Murder Prozac 04/12/2009 Iraq/New York Soldier Stabs to Death Two Fellow Soldiers Summary:

Paragraphs 5 through 8 read:  "Investigators found the 23-year old's body and along with the body of 20-year old Waide James of Port St. John in Brevard County in their apartment just outside Ft. Drum in New York. The two failed to report for duty on base.

Police say the Army Specialists had been stabbed to death.

New York authorities tracked their other roommate, military police officer Joshua Hunter, to Ohio.

"Hunter, 20, was expected to be arraigned on second-degree murder charges Friday morning, three days after the bodies of James and Valbuena were found in their apartment just outside Fort Drum, about 140 miles northwest of Albany. Hunter and the two victims served in Iraq at the same time in the same battalion."

Paragraph 11 reads:  "'He was a gunner and he was active,'  says his father, Jim Hunter.  'He said he saw some things he couldn't get out of his mind. I know he was seeing a therapist and taking Prozac'."

Slain Port St. Lucie soldier recalled as 'loving person' who put others first