Shooting Med For Depression 2011-10-10 New York Shooter in Daily Gazette Newspaper Office in Schenectady Now In Custody

Paragraph six reads: "Norwood's family tells FOX23 he was recently treated at Ellis Hospital for depression."

SSRI Stories note: SSRI Stories does not publish stories where there is no mention of medication but this story will be the exception as it is inconceivable that a man recently released from the hospital who was being treated for depression was not either on an antidepressant or withdrawing from an antidepressant.

UPDATE: Shooting suspect to be arraigned by judge in jail

Updated: 4:45 pm

Schenectady police say Elvis Norwood, the suspect in the Daily Gazette shooting Saturday, is now facing second degree burglary, attempted aggravated assault on a police officer, menacing a police officer, all felonies, and criminal possession of a weapon, a misdemeanor.

The 21-year-old remains in stable condition at Albany Med. He will be arraigned at the hospital by a Schenectady City Criminal Judge.

The suspect in the police involved shooting inside the Schenectady Daily Gazette building over the weekend is expected to survive.

Officials at Albany Medical Center say 21-year-old Elvis Norwood is now in stable condition after being shot three times by Schenectady police after allegedly charging at them with a knife on Saturday.

Police say Norwood went inside and asked for a drink. He was given permission to use the water fountain but then police say he wouldn't leave and ran at them with a knife.

Norwood's family tells FOX23 he was recently treated at Ellis Hospital for depression.

The officer who shot Norwood and his partner are on paid administrative leave as the investigation into the incident continues.