Suicide Celexa 31/03/2010 England Ex-Cop Commits Suicide While on Celexa
Suicide Celexa 2010-03-31 England Ex-Cop Commits Suicide While on Celexa


Paragraph 11 reads:  "A postmortem examination revealed he had taken a fatal dose of Citalopram [Celexa], an anti-depressant he had been prescribed."

Ex-cop took overdose as difficulties mounted up

Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 07:30

A FORMER police officer took a fatal overdose after becoming depressed when his life spiralled out of control.

An inquest heard that Michael Miller's Borrowash home was due to be repossessed on the day he took an overdose of anti-depressants.

He was also frustrated by an ongoing police investigation and was struggling to accept his marriage was over.

Recording a verdict that Mr Miller had taken his own life, Louise Pinder, Derby and South Derbyshire Deputy Coroner said she believed it was down to "a combination of frustration, anger and perhaps shame."

"It is clear to me that the reasons to take that overdose were extremely complex and there was no one single thing that tipped the balance," she said.

The inquest heard that Mr Miller had been dismissed from Derbyshire Constabulary after being convicted of assaulting his wife.

During a previous inquiry, when he threatened to set himself alight, police forced entry into Mr Miller's home and took his address book.

After his dismissal from the force, Mr Miller, 46, called for the officers who took the address book and forced entry to face criminal charges, but was told any investigation into their actions would be internal.

Giving evidence yesterday, Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Sprosan, who led that investigation, said Mr Miller told him he wanted the officers "arrested, interviewed and put before the court".

The inquest heard Mr Miller was found dead in a bedroom of his Peveril Avenue home in May last year on the day it was due to be repossessed for non-payment of the mortgage.

A postmortem examination revealed he had taken a fatal dose of Citalopram, an anti-depressant he had been prescribed.

His wife, Lorraine Miller, said the morning her husband died she switched on her phone and found a text message from him.

She went round to his house and could hear his dog barking so she called the police, who forced entry.

Mrs Miller said: "Call it intuition but there was something about this text.

"Mick was frustrated about the police matter and the message asked me not to stop fighting for the truth."

The inquest heard how Mr Miller had suffered from money problems since before he and his wife were married.

After he lost his job, he fell behind on mortgage repayments on the house, which he had bought from his father, who now lives in Jamaica.

Detective Constable Matthew Goodwin, who led the investigation into Mr Miller's death said: "He took it as a personal affront he had not managed to keep up with repayments."

Miss Pinder said that she believed Mr Miller had been trying to protect his family by not telling them about the house repossession.

She said: "He did not want you to know how bad things had become. The notes he left at the scene have an air of finality about them.

"It appears this was a spontaneous and impulsive act."