Suicide Antidepressant 04/11/2009 England 19 Year Old Hangs Self Summary:

Paragraph 13 reads:  "Edward was prescribed anti-depressants but Mr Gill said he had not known about this or the fact Edward had visited his GP."

SSRI Stories note:  The FDA has placed a Black Box warning on all antidepressants for increased suicidal behaviors for those 24 years of age and under.

Horror as dad finds his boy hanged at family home

Wednesday, November 04, 2009, 07:30

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A DEVASTATED dad has described the moment he found his teenage son hanged in the bathroom of their family home.

Steve Gill said he had no idea 19-year-old Edward Willerton-Gill was depressed.

Mr Gill told an inquest that when he arrived home late one night in April he found the meal he and his son had planned to eat ready in the oven.

He went upstairs and first found Edward's computer on and several internet conversations with friends still open.

Then he went into the bathroom and found Edward.

Mr Gill, 50, said: "I was horrified. There had been no signs We were not aware of anything wrong with him.

"He never once mentioned taking his own life. It is totally out of character, quite the opposite in fact. He was a happy, creative person.

"The worst thing is that despite all of this, we still know absolutely nothing. We have no idea why he did this.

"Can you really hide a suicidal feeling like that from everybody? Now we might never know."

A postmortem examination established the cause of death was suspension from a ligature.

Derby Coroner's Court heard how Edward, of Aston-on-Trent, had visited his GP several times before his death, saying he was suffering from depression. In a statement read out in court, Dr J. Sanfey said Edward had also admitted he had attempted suicide.

He said: "He claimed he had felt low his whole life. He said he had made several attempts to take his own life during his lifetime."

Edward was prescribed anti-depressants but Mr Gill said he had not known about this or the fact Edward had visited his GP.

Close friend Chris Lister, who said he had been friendly with Edward for about three years, said in a statement that Edward had mentioned suicide once.

He said: "He said he had a girlfriend who had committed suicide. He said that had got him down and he had thought about taking his own life then."

Michael Bird, Assistant Deputy Coroner for Derby and South Derbyshire, recorded a verdict of suicide and said Edward came across as an intelligent, creative young man.

He said: "He seemed to be a good friend to a lot of people and it is even sadder when a life ends so early.

"He did not always express all his inner thoughts to those who were close to him.

"From the evidence I can find as a fact that he died as a result of his own deliberate act."

Earlier in the year, a group of Edward's friends and former bandmates organised a concert in his honour.

The gig raised cash for a fund set up by Edward's parents which would be used to help young musicians.

Mr Gill said the fund had now collected about £1,000.

Anyone wishing to donate to Edward's music fund can e-mail

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