 Year Old Daughter
MurderMed for Depression2003-09-24TexasMother Murders her 9 Year Old Daughter
MurderLexapro2007-12-15IndianaMother Murders Her Adopted Baby
MurderZoloft1999-12-17IllinoisMother Murders her Three Children
MurderAntidepressant2002-12-04IllinoisMother Murders One Child: Injures Another
MurderAntidepressants2003-05-09MichiganMother Murders Only Child, a 22 Year Old Daughter
Child EndangermentEffexor2008-04-20FloridaMother Neglects Children: Drives Into Ditch: Also Involved Seroquel & Alcohol
ViolenceMed For Depression2010-06-04OhioMother of Buckeyes' Football Player Attacks Police Officer & Others
MurderAntidepressants2009-07-30SpainMother On Med For Depression Kills Daughter's Rapist 9 Years Later: Sets Him On Fire
MurderAntidepressant2008-05-23OhioMother Poisons her 11 Month Old Daughter
AmnesiaProzac2009-05-15ArkansasMother Reports 2 Year Old Missing: Forgot She had Taken her to Grandma's House
Arson & Child EndangermentPaxil2005-08-12IllinoisMother Set House on Fire with 6 Year Old Son Inside
SuicideAntidepressants2006-05-04EnglandMother Sets Self on Fire
MurderMed for Depression2003-04-04ConnecticutMother Shoots 4 Year Old Daughter
MurderProzac1999-08-15FloridaMother Shoots her Daughter
Murder-SuicideProzac1998-06-05MichiganMother Shoots her Two Children & Sister
Murder AttemptProzac Withdrawal2011-08-11South CarolinaMother Shoots Son: One Week Withdrawal
MurderAntidepressant Withdrawal2003-06-25MassachusettsMother Smothers 4 Year Old Daughter
MurderCelexa2010-03-14ArkansasMother Smothers her Two Young Children
Murder-Suicide AttemptMed For Depression2011-07-14EnglandMother Stabs 11 Year Old Daughter: Then Stabs Self: 2 Week Withdrawal
Murder AttemptAntidepressant Withdrawal2010-11-23NevadaMother Stabs 7 Year Old Son: Father Says She was Sleep Walking: This Can be a Side Effect of A/D's
MurderMed For Depression2009-05-04LouisianaMother Stabs To Death her Two Children: Possible Withdrawal Case
MurderAntidepressant2010-09-14South CarolinaMother Strangles her Two Young Children: Drives Car With Their Bodies Into River
MurderProzac1998-03-01CaliforniaMother Suffocates her 3 Children
Felony/Child AbuseProzac2011-03-16OklahomaMother Throws 8 Year Old to the Ground and Bites him Badly
Murder AttemptAntidepressants2007-04-24WisconsinMother Tries to Kill 4 Kids, Self
Murder AttemptAntidepressants2011-05-12UtahMother Tries to Kill her Two Young Children: Slits Their Wrists
Murder-Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2008-08-27AustraliaMother Tries to Poison her Two Children & Self: Also Involved Antipsychotics
Birth DefectsPaxil2009-12-21IowaMother Warns of Birth Defects with Paxil After Baby Is Born With Heart Ailments
Child EndangermentProzac2008-08-26ArkansasMother With 8 Children in Car Runs Into Side of Building
Bizarre Behavior: ManslaughterMed For Depression2011-04-08MassachusettsMother Withholds Life Saving Medication from Young Son: Results in His Death
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2011-08-09IndiaMother, a PhD in Math, Kills 6 Year Old Daughter & Self: Father Is a Civil Engineer
Affair With MinorProzac & Marijuana2011-06-13CanadaMother, Foster, Has Affair With her 14 Year Old Foster Son
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2011-08-02New JerseyMothers Kills her 8 Year Old Son and Herself
Road RageEffexor & A Benzo2010-06-02New YorkMotorcyclist Charged in Road Rage Incident
SuicideCymbalta, Lexapro & Effexor2008-08-08MassachusettsMuch Loved 46 Year Old Wife, Mother, Daughter Commits Suicide
Murder-SuicideDepression Treatment: Antidepressant?2010-06-23TexasMunicipal Judge Killed by Husband, an Attorney: He Then Kills Himself
Road Rage/Murder-SuicideProzac1996-02-15CaliforniaMurder-Suicide: Mother & 3 Children
ManiaCymbalta2009-07-13MontanaMusician Develops Mania On Cymbalta
Nightmares & AnxietyAntidepressants2009-08-20AustraliaMusician Suffers the Adverse Effects of Nightmares & Anxiety When He Starts Antidepressants
SuicideAntidepressant2010-03-16AustraliaMusicians Celebrate Their Son's Life: He Killed Himself on Antidepressant
BombingEffexor & Prozac*1994-05-11New YorkN.Y. Subway Bombing: 48 Injured
SuicidePaxil2008-05-06MaineNavy Corpsman Kills Self with Gun
SuicideRemeron Antidepressant2009-12-21EnglandNavy Veteran Kills Himself
Violent BehaviorAntidepressants2004-11-21New YorkNBA's Ron Artest Charges into Stands; Ignites Melee
Violence/BizarrePaxil2006-08-26EnglandNeighbor Runs Amok: Tries to Set Police on Fire
Emotional BluntingAntidepressants2007-12-19EnglandNew Mother Felt "Cold & Emotionless" on Antidepressants
MurderAntidepressant2006-01-20IllinoisNew Trial Allows Involuntary Intoxication Defense
AmnesiaAntidepressants2006-02-16IllinoisNew Yorker Turns Up in Chicago, Remembers Nothing
AssaultAntidepressants2009-08-28EnglandNightclubber Assaults Friend
Withdrawal ComplaintsPaxil2009-06-05New ZealandNine Patients Complained of Withdrawal After Newspaper Article on the Subject
DUIMed For Depression & Painkiller2011-06-13New YorkNo Alcohol Involved: Woman's Jeep Goes Airborne & Lands on Parked Truck
DangerSSRIs2009-05-20GlobalNobel Prize Winner in Medicine Points to Dangers of SSRIs like Prozac
Mass ShootingAmphetamines & Steroids2011-07-30NorwayNorway Shooter Was Taking a Combo of Steroids & Amphetamines
SuicideProzac1990-02-08New YorkNoted Rock & Roll Musician Commits Suicide
Suicide AttemptsAntidepressants2011-06-17U.S.A.Number of Men Between 21 & 34 Who Attempted Suicide on A/D's Is Up By 155% from 2005 to 2009
DeathsSSRIs1997-10-06UtahNumerous Deaths From Drug Interactions
SuicideAntiepressants2010-02-15EnglandNurse Commits Suicide
SuicideAntidepressant2010-05-30TexasNurse Kills Self After Abrupt Change in Depression Meds
FraudMed For Depression2010-03-05EnglandNurse Scams Hospital of $10,000: Can't Remember Incident
MurderMed for Depression2002-10-21PennsylvaniaNursing Home Resident Killed by Nurse's Aide
ViolenceMed For Depression & Alcohol2010-07-16EnglandOfficers of the Police Attacked by Man Yielding Meat Cleaver
Workplace Violence / MurderCymbalta WITHDRAWAL2008-04-20MichiganOne Dead: Two Injured: Also Involved Lithium & the Antidepressant Trazadone Withdrawal
SuicideProzac1989-04-12CaliforniaOne of the "Chicago Seven" Commits Suicide
AssaultAntidepressant2005-12-20EnglandOut of Character Reaction to Police
Birth DefectsPaxil2011-10-11U.S.A.Over 600 Lawsuits Filed for Birth Defects From Paxil
DeathAntidepressant2009-09-15IllinoisOverdose Victim Dies Right After Talking Coherently: Experts:This is Not Unusual For Depression Med
AssaultAntidepressants2011-04-21EnglandPaitent Assaults a Staff Member at Hospital
Erratic DrivingCymbalta & Zoloft2007-07-05MassachusettsPantless Driver Arrested After Pulling Into Oncoming Traffic
TheftAntidepressants2008-08-19North CarolinaParamedic Steals From Patients
Birth Defect/DeathZoloft2011-10-05OhioParents Claim Pfizer Covered Up Studies Showing This Birth Defect: Lawsuit
SuicideEffexor2006-01-07OhioParents Tell About Their Daughter's Suicide on Effexor: Give Warning
Air RageMed For Depression2009-10-13IndiaPassenger Goes Berserk: Is Then Tied to his Airplane Seat
Adverse ReactionSSRI2007-05-14PennsylvaniaPastor Becomes Paranoid on SSRI
SuicideZoloft [SSRI Antidepressant]2008-11-19VermontPatient in Psychiatric Hospital Given Zoloft: Kills Self
Withdrawal SyndromeCymbalta2011-07-10U.S.A.Patients Suffers Panic, Anxiety, Dizziness & Insomnia for Many Weeks While Withdrawing
UnethicalPaxil2009-08-19GlobalPaxil Promoted by Drug Company Using a Sophisticated Ghostwritten Program
SuicidesSSRI Antidepressants*2004-03-26CanadaPediatric Patients Become Suicidal on SSRIs: Physician's Report
SuicideAntidepressants2008-12-17EnglandPensioner Jumps in Front of Train
SuicideMed For Depression2008-07-30EnglandPensioner Hangs Self: Friend Thought Med Made him Worse
SuicideAntidepressants2006-12-14IrelandPensioner Sets Himself on Fire
SuicideProzac2010-12-05U.S.A.Peoples Pharmacy: Man's 33 Year Old Son, Married With 2 Children, Kills Self on Prozac
AssaultMed For Depression2011-07-21EnglandPerpetrator's Assault was Out of Character For Him
ViolenceMed For Depression2009-01-22FrancePet Poodle on Antidepressants Mauls Former French President Jacques Chirac: He Was Hospitalized
Disease MongeringZoloft2008-06-26MassachusettsPfizer Pharmaceuticals Operates on Cape Cod In Dr.'s Offices
MurderAntidepressants2009-07-27OklahomaPharmacist Kills Robber: Goes for Overkill: Charged with Murder
Death ThreatsCymbalta & Tricyclic Antidepressant2009-09-02GeorgiaPharmacologist Testifies That Mix of Cymbalta With Older Antidepressant Caused Threats Against Judge
SuicideCelexa*2010-12-07EnglandPhysician & Coroner Testify Celexa Contributed to Suicide of Woman: Pharma Dr. Agrees!
ViolenceLexapro2008-04-22CaliforniaPhysician Arrested for Domestic Violence
SuicideAntidepressants2006-09-13EnglandPhysician Commits Suicide
DisciplinedProzac2009-06-05TexasPhysician Disciplined For Giving Patient Prozac: Not Keeping Records: Patient Killed Self
Negligent HomicideCelexa2003-03-13LouisianaPhysician Has Five Car Wreck: One Dead: Nine Injured
SuicideMed For Depression2011-11-11EnglandPhysician Kills Himself Shortly After Starting an A/D
SuicideAntidepressants2006-05-06FloridaPhysician Kills Self After Losing Malpractice Suit
Medical FraudProzac1995-08-29IllinoisPhysician Loses Tissue Sample: Replaces it with Sample From a Different Patient
MurderAntidepressants2006-05-25IllinoisPhysician Mother Murders Her Autistic 3 Year Old Daughter
MurderProzac1991-03-17MinnesotaPhysician Murders his Wife
AssaultLexapro2009-01-30CaliforniaPhysician on Lexapro Assaults his Girlfriend
UnethicalProzac1999-05-07FloridaPhysician Prescribes Prozac to Undercover Agent after 10 Minute Interview: Medicaid Fraud
Panic AttacksWellbutrin2004-01-04New YorkPhysician Suffers Panic Attacks from Wellbutrin Taken For Stress
Kidnapping/ Malicious WoundingProzac & Remeron*2001-04-29VirginiaPhysician Testifies In Case of Man Shooting At Wife & Deputy
Relapse/Substance AbuseProzac*1995-12-01WashingtonPhysician Testifies that Prozac Contributed to Man's Relapse of Cocaine Abuse
UnethicalAntidepressants2010-05-12U.S.A.Physician With Ties to Pharma Wants to Place All 20 to 30 Year Olds on Depression Meds as Precaution
MurderAntidepressants2003-09-17TexasPhysician's Wife Murders her Husband
SuicideCymbalta/Wellbutrin & 4 Other Drugs2008-10-19New MexicoPhysicist Commits Suicide: Lawsuit Against Physician
Plane CrashAntidepressants2008-08-07CaliforniaPilot Dies After Crashing his Plane: On Two Antidepressants that Are Not Approved by FAA
Plane CrashProzac & Wellbutrin2008-05-03Rhode IslandPilot Made Poor Decision to Fly in Bad Weather
Plane CrashPaxil2003-01-25AlaskaPilot on Medication: Six Dead
Plane CrashProzac & Two Other Antidepressants2010-03-04OklahomaPlane Crash Where Pilot was on 3 Antidepressants: Two Dead
Alcohol CravingZoloft1996-11-18New YorkPoetess Becomes an Alcoholic on Zoloft
Illegal Weapons/SpeedingAntidepressants2009-12-17OhioPolice Arrest Man For Speeding: Found To Be Carrying Illegal Weapons
ViolenceAntidepressant2009-05-05AustraliaPolice Attacked by Man on Antidepressant & Alcohol
ShopliftingAntidepressants*2005-06-11MassachusettsPolice Captain Shoplifts: Doctor Testifies about Meds
EmbezzlementAntidepressants2009-08-11VermontPolice Chief Charged With Four Criminal Counts
Death Due to MedicationAntidepressant2003-01-30New YorkPolice Chief Threatens his Family: Later He Dies
MurderAntidepressants*2003-09-03HawaiiPolice Detective Charged with Murder
Larceny/WeaponsCelexa2009-12-08New JerseyPolice Find a Cache of Weapons in Larcenist's House
Violent Behavior/DeathPaxil/Adderall2006-03-10MassachusettsPolice Forced to Shoot 16 Year Old
DeathAntidepressants & Alcohol2010-07-02PennsylvaniaPolice Forced to Shoot Man
ViolenceProzac1995-02-14MassachusettsPolice Forced to Shoot Man on Prozac
ViolenceMed for Depression2004-06-17KentuckyPolice Intervene When 'Kind', 'Sweet' Woman Becomes Violent
RobberyProzac1994-12-17New HampshirePolice Kill Man Involved in Robbery/Abduction/Rape
Abuse of PowerMed For Depression2010-09-04WalesPolice Officer Abused Force Records to Pester Someone
Suicide AttemptAntidepressant2009-05-30AustraliaPolice Officer Attempts Suicide
HarassmentMed For Depression2009-07-15AustraliaPolice Officer Charged With Harassment
SuicideMed For Depression2011-08-08TexasPolice Officer Commits Suicide
Loses EmploymentZoloft2008-06-19MissouriPolice Officer Fired for Use of Zoloft & Consorting with Criminals
Bizarre BehaviorMed For Depression2007-08-03ArkansasPolice Officer Harrassment of Female Employee
Hostage SituationPaxil Withdrawal2007-01-25New YorkPolice Officer Holds 3 Men Hostage
Murder-SuicideProzac1991-04-18CaliforniaPolice Officer Kills Wife & Self: Completely "Out of Character"
Bank RobberyProzac1991-03-09FloridaPolice Officer Robs Three Banks
MurderEffexor2005-08-08LouisianaPolice Officer Shot by Man in 3 Day Effexor Withdrawal
ShootingCelexa2009-11-29TexasPolice Officer Who Shot Man Was on Celexa: Released from Duty
SuicideProzac2003-10-02MichiganPolice Officer's Suicide: Lawsuit Regarding Metabolism
Murder-Suicide AttemptMed For Depression2009-08-29OhioPolice Save Man Who Intended to Kill his Family & Himself
ViolenceMed For Depression1991-12-25FloridaPolice Shoot a Man Who Threatens Them With a Knife
DeathCelexa2009-05-20TexasPolice Shoot Man On Celexa During Confrontation
Robbery/DeathMed For Depression2009-10-02New MexicoPolice Shoot Man Who Robs Pharmacy: Family Blames Drugs: Doc Withdrew Him
Suicide AttemptZoloft2005-10-08New YorkPolice Take Precautions with Suicidal Man
Suicide AttemptMed for Depression2005-08-18FloridaPolice Use Taser Gun on Elderly Lady to Prevent Suicide
FraudWellbutrin2005-11-10VirginiaPolice Worker Sentenced for Faking Cancer, Reaping Benefits
AssaultCelexa2007-04-07MassachusettsPoliceman Assaults Wife
Self Injury/LyingAntidepressants2006-04-05MichiganPoliceman Fabricates Story After Shooting Self in the Arm
Murder-SuicideLuvox2002-04-22New JerseyPoliceman Kills Five Neighbors & Self
FelonyProzac2000-04-01OhioPoliceman Points Rifle at Three Cops Outside His House
Murder AttemptMed For Depression2009-02-12GreecePoliceman Shoots at Bodyguard in Front of U.S. Embassy
Bizarre BehaviorMed For Depression2009-12-05PennsylvaniaPoliceman Sits Naked on Barstool at Bowling Alley
Violence/AssaultiveAntidepressants2010-01-12CanadaPolicemen Becomes Violent
DUIEffexor*2010-06-16MinnesotaPolitician Airs Video on How Effexor Interacted for Her With Alcohol: Compelling
SuicideLexapro2007-05-30FloridaPopular Meteorologist Commits Suicide
SuicideAntidepressants2011-07-21EnglandPopular Woman Chef Commits Suicide
Worsening DepressionPaxil2009-09-08U.S.A.Pospartum:Worsening Depression with 2nd Baby:Had Postpartum with 1st Baby and Recovered With No Meds
MurderAntidepressant?2007-07-06KentuckyPossible Involvement of Antidpressant in Fatal Shooting
Workplace ViolenceProzac1991-11-15MichiganPostal Employee Kills 3 Injures 6 Before Shooting Self
Bizarre BehaviorAntidepressant2009-12-24EnglandPostman Stages Rooftop Demonstration
MurderProzac2000-01-05New HampshirePostpartum Depression: Mother Kills 2 Month Old Son
MurderAntidepressant2008-11-18AustraliaPostpartum Depression: Mother Kills her Seven Month Old Child
SuicideMed For Depression1990-09-22CaliforniaPostpartum Depression: Mother Leaps From Window of Four Seasons Hotel
MurderMed For Depression2002-04-09VirginiaPostpartum Depression: Woman Murders Husband: Attempts Suicide
Child EndangermentAntidepressants2005-08-08EnglandPostpartum Depression: Baby Disfigured by Mother
Homicidal ThoughtsAntidepressants2007-04-24MississippiPostpartum Depression: Homicidal Thoughts Started on Antidepressants
MurderAntidepressant2005-12-07LouisianaPostpartum Depression: Mom Puts Infant in Dryer
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2008-04-04IndiaPostpartum Depression: Mother Burns 6 Month Old & Herself to Death
Murder-SuicideZoloft2004-06-23New JerseyPostpartum Depression: Mother Kills Baby & Self
MurderPaxil1998-05-17VirginiaPostpartum Depression: Mother Kills her Baby
MurderAntidepressants2005-01-06AlabamaPostpartum Depression: Mother Kills Infant
MurderAntidepressants2006-09-14EnglandPostpartum Depression: Mother Kills Son: Feels Sudden Change When Given Medication
Murder-SuicideMed For Depression2008-03-27IrelandPostpartum Depression: Mother Murders Baby & Self
Murder-SuicideMed for Depression2006-09-10FloridaPostpartum Depression: Mother Murders Son
Injury to ChildMed For Depression2007-11-24TennesseePostpartum Depression: Mother Passes Out From Med: Endangers Baby
MurderMed for Depression2005-06-09MichiganPostpartum Depression: Mother Smothers 9 Month Old Daughter
Murder AttemptMed for Depression2004-10-20TexasPostpartum Depression: Mother Stabs 4 Month Old Baby
Murder AttemptPaxil2003-06-30New JerseyPostpartum Depression: Wife Stabs Husband
PsychosisAntidepressant2005-04-02OklahomaPostpartum Depression: Woman Develops Psychosis on Med
Road Rage/MurderZoloft2000-04-22IndianaPostpartum Depression: Woman Kills 7 People/ Attempts Suicide
SuicideMed For Depression1999-03-01PennsylvaniaPostpartum Women Kills Self on Depression Medication
Murder AttemptMed For Depression2010-03-30TexasPostpartum: Mother Attempts to Murder 20 Month Old Daughter
MurderMed For Depression2010-09-03WashingtonPostpartum: Mother Drowns 7 Month Old Twins
HallucinationsZoloft2006-08-02TexasPostpartum: Mother Has Hallucinations & Suicidal Behavior on Zoloft: Quits Drug & Recovers
MurderProzac Withdrawal2011-08-17AlaskaPostpartum: Mother Kills 3 Week Old Infant
MurderCelexa2009-04-08OregonPostpartum: Mother Kills Her Infant Daughter
MurderMed For Depression2010-02-12OhioPostpartum: Mother Kills One Month Old Baby
MurderCelexa Withdrawal2009-09-25TexasPostpartum: Mother Murders Baby
SuicideAntidepressant2011-10-17ArizonaPostpartum: Mother Prescribed Med For Depression Commits Suicide
Murder-Suicide AttemptAntidepressants2010-02-03New ZealandPostpartum: Mother Tries to Kill Baby & Self While Driving her Car