Suicide-By-Cop Antidepressant 27/09/2011 Australia Man Shot to Death by Police While Trying to Commit Suicide
Suicide-By-Cop Antidepressant 2011-09-27 Australia Man Shot to Death by Police While Trying to Commit Suicide

Paragraph 18 reads: "The inquest heard yesterday the 36-year-old was on antidepressant medication and had been diagnosed with schizophrenia."

SSRI Stories note: Although it is a fairly common practice to give antidepressants to people diagnosed with schizophrenia, it can actually be harmful as the antidepressant can exacerbate symptoms of paranoia, psychosis, mania, etc. The Physicians Desk Reference lists these as either Frequent or Infrequent side-effects but not as rare side-effects.

Father defends son shot dead by police

Nastasia Campanella

Updated September 27, 2011 17:52:22

The father of a suicidal man shot dead by police in Sydney's south-west two years ago has told an inquest there is no way his son wanted to attack the officers.

Adam Salter, 36, was shot in the back in the kitchen of his father's Lakemba home in November 2009.

The court previously heard he was lying on the floor being treated by paramedics after harming himself when police arrived.

A paramedic today told the Glebe Coroners Court that Adam Salter became aggressive before he was shot.

Today Mr Salter's father, Adrian Salter, continued to give evidence to deputy state coroner Scott Mitchell.

He told the court there was no way his son was trying to hurt the police officers, because there was a knife stuck in his son's throat.

Adrian Salter said he tried to pull the knife off his son, but he brushed him aside.

He told the inquest his son was in danger, and that if police felt they were in danger they should get another job.

Two ambulance officers took the stand today as well.

The first, Carl Johnson, said Adam Salter became aggressive with ambulance staff as they were trying to treat him on the kitchen floor.

He has told the inquest Mr Salter got up suddenly and started pulling tubes and an oxygen mask off himself.

Mr Johnson said he felt he was in danger but that he never saw Mr Salter lunge at officers with the knife.

The second ambulance officer that took the stand, Sherree Lutz, told the inquest a man stabbing himself was a dangerous situation but that she did not feel threatened by Mr Salter.

She agreed with Mr Johnson in that Mr Salter never lunged at officers.

Yesterday Mr Salter told the court his son did not lunge at police with the knife and that none of the officers helped him as he fell to the ground.

Adrian Salter said he felt there was enough time for police to block his son from picking up the knife again.

He said his son had mentioned he was feeling extremely stressed at work in the weeks leading up to his death.

The inquest heard yesterday the 36-year-old was on antidepressant medication and had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The detective who investigated the case, Virginia Gorman, told the inquest yesterday she believed the policewoman who fired did so because she thought a colleague was going to be stabbed.

But Detective Sergeant Gorman did acknowledge problems with an initial police incident report.

She conceded Mr Salter did not charge at police, as suggested in the report.

The court also heard that Sheree Bissett yelled "Taser, Taser, Taser" just before she fired her pistol.

The policewoman is expected to take the stand later this week.

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