Forgery Med For Depression 08/06/2010 Canada Former Lawyer Commits Forgery
Forgery Med For Depression 2010-06-08 Canada Former Lawyer Commits Forgery


Paragraph seven reads:  "Der also told the judge that his client was depressed and on medication at the time."

Former lawyer avoids jail time

June 8, 2010
By: Jeremy Nolais

A disbarred lawyer from Cochrane who pled guilty to one count of attempting to utter a forged document will avoid jail time and a criminal record.

Alexandra Nicola Davis, who was suspended from the Law Society of Alberta for a separate matter in April 2009, appeared in Calgary Provincial Court June 2 for sentencing. She was given a conditional discharge with 18 months probation for attempting to illegally gain access to her ex-husband’s business bank accounts.

Davis’ lawyer Balfour Der said both he and his client were happy with the final court decision.

“It’s a good result because it saves her from having a criminal record for what was a mistake,” he said. “She was under a lot of pressure at the time, wasn’t feeling well. It was a poor decision on her part but nevertheless it was a mistake.”

When Davis last appeared in court April 22, the court heard that she had invested in real estate properties but could no longer afford the mortgage payments after being suspended.

Der claimed that Davis’ ex-husband had originally agreed to help her refinance the properties but then backed out of the deal.

Der also told the judge that his client was depressed and on medication at the time.

“The judge factored that in,” Der said of his client’s depression.

Davis had originally been charged with two counts of forgery and one count of uttering a forged document; however, Der said his client faces no other charges at this time.