Mania Prozac 17/05/2010 Global ++Patients Who Feel Better Than Well on Prozac Are Soft Bipolars Who Might Become Manic
Mania Prozac 2010-05-17 Global ++Patients Who Feel Better Than Well on Prozac Are Soft Bipolars Who Might Become Manic [light red] ++ Indicates an important journal article.

SSRI Stories note on May 17, 2010 :  On pages 6 through 10 of the paperback edition, Dr. Fieve states that those patients who feel "better than well" on Prozac are actually soft 'bipolar' patients who have to be watched closely as they might become manic and will need to be hospitalized.

Prozac: Questions and Answers for Patients, Family and Physicians [Mass Market Paperback]

Ronald R. Fieve
Ronald R. Fieve (Author)

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Featured on the cover of Newseek and New York Magazine...debated on television and radio, written about in daily newspapers, Prozac has raised hopes and sparked controversies across the country. But how much do you really know about Prozac, the alleged "miracle drug" that doctors worldwide have employed to help alleviate crippling clinical depression in their patients?

The bestselling author of Moodswing, Dr. Ronald R. Fieve is one of the nation's foremost experts on Prozac and its uses. In a clear, concise and easy-to-use format, he provides detailed and authoritative answers to the most commonly asked questions about essential information to help make informed decisions on this complex, often confusing, prescription, and offering interpretation of the effects of Prozac on personality as well as the dangers of prescribing Prozac to misdiagnosed patients.

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Internationally renowned psychiatrist Ronald R. Fieve, M.D., is one of the foremost experts in the clinical use of Prozac as well as the pioneer in the use of lithium for manic depression in America. A gradutate of Harvard Medical School, extensively trained in psychopharmacology as well as psychoanalysis, he served his residencies in internal medicine at New York Hospital and in psychiatry at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center and the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Dr. Fieve is Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University, a chief of psychiatric research at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, and the founder and president of the Foundation for Depression and Manic Depression in New York City. In addition to writing the bestselling Moodswing, he has also published Second Opinion on Lithium Therapy for Depression and Manic Depression and numerous articles in scientific journals. He maintains a private practice on the foundation premises at 7 East 67th Street, New York City.