Death Threats Cymbalta & Tricyclic Antidepressant 02/09/2009 Georgia Pharmacologist Testifies That Mix of Cymbalta With Older Antidepressant Caused Threats Against Judge Summary:

Paragraphs 11 through 14 read:  "The defense’s first witness, Delaney, said Koldewey’s destructive state of mind was chemically induced."

He testified that just days before making the threats, Koldeway was prescribed a sleep medication that interfered with other medications he had been taking.

The drug, desipramine [an older tricyclic antidepressant], can cause sudden hostility, panic attacks and aggressiveness when taken in combination with cymbalta, which Koldeway was also using, said Delaney.

“When you use these drugs together, you’ve just got to be careful,” said Delaney. “Patients should be monitored for reactions on a day-to- day basis.”

Death threats on Brunswick judge blamed on faulty drug mix

The man accused of threatening a judge had a medication interaction, pharmacologist said.