Murder Med For Depression 24/07/2010 England Suspect in Murder Case Was On Depression Medication
Murder Med For Depression 2010-07-24 England Suspect in Murder Case Was On Depression Medication


Paragraph 13 reads:  "Gale also took depression medication after a past girlfriend died in a car crash and he is taking depression medication now."

Bail rejected for Bishop's partner
JP points to Crown's strong case even before murder charge
July 24, 2010
Nicole O'Reilly
The Hamilton Spectator
LONDON (Jul 24, 2010)

The boyfriend of a former Burlington woman found wrapped in a tarp and buried in an overgrown field behind the couple's home will remain in custody, at least for several weeks.

Even if George Christopher (Chris) Gale hadn't been charged with second-degree murder -- which was announced by London police Thursday night and read out in court yesterday morning -- the 29-year-old would be in custody.

Following a bail hearing earlier this week, justice of the peace Kathy-Lou Johnson denied Gale bail yesterday on an earlier charge of indignity to human remains for allegedly burying Jocelyn Bishop, 21, as well as 24 firearm and drug charges.

With Gale's family seated on the left side of the courtroom, Bishop's family on the right side and a stone-faced Gale sitting in the prisoner's box, Johnson cited what she described as a strong Crown case, possibility for re-offence with the drug and weapons charges, public perception of safety and the possibility of a long sentence as some reasons to deny bail.

Gale wore a black suit and kept his eyes forward. He has a cast on his right wrist and hand -- he told police Bishop broke it with a pipe during a fight on June 27, the day she disappeared.

Outside court Bishop's mom, Ginette, said she was relieved, but added "it won't bring back my daughter."

Bishop's body, with a gunshot wound to the head, was found two weeks ago by police. She was reported missing by family four weeks ago after Gale called them to say the pair had fought and she had walked out a week prior.

Before denying bail, Johnson recounted details learned in the bail hearing, including that Gale told police after hours of interrogation that Bishop shot herself, and that he buried the body and cleaned up blood with bleach. Bloodied sofa cushions were found in a dumpster near the home.

There was no publication ban sought on details of the bail hearing.

Police found what appeared to be the remnants of a grow-operation in the home, Johnson read out. Gale had 18 guns registered to his name and four found in the home were not registered. Many guns were strewn around the home.

There is no record of the gun Gale told police Bishop used on herself.

Bishop took medication for anxiety and agoraphobia, but had appeared happier shortly before her death, Johnson said.

Gale also took depression medication after a past girlfriend died in a car crash and he is taking depression medication now.

Johnson also raised doubts about the possible sureties put forward.

Gale's mother, Sheila Lundy, was described as "abrupt and evasive" in court. Johnson questioned whether she would call police if her son was in violation of bail terms.

Three other aunts who posed as sureties were also discounted by Johnson -- one as just being the "bank" and the other two for not really knowing Gale or what would be expected of them.

Outside the courtroom, Gale's defence attorney, Donald Crawford, said the family was disappointed and they questioned some of the justice's reasoning for denying bail.

He said Gale was not surprised by the charge, given what police have been saying, and is taking it well.

He will apply for bail on the murder charge in the coming weeks. Gale will reappear before the court on Aug. 4.