Stealing Med For Depression 30/04/2009 England Man Steals from Friend & Threatens Assault Summary:

Paragraph five reads:  "Before the offence he had already been off work for some considerable time, suffering depression . He was on medication and had recently had major bowel surgery."

Ambulanceman in court for assault

AN ambulanceman threatened to "flatten" his ex's new partner after she took up with his work colleague, a court was told.
Depressed Peter Colin Chamberlain, (46), told Diane Wing he would "get them both" when he phoned her after she started going out with another ambulance driver at the same station. He was later questioned by police but claimed he had not been intending physical violence. Miss Wing believed the defendant could not accept their relationship, which ended 18 months before, was over.
Burnley Magistrates were told of a catalogue of misfortune and serious health problems which had recently culminated in Chamberlain, currently off work on long term sick, being arrested- but then cleared- over a burglary at the victim's home.
Chamberlain, of Clayton Street, Barnoldswick, admitted sending an offensive/menacing message by the public communications network. He was given a six month conditional discharge and must pay £50 costs.
Christiana Buchanan, prosecuting, told the court on April 4th, Miss Wing received a number of phone calls from the defendant. When she finally picked up the phone, she was met with abuse.
Chamberlain told the victim he would flatten her new boyfriend and would get them both. When he was later interviewed, he said what he meant was that he was going to report them to the local authority and he wasn't intending violence. Miss Wing took it seriously and was distressed by the message.
Trevor Grice, defending, said Chamberlain showed genuine remorse. He was effectively of good character.
Before the offence he had already been off work for some considerable time, suffering depression. He was on medication and had recently had major bowel surgery. His eight year old daughter from a previous relationship had gone to live in Canada and he no longer saw her.
He and Miss Wing had formerly been in a long term relationship and when she took up with a work colleague, that didn't help.
Mr Grice said just before the phone call Chamberlain had been arrested for a burglary at Miss Wing's house. He had been dragged out of bed at 5.30am, taken to the police station and stayed in a cell unrepresented for 10 hours.Then he was finally released and no further action was taken.
The solicitor told the hearing that police who were investigating the crime, found, on the underside of her television stand, fingerprints which clearly related to the defendant.
Mr Grice continued :"That compounded his difficulties. He then received a phone call from a work colleague, saying: "Its all around work that you have burgled Diane's house." Chamberlain was clearly upset about that and it was a combination of all these factors that led him to make the phone call.
The solicitor added Chamberlain was receiving counselling. He added: "He is effectively trying to put his life back together."