Suicide Zoloft Antidepressant 25/06/2010 India Famous Former Super Model Commits Suicide
Suicide Zoloft Antidepressant 2010-06-25 India Famous Former Super Model Commits Suicide


Paragraph three reads:  " 'She had lost hope of all career prospects and (would) talk of depressing things,' ’ Vora stated. He also revealed that Babajee used to take heavy medication, anti-depressants and a tablet called Zoloft'She was confining herself to the house... discussing depressing things,' ’ he said."

Stockbroker Gautam Vora, 32, has said that he “always advised (model Viveka Babajee) to forget her past and start afresh in life... and motivated her to give a fresh start to her modelling career’’. Vora, the alleged beau of Babajee, said this in the anticipatory bail application he filed before the sessions court on Monday. Vora fears the police may arrest him for abetment to suicide after Babajee’s body was found on Friday.

Vora has painted a picture of the suicide victim as a depressed woman who had “lost all hope of career prospects’’. He stated that Babajee had also talked about a failed relationship. He said, “He found that she was confused and disturbed and lost in some philosophical talks where she would discuss some third world and outer world.’’

“She had lost hope of all career prospects and (would) talk of depressing things,’’ Vora stated. He also revealed that Babajee used to take heavy medication, anti-depressants and a tablet called Zoloft. “She was confining herself to the house... discussing depressing things,’’ he said.

Babajee and Vora met at a social function on April 10, 2010 and kept in touch over a social networking site. Gautam said that Babajee spoke about a “rough patch’’ she was suffering as she did not do well “in acting and suffered losses in business’’ and hence she was “depressed’’. He further stated that Babajee wanted him to be a “good friend’’ and “advise her on financial matters’’. The duo then met over weekends and became “good friends’’ and went out on occassion.

It was at about 6.30 pm on Friday, when Vora was working in his office, that he first heard of her suicide, according to the bail plea. “Shocked and clueless’’, he first tried to contact some common friends. He then began making his way to her Bandra residence, but family and friends called to tell him that media reports were linking him to the case. “Scared,’’ he returned home.

In court, a visibly calm Vora, dressed in a light-pink shirt, was constantly surrounded by two friends and mother Madhavi. When asked by TOI if he was scared, he nodded with downcast eyes. After an almost two-hour wait, when his turn to be heard came, his counsel Shirish Gupte submitted that Vora was afraid that he would be implicated in a non-bailable offence on account of the suicide and panic was created in Vora’s mind.

Public prosecutor R V Kini said, “Right now, the police have no intention of arresting him and want to question him as he himself stated that he went to her house. The police will decide whether a case of abetment can be made against Gautam after the evidence is gathered and statements recorded.’’ Principal Judge M L Tahaliyani recorded the statements and asked Vora to report to Khar police station at 6 pm on Monday and 9 am on Tuesday to give his statement. The judge deferred the hearing on the anticipatory bail plea to Tuesday evening. Outside the court, Gautam told reporters that he had no role in Babajee’s suicide.

In the plea, Vora said that on Thursday, a day before Babajee’s body was found, he received a call from the former beauty queen inviting him to her residence. As he was attending a business meeting in Bandra, he met her at Continental Apartments at 6 pm. Gautam stated that they had a “normal chat’’ and a “couple of drinks’’. He also stated that Babajee was “depressed, lonely and taking some kind of medication and smoking a lot’’. Babajee also said that she wanted to have a party for his birthday on Saturday, but Vora was not interested as his father had passed away eight months earlier. Vora further said that Babajee discussed a broken relationship she had and told him that her ex-boyfriend “had been talking to clients she was approaching and had made her business life difficult’’. She also said that she was “missing her family’’.

During the discussion, he realised that she wanted to alter her business and career prospects. Gautam said he told Babajee “not to smoke so much and not to end her existing business’’. While leaving at around 8.45 to 9pm, he said that he “made best efforts to keep her cool’’. No mention is made of an argument.

He added that when reached home, he received a call from Babajee, but “did not understand the actual meaning of what she was saying’’. Vora said he “presumed maybe she was under the influence of alcohol or taking something and was hysteric’’. He advised her not to drink and to sleep immediately.

In his plea, Vora stated that if arrested his reputation would be maligned. He also said he is unaware of the nature of the charges against him and hence is unsure how to deal with the same. He said that when his mother received the summons, he wanted to explain the entire situation. However, he found adverse remarks appearing in the media against him. He got scared and was advised by relatives not to speak to the media, but to take legal advice.

He also mentioned that only in May she told him that she was 37 years old and it was only through media reports that he learnt that she had attempted suicide two to three times earlier.

Vora said it was a matter of great concern that someone who was so close to him for two months had now died. But he clarified that of the two months he spent one month abroad.

Dalal St Roots

The 32-year-old Gautam Vora, who runs one of Dalal Street’s well-known stockbroking firms, did his schooling at Green Lawns, Breach Candy. A resident of Urvashi Apartments at Nepean Sea Road, Vora then went on to study at Indiana University, US. After completing his BBA degree, he continued to work there for about four to five years till he had to come back to India to tend to his ailing father, Umesh Vora, and take care of the family business. Umesh died on August 23, 2009. Gautam currently resides in the Nepean Sea Road flat with his widowed mother and younger brother.

­From Vora’s anticipatory bail plea

Peace Moves Afoot
Businessman Viren Shah, who is a family friend of the Voras, is reportedly trying to play peacemaker in the Babajee case. Shah, who met Babajee’s brotherin-law Gogi at the late model’s prayer meeting held at the Indian Medical Association on Monday evening, said, “We are trying to resolve the issue amicably.... Within a day or two, we will try and get the two families to meet  and settle the issue.