Suicide Antidepressants 29/06/2009 Belgium Famous Singer, Yasmine, [Hilde Rens] Kills Self Summary:

This article states:  "On Tuesday 23 June Yasmine was in the hospital because she had poor response to antidepressants that her doctor, along with mandatory sick leave, had prescribed.

Two days later, June 25, she visited her sister, Inge, in Kontich. While her sister was away, Yasmine disappeared without atrace  Around noon, she went to buy a pack of cigarettes in a newsagent, but nobody has seen her.. Soon the police were worrying about her disappearance  Around 14:00 pmy Yasmine was found dead in a barn in the Doopput, a dead-end street near the home of her sister. Official cause of death is suffocation after hanging herself with an iron wire from a branch of a tree.,%2Bantidepressiva%2Bbelgium%2Bhilde%2Brens%2Bwikipedia%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG