Murder/ Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 15/08/2011 Island of Jersey/UK Six Dead: Man Knives Families: Tries to Commit Suicide
Murder/ Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2011-08-15 Island of Jersey/UK Six Dead: Man Knives Families: Tries to Commit Suicide

Paragraph 13 reads: "Miss Nalichowska, 29, who taught Kinga at her Saturday Polish school, said her friend Mrs Rzeszowski had confided in her that they were having problems with their marriage and that Rzeszowski had taken an overdose of pills less than a month ago after suffering from depression."

Paragraph 46 reads: "‘Five weeks ago Damian seemed very down,’ the friend said. ‘And four weeks ago he took 80 pills, anti-depressants.

‘I could not believe it when the hospital let him out the next day. He said, “I need help”.

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Pictured: The second mother killed in Jersey knife attack who died with her daughter

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Last updated at 6:06 PM on 16th August 2011

This are the smiling faces of the second mother and daughter who were killed in a frenzied knife attack that claimed six lives.

Marta de la Haye, 34, is pictured here hugging her five-year-old daughter Julia on a fairground ride. Both are believed to be among the victims of the brutal slaughter in St Helier, Jersey.

Polish-born Marta, who married Jersey man Craig De La Haye six years ago, was the best friend of murdered Isabela Rzeszowski, wife of the man suspected of carrying out the attacks.

Murdered: Marta de la Haye, 34, hugs her five-year-old daughter Julia, who are believed to be among the six victims of the tragic knife attack in St Helier, Jersey

Police are waiting to question Damian Rzeszowski, 30, the father who is also suspected of killing his own 18-month old son Kacper, daughter Kinga, five, and father-in-law Marek Gartski, 55, after his marriage broke down.

Rzeszowski remains under arrest in a serious but stable condition in hospital. There are disputed claims he had discovered his wife was pregnant with another man's child.

Two more bodies were finally removed from the crime scene by ambulance crews today, two days after the attack.

The unidentified victims were loaded into the back of an emergency vehicle and taken away from the house.

Victims: Izabela Rzeszowski, top left, the couple's two children daughter Kinga and son Kacper, alongside Damian Rzeszowski, who has been arrested in connection with the alleged murder

Family man: Two more pictures show Damian Rzeszowski seemingly acting as a caring father with son Kacper, right, and enjoying a family meal, left

Meanwhile, the teacher of one of the children believed to have been killed by their father described them as 'little angels' today.

Dominika Nalichowska said six-year-old Kinga Rzeszowski and her brother Kasper, two, were 'beautiful' children with blue eyes and blonde hair.

Miss Nalichowska, 29, who taught Kinga at her Saturday Polish school, said her friend Mrs Rzeszowski had confided in her that they were having problems with their marriage and that Rzeszowski had taken an overdose of pills less than a month ago after suffering from depression.

She said: 'He was a very calm and quiet person so I don't know if it was because everything was bottled up inside him.

'I don't know what happened to cause such a sudden outburst.'

She said the family had only returned from a trip to visit family in Poland on Saturday or Sunday and suggested the stress of travelling coupled with the depression could have contributed.

Damian Rzeszowska and his wife sit together in a park. Neighbours claimed today the breakdown of their marriage led to the alleged stabbings Pictures from the Facebook profile of Izabela Rzeszowski give no indication of the marital problems she was apparently having with husband Damian

A green tarpaulin covered an area at the rear of the victims' ground floor flat today, with some of the bodies reportedly found in the area

Describing Rzeszowski, she said: 'He was a very peaceful man, we've never seen him lose his temper so it's hard to believe what made him turn in that way.'

She said his wife was a 'beautiful young woman, slender, tall, she was very attractive.

'She was very nice to talk to as well, very easygoing.

'Both of them loved each other, they'd been together for about 10 years, but they had been having problems lately, as every couple does.'

Miss Nalichowska said Kinga had turned six in November, adding: 'I think she was a bit quiet but the children loved her anyway.

'Kasper was a little bit younger, he was small, I think they both took after her (their mother).

Sealed off: The scene in St Helier where six people from two families were stabbed to death yesterday, including three children

Tragic: A young boy lays flowers in St Helier, Jersey after six people including a six-year-old girl and 18-month-old boy were killed

'They were like little angels with their blue eyes and blonde hair.'

Miss Nalichowska said she believed the family had lived on the island for around six years and added that her boyfriend Kordian Berkolec, 47, a natural healer, had offered to give the couple therapy for free as they were friends but they had not got round to doing it, although he had seen Mrs Rzeszowski on her own.

An ambulance pulled up outside the flat in St Helier's Victoria Crescent at 11am today and a body could be seen being loaded into the back of the vehicle on a stretcher.

A large white tent was erected in front of the flats, while a cordon remains in front of a large section of the private road along with a grassy wooded area in front.

House-to-house inquiries are under way while forensic examination of the scene was continuing with the States of Jersey Police Forensic team, supported by experts from the Devon & Cornwall force.

Family liaison officers are working with the two families involved in the incident, supported by Polish-speaking officers and staff.

Tributes: Police collect flowers left at the flat in St Helier, Jersey where a knifeman attacked two families leaving six dead

Scene: The stabbings took place at a flat in Victoria Crescent in St Helier at around 3pm yesterday afternoon

The attack spilled from a flat in Victoria Crescent and into the street on Sunday afternoon in an area described by a detective as 'one of the safest places in the western world'.

Neighbours have spoken of how they fended off the 'mumbling' knifeman with a traffic cone as he chased one of the women before turning the weapon on himself.

Another witness saw the two little girls' lifeless bodies carried out of the flats by paramedics covered in blood.

One card read: 'May the angels look after you now.

'God bless. Staff and children at Centrepoint Trust.'

Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull, who is leading the murder investigation, said: 'This is an extremely complex investigation, involving two young families and, inevitably, impacting on a whole community, and our inquiry continues to establish exactly what happened on that fateful afternoon last weekend.

'We have had tremendous support from the local community, and I would renew our appeal to anyone who hasn't already come forward, but may have useful information to help our inquiry, to contact us.'

Earlier the results of the first post-mortem examination were disclosed, which found that one of the two women - believed to be mother-of-two Izabela - had died of multiple stab wounds.

Post-mortem tests on the other victims will be carried out by a Home Office pathologist over the next few days.

Rzeszowski’s closest friend claimed yesterday that the carpenter embarked on his killing spree just weeks after a suicide attempt following the breakdown of his marriage.

‘Five weeks ago Damian seemed very down,’ the friend said. ‘And four weeks ago he took 80 pills, anti-depressants.

‘I could not believe it when the hospital let him out the next day. He said, “I need help”.

'I went to his flat and looked after his kids so his wife could go to the hospital to see him. I don’t know why the relationship was breaking down.

‘He said they were going to be fine and that his family were going to go on holiday to Poland. They just got back on Sunday.

'They had been away for two or three weeks. They arrived in the morning and the killing started at 3pm.’

In Poland the leading tabloid newspaper Fakt reported that police sources had said Rzeszowski murdered his Polish wife as an ‘honour killing’ to avenge her alleged betrayal of him by becoming pregnant by another man.

Police say a violent attack like this in quiet Jersey is extremely rare, especially when it happened in such a secluded place like Victoria Crescent, St Helier

One source suggested the father of the child was a British man who has since left Jersey. Many Polish families are devout Roman Catholics who place a high value on family values and fidelity within marriage.

Rzeszowski and his wife had continued to live together at their flat in St Helier, the capital of Jersey, despite their marital problems. They had been married for eight years.

But Izabela had told of her frustration with her marriage in posts on her Facebook account at the beginning of July.

On July 8 she wrote: ‘Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.’

One minute later she added: ‘A man can be destroyed, but not defeated.’

On July 12 she wrote: ‘Few men get what they desire and few deserve what they get.’

But after Rzeszowski’s overdose she changed her Facebook profile to ‘married’ as part of an attempt to save their marriage.

Yesterday, a shocked Alex Wambua, a Co-op supervisor, told how she heard the victims' screams while visiting a friend, Brian Ogesa, living next door to the family.

He said: ‘I heard a woman screaming "help, help, help". We went downstairs and when we opened the door there was a woman lying there covered in blood.

'She was wearing pink and lying on her back, looking up.

‘Brian went to get some towels and I saw a man chasing this girl. She had a black top on and blonde hair and he was stabbing her from behind.

'He was holding her with his left hand and stabbing her with his right. He was using a six-inch blade, it looked like a kitchen knife.

'She was not screaming, her mouth was open but no sound was coming. I shouted out, "what are you doing, what are you doing?"

'She saw me and ran towards me. He stopped stabbing her when I shouted. She ran past me and collapsed next to her friend, on Brian's front step.

'The woman in pink stopped moving. I thought she must be dead. She had blood all over her.

'The one in the black was still making noises and moving. We did what we could.

'The man was really stabbing himself – he stabbed himself 15 or 20 times – in the chest and arms.

'He was screaming in Polish. He would not make eye contact. He looked like a body builder.

'He went back inside. When he opened the door I could see an older man with a white goatee beard lying on the ground with a knife in his back.

'And as the door swung open I could see a little girl covered in blood. I could not see the colour of her clothes, there was so much blood, but I could make out she was blonde.'

Mr Ogesa, 24, said: 'I picked up a traffic cone that was nearby and was going to use it to shield the woman and defend myself.

'But the man then went berserk and stabbed himself in the chest several times, like he was trying to kill himself, before running back indoors.'