Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 02/07/2010 England Depressed Man Slits Wife's Throat: Jumps in Front of Train: Said Meds Weren't Working
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2010-07-02 England Depressed Man Slits Wife's Throat: Jumps in Front of Train: Said Meds Weren't Working


Paragraph 43 reads:  "' ' know Steven went to see a doctor last Friday. He was on anti-depressants and they weren't working, maybe that's a reason for this. He's also been on other medication for a chest infection recently which he had for three months.' "

First picture of husband who slashed 'cheating' wife's throat and threw himself under train

By Mail Online Reporter
Last updated at 1:59 PM on 2nd July 2010

This is the first picture of the couple who died in a murder-suicide two days ago when jealous husband Steven Rees cut his wife Ann's throat with a pair of scissors before throwing himself in front of a train.

The bus driver is said to have done so after discovering she was having an affair.

It also emerged today that the couple were just days away from going on a luxury 'marriage-mending' cruise.

His wife, whose bloodstained body was found by police two days ago, at their home in Woodley, Berkshire, had paid £2,100 for tickets for the couple and their 13-year-old daughter to go on the week-long cruise.

Ann and Steven Rees on their wedding day in 1990. On Wednesday Rees slashed his wife's throat and then threw himself under a train

Today the mother of 45-year-old Ann-Marie Rees told how her daughter wanted to repair the jealousy which had torn the couple apart.

Margery Gibbons, 70, said that her granddaughter Katy was due to go on the week-long Mediterranean cruise with her parents.

The family revealed that the couple's marriage had been going downhill for some time and that 48-year-old Steven was thought to be jealous of his wife's successful career as an immigration officer.

Mrs Gibbons said she had last spoken to her daughter on Sunday and was told by police at midnight on Wednesday that she had been murdered.

She added that Steven had also taken his wife and daughter to Bournemouth last weekend and they had stayed the night there.

'They were going to go on a Mediterranean cruise next Thursday, the three of them as a family. She was very excited about it. It wasn't a surprise - they all knew they were going. Ann had bought bikinis and everything.ritish Transport Police and rail investigators search the area where the body of a man, believed to be Steven Rees, was found after he was hit by a train

Police attend the scene in Woodley, Berkshire, where a woman named locally as Ann Rees was found stabbed to death yesterday, moments before a man believed to be her husband Steven was hit by a train and died

'She phoned me on Monday and that was the last I heard from her. She was excited and in a happy mood.

'She never wanted to break-up her home, she wanted to keep things going.

'They had their ups and downs like any normal family. We had no idea anything like this was going to happen. But you never know what goes on in someone's head.

'I did not see as much of Steven as I did of my daughter. I feel so shocked, I've had to put away their wedding photo.'

Detectives were today still trying to piece together the couple's last terrible moments.

It was understood that Steven Rees became obsessed with jealousy when his 45-year-old wife confessed to a love affair.

He took a pair of scissors from a kitchen drawer and attacked her in a downstairs room, slashing her throat.

It is suspected the two deaths were part of a murder-suicide, although police have not confirmed that they are linked

Then, horror-struck at the thought the couple's daughter might return home from school and stumble across her mother's body, he used his mobile phone to raise the alarm.

Mr Rees asked a woman friend to make sure that Katie did not return alone to the home, before driving eight minutes away to a nearby railway station at Twyford where he stood on a London-bound platform and waited for just a minute before leaping to his death onto the tracks.

Margery, who uses her maiden name Gibbons since her husband died, said the couple's marriage had hit rocky times recently.

'Ann never complained but she was very weepy in the last few weeks. I told her to talk to the doctor and she did and she was given sleeping pills and anti-depressants.

'She was on the night shift a lot and when she went to sleep, it seems he wanted to talk.'

Ann's brother, Kevin Barry, aged 47, who lives with and looks after their mother in Slough, Berks, denied his sister could have been having an affair: 'She was trying to make things work for Katie's sake.

The man was found at Twyford Station less than 10 minutes after the woman was discovered stabbed to death at a house less than four miles away

'There was a lot of tension - he was very possessive.

'She was doing really well in her career and I think Steven resented this a bit," added Kevin.

'She was on Facebook but he did not like her being on it. She would take her picture off and I would send her a message saying "Why did you take it off?". She intimated Steven was rather possessive and had been for a long time.

'She was not having any affair. I think he has snapped and has got that into his head but we can only speculate.

'I don't think we will ever know definitely what happened. We are just shocked and devastated.'

The brother also revealed that the relationship had had a violent past and that Steven had beaten up Ann before but the family thought that the violence had stopped a number of years ago.

Kevin said: 'He had been quite violent in the past but that was a number of years ago, before they were married.'

The family told how Ann was a student at Ealing College, part of Thames Valley University, in her early 20s and did a three-year BA degree in European Studies in which she learned to speak French and Spanish.

Kevin said she married Steven in 1990 at the register office in Slough, Berks, because she was a Catholic but he was not.

He said his sister was a homemaker, adding: 'She was doing very well, she liked her job. She was a very bright girl and was, quite simply, a homemaker.

'She was a hard-working woman and was doing very well at work. She tried to do everything right.'

Ann had worked as an immigration officer at Heathrow for about 15 years.

Ms Gibbons said: 'I'm very down, crying all the time. I could not sleep a wink when I found out I was just on the bed lying awake. Police came over at midnight.'

Ms Gibbon also said she didn't think Ann was having an affair.

She said: 'Ann's not the type. She loved her job and garden and her house. That's all she did - go to work, cut the grass and did home improvements.'

Speaking about Steven, she said: 'I've not seen him since my birthday last November - we all went down to the Harvester restaurant.

'I know Steven went to see a doctor last Friday. He was on anti-depressants and they weren't working, maybe that's a reason for this. He's also been on other medication for a chest infection recently which he had for three months.'

They also said he had been a bus driver for two years and before that worked in a betting shop.

Post-mortem examinations revealed Ann died from multiple stab wounds and Steven died from multiple injuries.

A tribute to Ann-Marie and Steve was released by their daughter Katy and other family members through police: 'Ann and Steve were much loved mum, dad, son, daughter, brother, sister and friend.

'Deeply missed by everyone, especially their beloved daughter Katy.

'They will never be forgotten. Lots of Love, Katy and family xx.'

Police said they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the deaths.

Detectives have contacted the 'other man' in Ann-Marie's life to interview him about what led to the double tragedy.

A police source confirmed that the man, who lives in the Reading area, had been spoken to by officers and had given a statement.

It was not yet known whether he will be a witness in the inquests into the couple's deaths.

Detective Inspector Rod Howell, who is leading the investigation said: 'Although we are not looking for anyone else in connection with these deaths we will continue to investigate the incident to try and establish why this tragic incident happened.

'In due course we will then hand over a report to the coroner.'