Violence Zoloft 14/04/2010 California Police Officer Allegedly Attacks & Molests a Woman
Violence Zoloft 2010-04-14 California Police Officer Allegedly Attacks & Molests a Woman


Paragraph 21 reads:  "Orban also told police that he had taken two anti-depressants that morning, Zoloft and Neurontin, before spending the hours leading up to attack drinking beer and margaritas with his old friend, Jelinek."

SSRI Stories Note:  The Physicians Desk Reference states that
antidepressants can cause a craving for alcohol and alcohol abuse.  Also, the liver cannot metabolize the antidepressant and the alcohol simultaneously,  thus leading to higher levels of both alcohol and the antidepressant in the human body. Also, the mania caused by the Zoloft can result in violence and hostility.

Police: Officer showed anger, boredom during alleged rape

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Previously unreported details of an alleged attack by a detective are contained in Ontario Police Department account of the events.

RANCHO CUCAMONGA – A Westminster police officer veered between anger and boredom as he raped a woman inside the victim's car, beating the 25-year-old mother with a closed fist, choking her, and playing with his gun, according to a police report.

Previously unreported details from an Ontario Police Department account of the alleged attack by Anthony Nicholas Orban, a detective with the Westminster Police Department and a former Marine, paint a disturbing picture of events that could put Orban and his accused accomplice, correctional officer Jeff Thomas Jelinek, both 30, behind bars for life.
Anthony Orban sits in a Rancho Cucamonga courtroom during a bail hearing at Tuesday. Orban, 30, a Westminster Police detective, is accused of raping a 25-year old woman in Fontana earlier this month. Orban's gun was found in the car by police investigators. The prosecution alleges that Orban forgot about his gun when fled the scene.

Both men have pleaded not guilty in the April 3 rape and carjacking and are being held at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga on $2 million bail each.

During the alleged assault outside a storage shed in Fontana, Orban used his cell phone to snap pictures of the attack – behavior "consistent with a sex offender who wants to keep a souvenir of his superior accomplishments,'' according to the police report, based on interviews with the alleged victim and the two defendants.

Orban, who is married and lives in Irvine, allegedly carried out what the victim portrays as a brutal, terrifying assault after he forced her into her SUV at gunpoint when she left her restaurant job at Ontario Mills Mall at around 5:30 p.m.

At first, Orban appeared to be "extremely angry" as the two drove away, according to the report. Fearing for her life, the woman acted calm, which appeared to calm Orban down, too, the report said.

After a short drive, Orban promised to let her go, she told police.

The woman, who told police she had never met Orban or Jelinek before, pulled off the 15 Freeway in Fontana into a parking lot next to a Denny's, the report says. Orban spotted an ambulance in the parking lot and told her to drive to a different section of the lot, and she pulled in front of a storage business, she told police, according to the report.

The victim talked about her child and other personal matters as Orban continued to waver on letting her go, she told police.

Orban, who has a tattoo of a nude woman on his left forearm, smiled and asked if she was scared, she said, according to the police report.

Orban then said he would let her go, "but she had to do something before he left," she told the police, according to the report.

He unbuttoned his pants and told the woman to orally copulate him, she told police.

On about seven more separate occasions, while the woman was orally copulating him, Orban would slap her face or snap his fingers to get her to stop and start, she told police.

"It appeared he was doing this to manipulate her fears," the report said, citing the interview with the victim.

At one time, while allegedly forcing the woman to have sexual intercourse with him in the back seat, Orban played with his .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun and a bullet fell out of the chamber, she told police, the report said.

On another occasion, Orban set his weapon down in her child's empty car seat, she told police.

"The victim said during the entire assault Orban appeared to get bored very easily and would slap her to she how she reacted," the report said. "The victim said it appeared Orban was getting a thrill out of seeing the fear on her face."

While allegedly attempting another sexual act on the victim, Orban became violent when he could not maintain an erection, she told police, according to the report.

He punched the woman with a closed right fist on the right side of her face twice and "it appeared he was getting pleasure from hurting her," she told police. He then punched her so hard in the stomach "she felt as if she could not breathe," the report says.

Later that night, after his arrest, Orban told police he had been having erection problems for the past year, according to the report.

Orban also told police that he had taken two anti-depressants that morning, Zoloft and Neurontin, before spending the hours leading up to attack drinking beer and margaritas with his old friend, Jelinek.

At least twice during the alleged rape, Orban threatened to shoot the woman, and he put the barrel of his gun inside her mouth once and rubbed the weapon on the side of her face "in an effort to scare her," the report says, citing the interview with the victim.

He also tried to choke the woman, she alleged – at one time jamming his thumbs close to her esophagus so hard she thought she was going to lose consciousness.

Another time, Orban stuck two fingers down her throat to gag and choke her, she told police, the report says.

The attack ended when Orban, after letting the woman get dressed, got distracted by cell phone calls, she told police. She bolted from her unlocked back door to a nearby liquor store and told the clerk to call police.

Orban grabbed the woman's keys and called Jelinek to pick him up at a gas station next to the Denny's, according to the police report. But Orban left behind, in the woman's car, his service weapon and sunglasses – and the bullet, the report says.

The woman's keys later were found in the possession of Jelinek, according to the report.

Jelinek told police that he and Orban spent Saturday "stalking cute girls," but that he should have stopped the alleged attack from unfolding.

"I should have done more," he said, referring to the moment when Orban allegedly forced himself into the woman's car at the mall, the report said.

Asked what he meant, he said, "Call the cops."

From her perspective, though, the alleged victim thought Jelinek, a correctional officer at the Chino Institute for Men, didn't appear to be too concerned when Orban allegedly carjacked her.

She said Jelinek laughed – "like he didn't seem to give a (expletive)," according to the police report.

Jelinek later told police he received photos of the assault on his phone, allegedly sent by Orban.

One text message from Orban read, "Look what I'm doing," according to the police report.

Jelinek, of Ontario, said he knew it was a crime to pick Orban up after the alleged assault and that he felt he was an accessory to the crime, according to the police report.

He also admitted to erasing text messages from Orban. At one point during his interview with Ontario police, Jelinek said he "knew he had ruined his career as a correctional officer," according to the report.

Orban and Jelinek are next due in court on April 28 for a bail hearing.

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