Child Endangerment Prozac 24/09/2010 Israel Mother Abuses Her Own Son
Child Endangerment Prozac 2010-09-24 Israel Mother Abuses Her Own Son


Paragraph four reads: "The woman who takes large quantities of Prozac, a drug used to enable depressed mental patients to function, is currently under investigation by the Israel police and Israel child welfare for sexually abusing her own son."

By Jonathan Schwartz
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel ---- September 24, 2010 ..... A Sharon, Israel resident has become a victim of a perversion of justice by the Kfar Sava Family Court. Kfar Saba is a northern suburb of Tel Aviv, Israel.

The perversion was allegedly carried out by Judge Rivka Mckies (Mckays), who denied the Sharon resident his basic right of due process, denying him and his child their basic human rights, his basic parental rights in a hearing at which neither he nor his attorney were present.

Based on unsubstantiated allegations of sex abuse made by a woman who has a record of mental problems, and has taken psychiatric drugs, Judge Mckies saw fit, during the above mentioned hearing, which more closely resembled a KGB "Peoples Justice" tribunal than due process as commonly recognized in democratic societies, to ban all contact between him and his child. This, based solely on unsubstantiated allegations made a person of questionable mental stability, and despite the fact that a complaint to the police was never made.

The woman who takes large quantities of Prozac, a drug used to enable depressed mental patients to function, is currently under investigation by the Israel police and Israel child welfare for sexually abusing her own son.

This is not the first time Judge Mckies (Mcyes) has displayed questionable judgment. A self admitted radical feminist with a feminist agenda, her decisions and behavior clearly indicate she is more concerned with balancing all the wrongs women undergo at the hands of the Rabbinical Courts in Israel by displaying bias towards innocent, caring and responsible fathers whose cases she hears than in providing justice.

Judge Rivka Mckies was the subject of a press expose in Israel a few years ago regarding her anti-male bias. It appears that the only reason she was able to maintain her seat on the Bench was the well documented tendency of the Israel justice system to close ranks and protect one of their own, irrespective of what they've done.

Aware of what she is doing, Mckies issued a blanket gag order to ensure that her judicial conduct (or perhaps misconduct) not be subject to any scrutiny.

As a result of the Kfar Saba Family Court Order, the Sharon resident, who is an officer in the IDF (res.) and recently returned from Haiti with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israel Defense Forces where he helped save the lives of 53 starving children, has been limited to a one hour a week supervised visit with his own daughter.

Since Judge Mckies is the sole mistress of her schedule, this situation could go on indefinitely, inexorably resulting in PAS - Parental Alienation Syndrome, the child being alienated from the parent to the point where the resident no longer will be able to have any relationship with the child.

So far the Sharon, Israel resident has scrupulously respected the law, despite its total lack of respect for him and the basic human rights of his daughter. This case however does beg the question at what point is someone entitled to act in accordance with the famous expression "an unjust law is no law at all".

"One of the most commonly used weapons against men in Israel is that of alleging sex abuse between the father and his children," says the Sharon resident who is also the Director of Fathers 4 Justice Israel.

"I have read about and written on this subject for several years. I believe that we all have a tendency to doubt the complete innocence of the father, thinking that he had to do something wrong. But now that I have been personally charged with sex abuse charges, not having an opportunity to respond to it before a Zav Hagana or restraining order was issued by Judge Mckies, I can understand the deep suffering and frustration that both many fathers and children experience."

The Sharon, Israel resident (who pays child support) concludes: "At the very least the Israel judge could have ordered a psychological assessment to be performed within seven days, as to not interrupt the father child relationship, reduce conflict and to avoid any reputation and or character assassination against the father. But this judge illustrated the epitome of callousness, a total lack of sensitivity to both father and child while the child remains under the mother's sole custody. This is classic gender bias discrimination."

The mother who made what appears to be a false, libelous claim is said to earn 2.5 million dollars from her family business in Israel and has placed this money in the hands of family lawyers (Feder Law) and private detectives (Ron Investigations) who are currently under investigation by the Israel police for assault and criminal harassment of both the father and his child.

Neighbors of the Sharon resident photographed the criminal trespassing and physical assault outside his home and the private detectives from Netanya, Israel have allegedly confessed to the crime. Both father and child were treated at a nearby hospital.

The Sharon resident says that he plans on requesting sole custody of his child, suing the Israel Ministry of Justice, the Family Court Judge, the Mayor of the City of Ra'anana Nachum Hofree and it's Child Welfare (Revacha) Department.

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