Murder Antidepressants 03/03/2009 Belgium Mother Kills Her 5 Children: Recent Withdrawal: Happened Jan 2nd, 2007 Summary:

Sentences 6 & 7 from paragraph 7 read:  "After the birth of Mehdi, the youngest, she suffered with a small depression.. She took antidepressants. When Mehdi recently went to kindergarten, she stopped it.

Mother kills her five children


In a horrible family tragedy in Nivelles, Walloon Brabant, a mother yesterday, her five children with a knife slain. then tried to commit suicide. Lastt night she was let out of life danger.

 The woman was in treatment for a severe depression. The emergency services were on Wednesday to the avenue In the house were the emergency women, bathed in blood. She was spot gereanimeerd and in critical condition removed.

 Moreover, in the rooms, followed by another gruesome discovery. Yasmin (14), Nora (11), Myriam (9), Mina (7) and Mehdi (3) were killed with knives character. Possibly they were first anesthetized.

The father of the family, Bouchaib Mokaden was last night at the height of the drama.He was on the point in Zaventem to take the plane to his homeland Algeria.

‘"Notify the police, was on a note to the front door. But because nobody cry read called Geneviève Lhermitte (43) Wednesday afternoon to the emergency itself. Ambulanciers Fifteen minutes later found her, more dead than alive. But the dungeons, they discover in the bedrooms, where five children were between 3 and 14 layers. Dead stabbed with a knife.

 Family, friends, neighbors ... no one understands what Genevièves head is handled. Some friends claimed last night to the house aloud whether they had done enough, or they had not been blind to the signals that the woman is the youngest weeks broadcast. “. She was being examined by a psychiatrist. But it is so bad with her, knew nobody, "says Marie-Jo.

"Genevieve was always with her children, always wanted the best for them. Her husband was rarely with her.  Last summer they stayed a month with the children at sea.  Her husband has not been a day with her.  Did not suspect that they would commit such acts.  After the birth of Mehdi, the youngest, sukkelde with a small depression.. She took antidepressants. T. When Mehdi recently went to kindergarten, she stopped it. . It went well with her. I think she was the perfect mother. Of course she wore a heavy burden, a family with five children alone beredderen is not nothing. But I can not believe they did it. I I love me that every scene is put, that someone else has killed the children. "

Nivelles neighborhood in shock

HThis shows again that a tragedy to wake other people might. Last Thursday killed a man in Leernes (Hainaut) his wife and daughter of fourteen. He also injured his son twelve put his wife, Nathalie B., death in the middle of the night, apparently after a quarrel. He then hit his children Timothy and Amelie with a hammer and a poker, but they could flee. This man, who himself had cut wounds in the abdominal region, called after the fact to someone in the neighborhood to say "that he had committed a folly."

She always wanted the best for her children"

 Attorney Bernard Goethals does not exclude that the children were surprised in their sleep. Further research should show whether the children were pre-anesthetized by their mother before they were slain in their bedroom. Geneviève, the facts clearly well prepared and had the day before a letter written to her best friend to say goodbye. The woman notified police, but it was too late.

After the five-fold murder the mother tried to commit suicide with the same knife with which she first put her children had died. Doctors were able to resuscitate her. She underwent an emergency operation last night and was now out of life danger.

"Geneviève must really have been desperate"

Rue Général Jacques, just outside the center of Nivelles, is one of the nicer neighborhoods of the city. "These people have lived rather isolated.The children were always clean and were extremely friendly and polite, "says the heavily excited neighbor Christian Andre.

“Geneviève have suffered enormously under the departure of her husband. Recently she told me that he has lived several months in Algeria, his homeland.  She was not that easy. And yet: did you get her in the shop, she was always friendly. t het. Nobody understands it.  Especially not the way.  Dead stabbed with a knife. They should really have been desperate, "said Marc Dedobbeleer, another neighbor.

“Bouchaid Mokadem was the second husband of Geneviève and the father of Mehdi, the youngest," says girlfriend Marie-Jo. “It was already bad between the couple. Recently he was home again. It is when the top arms are resident. He wanted his son back to Algeria.  But her children were her sacred. Geneviève That would never happen. Perhaps they thought 'rather die than one of the children should issue', "says another friend.

 Mokadem was on Wednesday informed of the tragedy. He was in the airport of Zaventem and was about to fly back to Algeria. In Nivelles gonsde the rumors that he himself may have something to do and everything was put in scene. But the prosecutor remains that women are the only suspect.

Around ten o'clock last night, the bodies of Yasmine (14), Nora (11), Myriam (9), Mina (7) and Mahdi (3) away.