Suicide Med For Depression 21/04/2010 England Man Deliberately Steps in Front of Car
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-04-21 England Man Deliberately Steps in Front of Car


Paragraph five reads:  "He was on medication for anxiety and depression and was receiving counselling."

Inquest: Ellesmere Port man stepped in front of lorry on the M56 after suffering from depression

Apr 21 2010 by Claire Devine, Ellesmere Port Pioneer  

A MAN stepped out in front of a lorry on the M56 after suffering from depression, an inquest heard.

Karl Alexander Robinson, of Orchard Close, Great Sutton, Ellesmere Port, died on Monday, October 5, 2009 on the M56 between Dunkirk and junction 15 at Stoak.

The inquest, before Cheshire coroner Nicholas Rheinberg, heard Mr Robinson, 43, had underlying health problems which left him in pain, despite two operations. He began to get anxious about his health and the fact he was signed off work.

The salesman was worried he might lose his job which caused him to worry about providing financially for his family.

He was on medication for anxiety and depression and was receiving counselling.

The court heard from Mr Robinson’s wife, Karen, who said he seemed to be getting better near the time of his death.

On the day of Mr Robinson’s death she left for work as normal at 5.15am and her husband was asleep.

She said: “He kissed me good night the night before as normal.”

Wayne Hughes, of Bryn Helyg, Flint, was driving the lorry that hit Mr Robinson.

Mr Hughes said he was driving from Northop to Speke and joined the M56 about 9.10am.

He said: “I noticed a car parked on the hard shoulder with the driver’s door open. There was a male standing behind it with his arms resting on the door.

“As I got closer he was facing me but standing behind the door. Then he just came out in front of me.”

John Jones, of Mold, was driving his BMW at the time of the collision.

He said: “As I pulled level with the HGV I saw a red car on the hard shoulder and a man standing by the car.

“I thought maybe he was looking to cross the carriageway so slowed down.

“As I pulled level with the lorry I saw movement out the corner of my eye and saw him walk out.”

Daphne Deegan, an occupational therapist at Bowmere Hospital in Chester, was care co-ordinator for Mr Robinson and saw him once or twice a week for a month leading up to his death.

Ms Deegan said: “He was an anxious, worried person, worried about his job and finances.”

She said Mr Robinson always denied suicidal ideas and the last time she saw him was the Friday before his death.

“He was concerned about a letter to his employer from his doctor but wouldn’t tell me what was in it.

“He wasn’t as good as the Wednesday before but people do vary. I was totally shocked at his death.”

Cheshire Police collision investigator PC Steve Binns said: “The lorry driver had insufficient time and distance to avoid the collision.”

Concluding the inquest Mr Rheinberg said: “Mr Robinson deliberately walked in front of the lorry as a product of his illness.

“He died of multiple injuries due to the collision with the vehicle.”

Verdict: Karl Robinson took his own life while the balance of his mind was disturbed.