Murder Attempt Med For Depression +Alcohol 16/06/2011 England Man Stabs Neighbor Who Was a Good Friend
Murder Attempt Med For Depression +Alcohol 2011-06-16 England Man Stabs Neighbor Who Was a Good Friend

Paragraph 26 reads:  ""It was a slow-burning process of events, not helped by his drinking while on medication for depression."

SSRI Stories Note:  The Physicians Desk Reference states that antidepressants can cause a craving for alcohol and can cause alcohol abuse. Also, the liver cannot metabolize the antidepressant and the alcohol simultaneously, thus leading to higher levels of both alcohol and the antidepressant in the human body.

Leicester man stabbed in stomach by drunken neighbour

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Leicester Mercury

A man was stabbed in the stomach after opening his door to a drunken neighbour who had a grudge against him.

John Diaper, 60, said he was lucky to be alive after alcoholic David McLean attacked him with a kitchen knife.

McLean, also 60, of Curlew Walk, off Humberstone Road, Leicester, was yesterday jailed for six years for the unprovoked attack on his former friend.

Speaking after the sentencing at Leicester Crown Court, Mr Diaper said he had known that McLean was drunk when he started banging on his door on December 17.

Initially, he said, he tried to keep the door to his flat shut, but McLean then started kicking it.

"I opened it a little bit and that's when he stabbed me," he said.

"I didn't even see the knife until afterwards.

"I didn't feel pain either at first and I helped Dave back into his flat.

"Then I saw the blood and called the paramedics and was treated at hospital.

"I was really lucky he didn't stab into an organ. I could have been killed.

"I needed two weeks off work. I still get stomach pains from time to time."

The knife penetrated Mr Diaper's stomach wall and he spent two nights in hospital, although surgeons decided not to operate because he has a heart condition.

He said he had no idea what prompted the attack.

Mr Diaper said: "He had lived next to me for seven years and we were friends.

"We did gardening outside together but he just said he had had enough of me earlier last year.

"But he'd still come round when he was drunk.

"He mumbled something before he stabbed me but I didn't understand him."

Mr Diaper said he was pleased that McLean had been jailed and also made the subject of an indefinite restraining order banning him from future contact with him.

Mr Diaper said: "Hopefully, that means he won't move back here again."

McLean admitted wounding with intent. Malcolm Wilson, prosecuting, said the relationship broke down a couple of months before the attack for no apparent reason.

McLean appeared to have a grudge against the victim.

When he was arrested, McLean, a landscape gardener, said he had drunk seven or eight pints in the pub, plus other drinks, and could not remember using the knife.

The court heard he had a 1971 conviction for wounding with intent and a 1996 conviction for common assault.

In 2005, he was prosecuted for an affray involving waving a five-inch knife around while making threats to another neighbour.

Sally Bamford, mitigating, said: "There were incidents that led to the breakdown of their association and there was a background.

"It was a slow-burning process of events, not helped by his drinking while on medication for depression.

"He was at the end of his tether after a long period of intense high feeling.

"He has expressed remorse with the way he dealt with this matter.

"He is normally mild-mannered but can't control his impulses while in drink.

"He knows he is going to have to stay away from alcohol in future."

Recorder Tracey Lloyd-Nesling said that despite nine in-patient rehabilitation programmes over the years McLean had not resolved his drinking problem.

She said: "There was no provocation.

"It was a revenge attack because you and he had fallen out."