Suicides Meds for Depression 2011-01-19 U.S.A. Soldiers: Guards, Reservists Never Deployed Killing Selves at Alarming Rates

Paragraph one reads:  "Citizen soldiers are killing themselves at record rates, the Army announced on Wednesday. Last year, 145 Army Reservists and National Guardsmen committed suicide, compared with 65 suicide deaths across the entire Guard and Reserves in 2009. Worse, Army leaders aren’t entirely sure what’s caused the increase."

Paragraph three reads:  "The stress rates don’t appear to be linked to going to war, though. About half of National Guardsmen who committed suicide last year never deployed, said Maj. Gen. Raymond Carpenter, the acting head of the National Guard; fewer than half of Army Reservists did, according to Reserve chief Lt. Gen. Jack Stultz."

Paragraph seven reads:  "The military has noticed a recent spike in prescription drug usage in both troops and their families, particularly for anti-anxiety and depression medication. It’s also experimented with a variety of post-traumatic stress relievers, from yoga and “bioenergy” to online counseling. A new “virtual PTSD experience” based in Second Life launched just today. While not all post-traumatic stress is combat stress, the apparent lack of a link between deployments and reservist suicide rates call into question whether tools like those are what citizen-soldiers need to overcome their hardships." #

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