Assault Antidepressants 29/01/2009 Australia Woman Attacks a Newsagency Worker Summary:

Second paragraph from the end reads:  "Roker, who was taking anti-depressants at the time, showed no remorse in court yesterday.",27574,24980661-3102,00.html

By Sophie Elsworth

January 29, 2009 11:00pm

A SUNSHINE Coast mother used a metal bar to attack a newsagency worker when she couldn't collect her $7 scratchie win, a court has been told.
Sunshine Roker, 33, used the 46cm bar to attack Martin Tepania on March 7 last year when she was told the Golden Casket system was down and she was unable to collect her small scratchie win.

Roker, the mother of children aged one and two, admitted in Maroochydore District Court yesterday to two counts of common assault.

The court heard that when Roker was told she couldn't collect her $7 win, she slapped Mr Tepania twice on the face and he ordered her to leave.

"I'm going out and telling everybody not to come into this newsagency because you don't pay out your scratchie wins," she was quoted as saying. "You're in the s---. My boyfriend is in the car. You're in trouble. You're f----ing dead."

Roker ran to her partner's car for a metal bar that she then hid in a jacket. She then approached Mr Tepania and and swung it towards him before yelling, "you're going to get it now".

She told police she needed the $7 for petrol as she had used the last of her fuel to drive to the newsagency.

Roker, who was taking anti-depressants at the time, showed no remorse in court yesterday.

Judge John Robertson told her: "You need to learn to control your anger." He ordered her to complete 18 months' probation.